Date: 11th August 2011 at 9:22am
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All summer long, we have be hearing about Alberto Aquilani’s future; is he staying at Liverpool or is he going back to Italy? It has been his agent Franco Zavaglia who has been very vocal when it comes to Aquilani this summer. But now we have finally heard from the player himself following his winner for Italy on Wednesday against Spain.

“All I can say is that there has been a lot of talk,” Aquilani said.

“I wasn’t following the Italian media much over the summer, but whatever happens I am at a great club like Liverpool.

“I’d love to make my mark at Liverpool. The transfer market is open until August 31, so we’ll see what happens.

“Obviously I would take the offer of a permanent move into consideration with Liverpool.”


13 responses to “Aquilani finally speaks out about his Liverpool future”

  1. Li Ming says:

    YNWA, I hope he stays, he’s a class player, he just requires some time. He even scored against Spain yesterday!

  2. Tony says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Northern Echo in Newcastle is reporting that Enrique will have a medical at Melwood in the next 24hrs, the fee was agreed lastnight with Newcastle…..great news!!!!

    Aqua is class and should stay!!!

    • akki says:

      E u liverpool fan i think we must keep him n sell poulsen .aquilani can b an option 4 carling cup wiz the youth

  3. Mike Roberts says:

    I don’t think he wants to play for us. That is obvious other wise he would have told his agent to shut up and stop playing games in trying to get him a move .
    The remarks by aqua are very weak and he is keeping his options open …… That to me says he wants out and is looking after his own interest in saying things to sound like he like’s LFC .
    I say he wants out big time !!! But know one is matching what LFC want for him.
    I know he is a very good player and I personally don’t want him to leave, but like I said it’s all talk by him and don’t mean a thing .

  4. hansBlixx says:

    So the guy finally comes out and speaks bout his desire to stay and u put words on him that he wants to move,why arent u saying Kenny wants to sell him because he has said anything showing he’s interested on keeping him? fucking double standards.

  5. chambers says:

    This is absolutely terrific news! Smooth , clever , intelligent thinker of a player and he and Suarez will complement each other.We will have two good football brains on the field ( 3 with Gerard coming back)….

    • Bill Shankly says:

      He will have to have brain surgery then because the tempo Suarez operates at in full flow theres probably only Kuyt & Gerrard capable of keeping up with him from day one .
      Some ponderous , pretentious over rated Italian doesn’t even come close .
      Young Henderson is a better option than him & his Premier League performances prove that .
      I expect Adam & Downing to be tunning right into The Suarez frequency too but this slow motion plodder from Italy has no chance .

  6. Robert says:

    obviously the man feels unwanted. i mean kenny goes out and buys 2 midfielders who have’nt really proven themselves in a big club and Juve is one of the biggest cvlubs in Europe and Aquaman proved he is CLASS. Spearing must be loaned out. I dont like players who are happy to just sit on the bench. he was touted as the next Gerrard 3 seasons ago and today is is happy to be a benchwarmer. loan or sell him. damn the “i grew up” in Liverpool sentiments. Sentiments have gotten MUFC 1 more title more than ours and that sucks. Sell Cole, Poulsen and loan spearing and this will ease up space in the midfield for Aquaman.

  7. sai says:

    good news! kenny, you should play him rather that that chick useless henderson and old man adam! you really stupid in buying these 2 stupid player! are you listening dalglish!

  8. aquilani is better then Meirales in terms of football brains.

  9. Bill Shankly says:

    I cant see what all the fuss is about .
    Theres players in League 2 who can hit a decent corner & wont tackle back or work off the ball for his team mates .
    I dont rate this guy .
    He has a flowery Italian Playmaker style & even by Italian Flowery Playmaker standards he isnt that good , Hes no Del Piero , Baggio or a Zola , hes not even a Totti , he is a poor mans Mancini & Mancini was a Poor mans Baggio !!!
    He isnt half the player Gerrard is in the same role .
    Get rid of him , he is upsetting the apple cart with his Prima Donna Princess behavior .

  10. HansBlixx says:

    You real is a disgust using the Legendary Bill Shankly as your name.So Aquilani in the same League had 6 assist while playing 10 with less matchfitness and you call him slow.The only time we made quick moves in that season was when he was playing.
    Should be ashamed of using such Legendary name on ur punk,retarded racist ass!

  11. Bill Shankly says:

    Listin up fuckface
    I’m not racist I’m a realist & this isnt an international teams supporters forum so watch yer mouth .
    We finished in 7’th when Aqualini played for us & we faded terribly with him in the side .
    Yes we beat a few teams who had nothing to play for or were relegation threatened but he done nothing special against anyone good .
    I put the club before a player just like Bill Shankly done & I can guarantee you he is proud to have me talking for him & he is turning in his grave as faggots like you put average players before the success of the club .