Date: 10th August 2011 at 4:49pm
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Reports coming out of Spain today are suggesting that Liverpool may be ready to bid for Real Madrid’s 25-year-old Argentine midfielder, Fernando Gago. This is not the first time we have been linked with the defensive midfielder this summer but now with the arrivals of Henderson and Adam, you have to wonder if there is really any truth in this speculation.

It would make sense why Liverpool may want to sign Gago, we really only have Lucas and Spearing as our out and out defensive midfielders and it may make sense to bring in someone else who is arguably better than both of them. Gago is an incredibly gifted player who has just had a tough time at Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho as Xabi Alonso and Sami Khedira are ahead of him in the pecking order. Mourinho wants to get rid of Gago for a fee thought to be €7million which would be a bargain in my opinion.

Boca Juniors are leading the race to sign Gago but the midfielder may be tempted to stay in Europe with Inter Milan and Liverpool possible destinations.

What are your thoughts on Gago if indeed he is a possible target for Liverpool?


13 responses to “Wednesday Rumour: Liverpool linked with Real Madrid midfielder”

  1. pilki02 says:

    bullshit, stop wasting peoples time

  2. Bill Shankly says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of Gago but from what I have seen of him I can say that I was genuinely impressed from the get go .
    Big compliment to him is that he instantly had me comparing him to the excellent Fernando Redondo from a few years ago , you kno that Argie who went to Old Trafford with Real Madrid & stuck Roy Keane in his back pocket for 90 min .
    Athletically he looks excellent , big & strong & he covers the ground in bounding strides like , dare I say it ? , Steven Gerrard .
    He has a fine first touch & is an excellent weight of passer , he can carry the ball out of defense or pass his way at pace from box to box , he is also a very big presence in the air , at least defensively .
    I’d say if you fed Marcherano a truck load of steroids & gave him some heart , guts & skill you would be looking at Gago .
    Anyone who recognizes me from posting here regularly will know I’m not a big fan of taking chances on foreign nobody’s because no matter how good you are you arent a good Premier League player until you have played well for a few seasons in the Premier League , but with this guy he could be absolutely outstanding .
    Its a very strong gut feeling I have about him more than having watched him for a few seasons .
    This boy can play & he can play at a high enough level to be a Champions League & Premier League winner .
    I think we have enough cover in Midfield to take a chance on him , like I pointed out , his pace , heading ,tackling , range of passing , weight of passing & tactical awareness all look top class , albeit all in a weaker league .
    I say its time to get the Cheque book out J.W Henry !
    Personally I would prefer to sign a sure thing like Cattermolle first & then sign him but I havent read the expert , professional scouting reports we have been doing on him for more than 2 seasons now .
    He could be a proper Legend .
    This rumor has me excited .

  3. nomad says:

    Firstly Lucas is a box to box midfielder who’s adapted his game for the team.Gago would bring nothing to the team that isn’t already there,he’s certainly not worth the sort of money Real Madrid would ask.A nonsense story.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Nomad is an 85 year old pensioner from the Scottish Highlands , he remembers when you could buy a house , a car , a holiday & feed a family of 72 on trupence per week .
      He hates the idea of paying for improved quality , as far as he is concerned , living on rations or tripe , lard & Hagis after WW1 was the best time of his life & everyone should experience it .
      Trust me everyone , Lucas is a squad man & a capable one , hes tactically one of the very best at our club but Gago is regular starting 11 quality on sheer physical presence alone .

  4. Gary 7 says:

    Would be a great signing, i still think Lucas is not good enough.

  5. njanja says:

    Tiote is my man to deputize Lucas

    • nomad says:

      Having watched Gago on the few times he was played,generally as a sub over the last two years,Tiote has shown he’s twice the player.Good choice.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Ahahahahaa !!!
        Tiote !!!???
        Good enough for Liverpool !!!???
        Nomad are you sure you arent Gerard Houllier in Disguise ?
        Tiote ?
        Tiote made Joey Barton look good at Newcastle , thats how bad Tiote is !
        Keith Andrews at Blackburn is a better player than Tiote !
        Jesssuuuussss !!!
        Beam me up Scotty !!!
        This is getting beyond Farcical !!!

  6. bri says:

    Agree bill ,aboutlucas.did improve last season but it was only marginal.good character,never hides but doesnt make enough winnin challenges and where are the goals? Dont understand the gago rumour.why another midfielder? The only reason i can think of is that one of our regular midfielders maybe goin

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Think of it as strength in depth Bri .
      Kenny is in charge & the new yanks arent cheap skates & its not looking like we arent going to be a one in = one out club any more , they are seriously spending & they are seriously ambitious .
      As for Lucas , if he ws at Spurs or Villa we would be linked to him as would most of the top 4 , he’s a genuinely solid player & personally I rate him higher than Essien at Chelsea & Anderson at Utd , he is tactically brilliant for his age & hes got a fantastic temperament , he took dogs abuse that would have & has made veteran players crumble & the boy is still only 23 isnt he ?
      Instead of slagging him off I’d like to see him used less frequently in favor of a more commanding player like Adam .
      Adam & Gerrard will be a Champions League & Premier League winning partnership , no doubt in my mind .
      On rotation Lucas is an excellent temporary option , he reminds me of how Micheal Thomas was for us , soild & unsung & never let anyone down .
      Good Fuckin player Lucas & it would take a fuckin good player to replace him in that squad .

  7. TroLLman says:

    Pointless story

  8. nomad says:

    Think we are agreed,a nonsense story,pointless.Fodder for the foolish,as has been shown.