Date: 10th August 2011 at 3:57pm
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Christian Poulsen is hoping that he can play alongside Charlie Adam in the Liverpool midfield this coming season. I think someone should tell Poulsen that Adam is going to be a regular first team player this season and not playing in the reserves with him. I can not see Poulsen getting much game time in the starting lineup this season for Liverpool so the closest Poulsen will get to playing alongside Adam is if Adam is playing for the reserves, which is highly unlikely.

Poulsen said, “Of course, I hope I get a few opportunities myself. Charlie and I can play together. Why not? It doesn’t have to be one or the other.”

You have to commend Poulsen though for being determined to stay at Liverpool this coming season and fight for his place. In my opinion, I just think that no club wants to buy Poulsen so we are stuck with him.

The Danish midfielder is currently away with his national team preparing to take on Scotland where he will be up against Charlie Adam himself. Poulsen had some great things to say about Adam:

“Charlie was a key player for Blackpool and I think he will be a good player for Liverpool as well,” Poulsen told the Daily Record.

“He’s a good passer and can find the attacking players. We have a good dressing room at Anfield and he has fitted straight in as we have a lot of Scots at the club.

“Of course, the pressure is different at Liverpool compared to Blackpool but he has the qualities and we’ve seen in training that he’s a good, strong player.

“Our captain is injured for the early part of the season so I’m not sure if Charlie or Luis Suarez will take our free-kicks but his left foot is a strong weapon for us.

“He’s a really strong player and it’s extra competition for myself but that’s the same at every big club in the Premiership.”


14 responses to “Adam will not be playing in the reserves with you Poulsen”

  1. SuaRed says:

    Poulson won’t make our reserve team! He’s too old.

  2. Kamster says:

    Poulsen you’re a disgrace, the only reason you have any playing time at all is to put you in the window to get rid of you. Maybe your biological dad Roy Hodgson will have the decency to buy you….

  3. Chiunn says:

    Come on! Give Poulsen some respect. You gotta be some footballer to be able to play even in a Liverpool reserve team.

  4. Vince says:

    Poulsen, regretfully you were never a good enough player for our first team. I have followed you when with juventus and even there you were not of standard.
    You should have taken the opportunity in the transfer window but both yourself and your agent have been too greedy.
    The bench is your place regretfully.

  5. Jrncusa says:

    delusions of granduer. Get real fella.

  6. nomad says:

    Can’t disagree with the comments.Haven’t seen him do well at anytime.Maybe Hodgeson who wrongly thought so highly of him will man up and act,Poulsen however seems to know where his bread is buttered-low morals though.

  7. Bill Shankly says:

    No regretfully about it , our reserve side should be full of internationals , we are supposed to be challenging the top sides in Britain & Europe for silverware , we cant afford to not have players of Poulsens pedigree in our reserve side .
    How the hell is the likes of Spearing supposed to develop unless its alongside senior professionals like Poulsen & Joe Cole who have played for some of the best sides in Europe & have won some of the biggest trophies in Europe ?
    Our fans need to wake up & show some maturity & basic football intelligence .
    LFC makes more money in advertisement deals & merchandise in one week than Spurs makes in one season or Stoke City makes in 5 seasons wheeling & dealing players .
    Get this into your heads , we are not a wheeling & dealing market stall club like Spurs , we are the top end of the High Street & we need a variety of players for a variety of resons & if the Danish Captain who has 80+ international Caps along with having played for Juve & Sevilla is the worst midfielder in our senior squad ?
    Then I will be a very happy man .

  8. Oscar says:

    every successful club needs squad players. But I wonder if any of our much maligned squad players, such as Kyrgiakos, Poulsen, Degen and Joe Cole, would find their way into any other of the Top 6 clubs as squad players?

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Didnt Cole move to us from a top 4 club ?
      Is Alan Hutton THAT much better than Degan ?
      The 4 or 5 times I have seen Degan play I was impressed with his speed & mobility & his constant attacking threat , I cant see why he is being scapegoated .
      Is Anderson THAT much better than Poulsen ?
      And you wont believe this because they are winning but there isnt a lot between Kyrgiakos & Vidic or Kyrgiakos & Dawson in terms of game play .
      You are overly critical of our players because you see them more often & the press hates us & jumps on any wee fault they have .
      You need to learn to grit your teeth inwardly & lie through those same teeth outwardly to the world at large when publicly speaking about our players , especially as a transfer window is about to close .

      • Oscar says:

        I wasn’t scapegoating I was just posing the question, think before you rant.
        If your are and LFC TV online member and keep up with the reserve games you will know that Degen is not a Top 6 squad player. Against a young Tranmere Rovers side he was defensively frail, the first goal was his fault, and Amoo had to waste energy tracking back to tackle players who had beat him. If he had been good enough he would have made more first team appearances.
        Simply Anderson IS that much better than Poulsen.
        I like Kyrigiakos but your are comparing him to the captain of the title winners and an England international.. Even somebody as seemingly delusional as you must see that some of your statements lack research?

        • Bill Shankly says:

          My statements lack nothing but your own lack of hands on experience wihin the game , ya cant learn about football from a book , a TV , a computer game or a fact sheet ,
          If Degan who I never claimed was good defensively was caught out of position & wasnt substituted in a PRE SEASON FREINDLY ! then you have to look at the managements tactics not the players actions .
          How the hell you can pretend to be a LFC SUPPORTER & claim that useless Cunt ANDERSON is better than any of our players is beyond me .
          As for Kyrigiakos you liking him clearly isnt for natural or footballing reasons , I compared him to two average aggressive CB’ who attack the ball well on their best days , if you wanted to compare him to two of the best in that role I would have compared him to Carra & John Terry but its obvious you cant tell the difference between yer arse & yer elbow unless some spotty faced nerd journalist at the Daily Star printed out your opinions for you .

          • Oscar says:

            OK so you’re clearly inept.. So I presume you are a premiership coach or professional player?

          • Bill Shankly says:

            Lets just say I am currently in discussions with John W Henry about accepting a role as Kenny’s protege & Long term replacement .