Date: 7th August 2011 at 3:00pm
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Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for a new centre-back this summer. The likes of Scott Dann and Gary Cahill continue to be targets as these two tie in with FSG’s policy of buying British talent. But I feel we should look at breaking this policy and sign Werder Bremen’s captain Per Mertesacker.

The 26-year-old German international centre-back is being made available by the club for a fee thought to be £6million as he is now in the final year of his contract and there is very little chance that he will want to stay at Werder Bremen as the club is a ‘sinking ship’. They just got dumped out of the German Cup in the first round by a lower league team.

Bremen general manager Klaus Allofs is quoted as saying in The People: “We are willing to discuss a transfer for Per.

“We have promised him we will listen to serious offers.”

Arsenal are also reportedly interested in Mertesacker as they too are also in need of a new centre-back. Liverpool would have to move quickly if we are to make a move for him. What are your thoughts on Mertesacker? Do you think he would be the rights signing for Liverpool?


24 responses to “The German international centre-back Liverpool should consider for £6million”

  1. sadiq says:

    I think that p. metresacker might be the right option although liverpool have no time to waste if they want to buy him. i also think they should buy odemwingie as sub striker.. what do you think??

  2. Markus says:

    Bremen is a sinking ship because they have a defence leader who can’t defend. Look at the amount of goals Bremen have conceded ever since Mertesacker joined them. Completely overrated player. I know quite a lot of Bremen fans and they all want to get rid of him as soon as possible. Once was a promosing talent but has not delivered on that.

  3. vn says:

    LFC should sign Enrique,Cahill and Dann.We should get rid of some players like Kiriakos,Insua,Poulsen,El-Hazar……please,leave us alone.

    I have not been pleased with Henry so far since he has invested only 50 million so far from his pocket.We need to spend another 30 million to challenge for trophies.Be wise please MR HENRY.


  4. James says:

    vn, what planet are you on?? “Not been pleased with Henry since he has only invested 50mil”. Buck up, it’s 50 mill more than a lot of teams mate. Still a few weeks to go too.

  5. Old Timer says:

    Think Liverpool should go for CAHILL,or DANN, but one of them quickly before we get beaten to it again!

  6. Drew says:

    We have spent 50 mil this summer! You already forgotten Suarez and Carroll? That’s another 50 mil. So we’re in the 100 mil range since that greedy Henry took over!!! You must not be paying attention… And we will spend more on at least 2 more defenders.

  7. Rishi says:

    The GERMAN defender lpool should buy is matt hummels… He is already one of the finest defenders in the world n will only get better..

  8. john babsa says:

    I agree. Mr Henry has done nothing but support KK…so sit back and let the professionals handle the transfer market. It is obvious that we a looking at the signings before we bring them in and they turn out to be shit like poulsen…Cole….and many more that are leeching our wages…..have faith because we will be back at the top very soon.

  9. Colly says:

    Henry has done nothing? Catch a grip man! The money is there to spend, evidence is that fact we bid 20mil for jones as are cb option! He’s trying to get a wage structure right so we’re not bogged down by under played and over payed players! Henry saved our club, be greatful

  10. jansen says:

    OUT-F.Aurelio, C.Poulsen, J.Cole, S.Kyrgiakos, E.Insua and D.Ngog (these players burden club wages yet not contributing);

    IN-S.Dann or G.Cahill for CB as future replacement for Carra, M.Jansen & L.Enrique for LB and K.Honda as back-up striker. As for P.Mertesacker, i don’t think so unless we have limited fund for better option.

  11. m kop says:

    I’m not a big fan of Metersacker as I’m not sure he has the pace needed for PL, but for 6mil. it could be worth to give him a chance, especially if there is no money for someone more expensive and PL proven.

    This would let Liverpool to let go Kyrgiakos as there wouldn’t be need to have so many CB’s.

  12. nomad says:

    No thanks.

  13. M. says:

    If it’s German then it should be Hummels, even at double price than Per. Par M’ker is good, but might struggle for fitness in EPL for his height & lanky structure. Still much better than any of the over hyped English defenders (If Cahill had been that good, wouldn’t have still played for a relegation battlers at the age of 27, same goes or Dann)

  14. Sanjay says:

    great player with great abilities.

    either sign him

    or the french black fullback.

  15. bole says:


  16. Joel says:

    Mertesacker is too slow for my liking, rather see Cahill come in for a part-exchange deal with Ngog. Cahill and Agger could be a great future partnership.

  17. Ac says:

    This new policy of only sign british players Will never work. Lfc Will never win anything with just british players

  18. Craig says:

    Ive seen milk turn quicker!

  19. Makesz says:

    Hey red fan,i think that cahill and dan would be the rght option,even if it means to send big buck on them.they’ll do the job required in defence and a nother quality striker,up u reds

  20. Natty-suarez says:

    Please, go for this per merteseker bc’s combining him with sketel or agger will be the best

  21. Nic says:

    We should get Simon Kjaer. Quality CB in the Agger mould. Would link up well with his countryman as well. If its English we are adamant in getting then Cahill or Dann, even though they are both far too overpriced.

    For the time being Carra, Agger, Skrtel, Kyriagkos, Kelly, Wilson and Ayala actually isn’t the end of the World this season. We will have to find a future Carra though for the long term and I hope Kelly can become that but I’ve not seen a lot of him in the middle to pass judgement. If we can get Dann, he will be a decent enough backup but not convinced he is CL/World Class pedigree.

  22. colmanjacklfc says:

    In my opinion i would’nt want us to sign per mertesaker hes tall and slow reminds me of a better kyrgiakos. In truth the signings i would like us to buy to push for the title- scott dann because hes a scouser, lfc fan will work hard for the team and is capiable of filling carraghers boots when he retires,jose enrique fantastic going forward although he needs more work on his defending but were buying him at a brilliant price, james mccarthy is young talented and upcoming,juan mata young talented winger and upcoming and diego forlan who is getting on at 32 but hes experienced fantastic finisher works incredibly well with suarez at international and were missing a striker in his league. We should get rid of degen,kyrgiakos,insua,poulsen and joe cole asap.

  23. Nic says:

    Kyriagkos for all his faults is a threat going forwards, especially from setpieces. Just his presence can unsettle the defence. Carroll is 6ft 5 but doesn’t have the same physical presence. He scored against Valencia and is not afraid of putting himself about so isn’t a bad option to have as backup. Anyway we also kept a clean sheet with him in our preseason game against Valencia as well. He just has to be paired with somebody with pace to do the sweeping.

    It will be stupid to sell him with Carragher getting on, Skrtel injured and Agger injury prone. I’m just saying he is a good, experienced option to have. As for our youngsters, I don’t think Wilson is ready, Ayala will be loaned out or sold and Kelly who is also prone to the odd injury will be Carragher’s future replacement but he will have to be eased in this coming season.

    On other matters, Mata will be going nowhere this season I believe. Once we get our 4th Champions League spot cemented at the expense of Arsenal maybe this season, we can talk about adding more flair.

    Enrique, Scott Dann, Forlan and McCarthy are very realistic possibilities. Personally I would like another winger with pace and trickery. Think we missed a trick not signing Turan and Nzogbia but there are other targets such as Affelay and Elia and maybe Johnson and Sterling can give us that width and pace on the right.