Date: 10th August 2011 at 8:00pm
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It must be a really frustrating time for Alberto Aquilani right now. It would be great to hear what he is thinking himself because all along we have been hearing from his agent Franco Zavaglia. So it is no surprise that his agent has come out and said that Aquilani rejected a loan move back to Italy with Fiorentina as he wants a permanent move back to his home country.

“Alberto has played nearly every pre-season friendly at Liverpool,” Zavaglia told Radio Sportiva. “He’s a major player, who was in the national team even before the injury.

“We’ll wait a little to see whether he will remain at Liverpool or whether a team from Italy will take him. Now he has three more years of the contract and if he stays in England he will have plenty of satisfaction.
“The offer of a loan from Fiorentina was not right. We are looking for a permanent solution that fits all.”

I for one am hoping that no deal comes through for Aquilani to return to Italy this summer as I am looking forward to seeing him play for Liverpool this season. With Dalglish’s pass and move style of play, this could bring out the best in Aquilani.


13 responses to “Aquilani rejects move back to Italy”

  1. Indranil says:

    This is exactly what I, and I think, most of the LFC supporters are hoping for. When this guy is in full flight, he can be quite good, and would fit in perfectly in the middle of Kenny’s pass and move system. And fully fit, I hope he gets a chance!

  2. yardscouse says:

    agree with you both,this guy will make a few people shut up, he is world class and be given a chance.his agent needs to shut up though!

  3. Imran says:

    I’d get rid of him purely because of his agent! That man just does not shut up and does more damage to Aqua than good.
    Aqua on his day is a good player but I do not see him performing week in week out. Perhaps it is best he moves on for him. YNWA

    • Richard says:

      I am tired of the agent telling everybody what Aquilani wants – what does Aquilani want ? If he wants to stay and be a part of the team I think he has a lot to offer, if he wants to go we know that he can’t be made to stay, but so far none of us knows what Aquilani wants – just what this annoying git of an agent says !

      Perhaps someone who speaks Italian could interview Aquilani away from the agent and sort it once and for all. . .

  4. cheezy@s.a says:

    Really hope he stays, has great quality. I’m sure kenny will give him a chance. Great season ahead. YNWA

  5. Gentle says:

    why cant dis froaco d socald aqua agent shut up his mout for once. Aqua is a gud player no dout about dat but if he tinks itely is best for him he should do him self and livpol a favo to find a club and leav so we can concentrat wit d once we hav aftal no one is bigger dan dis livpol family.

  6. don wynne says:

    I think he has shown well all pre season and should be given a bit longer to prove he can fit in; just one word of caution, in the last game, certain players, Carroll in particular were flying around all over the place when we didn’t have the ball, but Aqua man seemed to go missing, the prem is a league where no matter how good you are you have to do a full shift for the team.

  7. Ifiok baszx says:

    Pls king kenny shud nt play aquaman as a suportng striker, or upfront. He shud stay in the heart of the midfield to feed the striker and the suporting striker with good passes. YNWA

  8. Dan says:

    he can easily link up with Suarez and cause absolute havoc to defenses with his intricate passes

  9. swagg says:

    plz keep aqua man at LFC he is class will fit perfect in to the team has flare can see a pass great movement off the ball, could turn out to be a top player at least give him a season to prove himself. YNWA

  10. Baadier says:

    I think he really offers something different in the squad and although we appear to have a lot of depth in midfield at the moment, a few injuries and we suddenly look thin again. I also believe he has the vision to pick through the more defensive minded sides looking to secure a point.

  11. jamjosh says:

    He should go so that KK can bring someone else in the squad… a quality striker/winger/defender… he’s more likely to attract interest from other European clubs than any other unwanted guys at liverpool…