Date:9th August 2011 at 11:00pm
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With all the movement and the hype in the current transfer market, there is an abundance of speculation. While this is all fine and dandy, the question that always lingers on is whether this influx of new players will bring a change.

But before we jump the gun and start asking “How will the midfield be sorted out” , “Is Aqualini leaving?” or “Why haven’t we sold Poulsen yet?”

I think we have to consider our future No. 9. Andy Caroll the man worth 32.5 million pounds. Till this moment there’s still a tense debate over him. But let’s consider the facts , as for monetary purposes he definitely fits the moneyball player system – He is only 21 , and he will definitely grow under the wing of Kenny. If figures in the current transfer are what we can base future movements then there is definitely a profit in it. And for a much colder way to view it , he is an ideal investment.

Yet one has to remember whilst he may have been the most expensive Liverpool signing to date, he has certainly performed , out of 9 games for our club he has bagged 2 goals – a decent tally considering the fact that he was suffering from a knee injury. And during the off season he has bagged 4 goals in our overseas campaign. Factor this to the fact that he has yet to play with our creative mistero Steven Gerrard and yet develop a solid bond with our future legend Luis Suarez, it seems we did get our monies worth.

On top of this let’s not forget the man who signed him -Kenny Dalglish , has a solid record of signing the best strikers the league such as John Aldridge and Alan Shearer.

True to the doubters that he has been injured a fair bit for a player so young and his knee is still giving him problems and it doesn’t help that he has a bit of disciplinary problem. But compare these minor flaws to the injuries of Ledley King and the hoodlum player some people call Mario Barotelli – I say it’s not that bleak a picture.

So when this season comes around there will be many eager parties in the camps for Andy and against him. I personally am on the fence for this one.

The only question I have of Andy is when will he finally cut off his ponytail?