Date: 7th August 2011 at 11:41am
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Liverpool have to sell some players this summer in order to trim our squad and have quality players as opposed to quantity. One of the players who is desperate to leave the club this summer is young David Ngog. The People are reporting today that Ngog wants Liverpool to lower their £4.5million asking price to he can seal a move to Bolton.

If Liverpool do decide to get rid of Ngog, I feel we will still be one striker short as the goal scoring burdern will be placed on Suarez, Carroll and Kuyt. Most teams around us competing for the Top 4 have four quality strikers in their squad and that is what we also need to challenge for honours.

Do you think that Liverpool should lower their asking price for Ngog and let him join Bolton?


47 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool striker is desperate to leave the club”

  1. Tony says:

    Adam Morgan!!!!!

  2. ste says:

    Liverpool fans are desperate for N’Gog to leave the Club.

  3. Saso says:

    If he needs a lift ill come over from Melbourne and drive him. Pacheco as back up striker. Love to see Suarez and Pacheco on the pictch together.

  4. rouman says:

    4.5 mil is cheap he should go but not for peanuts..hes still young and bolton need someone, plus if he plays most games he will improve..a good buy for many clubs.. bolton one of them..

  5. sim says:

    we really should sell ngog n find top striker.i would’nt be suprise if even a loan of diego forlan will justify before we can buying real money striker in we can see that there is only left a very short time left before epl start n this indicate we need a suitable strike partner for suarez n this leave no other than forlan.i’ll bank he just suit lfc team easily n will giving his best for another max 3 years..thats fact..nothing can stop suarez – forlan unstoppable strike power ….

  6. Micky-G says:

    let him go! N’Gog is not good enough, not just for Liverpool but he’s not good enough for the league! I’m surprised he was shopped about to the French league.

  7. whalex1 says:

    king kenny should let him go to go and prove his worth.

  8. stan howard says:

    bolton will of cause lower cahills price – desperate take a wage cut ?

  9. Dr Tom says:

    Ngog is a symptom of the Hicks and Gillett era. Rafa took a gamble on a young striker as he didn’t have the means to buy a quality back up to Torres. Now that the new owners are able to invest in quality, Ngog can move on to a club mor suited to his level e.g. Bolton. £4.5m for a young Premier League striker is very fair.

  10. wrick says:

    better give the chance to pacheco , we have seen what ngog can do i.e nothing , why not try it out with pacheco !

  11. Jean-Marc says:

    Ngog is not that bad, he has scored one or two decent goals, and offers us a different option to Carol(who is frighteningly slow) and Dirk. He is still young, we needed to bulk him up, look and Ronaldo and Nani when they arrived at United, they were skin and bone, Roni looked like Justin Timberlake with curly hair and rotten teeth and Nani looked like a young Micheal Jackson, he still does look like he has put on weight. We need to do the same with Ngog£

    However if we can send him to Bolton along with Poulsen, Cole Degan and Soto, with some cash and bring over the Cahil. Now we are talking business. Make it happen Kenny, stop messing around, we always come so far but never finish the job off! I’m sick and tired of missing one piece of the puzzle. Finish the summer off with a complete squad of players, that includes bringing in the Cahil baby. Then Lfc with bring home the premier league trophy to where it belongs and knock those United scum off their little perch and back into the gutter.


  12. Oscar says:

    This negativity to Ngog is completely unfounded! It is not his fault he wast thrust into the team too early, but over the years I think he has proven himself as a good young player. I don’t believe he does want to go to Bolton, he is a very professional and humble lad and wouldn’t ask for a transfer. Whenever he pulls on a Reds jersey he looks happy and gives his all. A good technically gifted player, stop slagging him off!

  13. doug evans says:

    Sorry for the lad ,but he is just not good enough to play for liverpool ,

  14. chambers says:

    No! If it shows to be true that his salary demand is causing an obstruction then he should lower it if he is desperate to leave!I see no reason for the club to lose out on the valuation.

  15. steve mcauley says:

    don’t bolton want £15m for cahill? so why can’t we come to an agreement involving ngog + cash? everybody would be happy!

  16. steve mcauley says:

    excellent point by chambers! why should the club take the hit if he’s desperate to leave?

  17. calel says:

    Too early for morgan. Id give him a chance in the carling cup but league would be a season too early. He should get reserve time. I agree, we still need to sell 6-8 players to reduce the wage budget.

    Kuyt can replace Carroll as a striker and for suarez we can always use Attacking midfielders like miereles or aqua. Perhaps finally give pacheco a run in the first team.

  18. steve mcauley says:

    shane long is a name being banded about, why not?

  19. tony says:

    bolton lower price for cahill and do swap deal plus cash Ngog.
    And have pacheco as back up foward most of the LFC fans around the world want pacheco to get a go.

  20. Grarad says:

    I like Ngog, he do’s his best,last season pitched up front on his own, got some decent goals, but, and this is the problem far to light needs hulking up, gets bullied off the ball to much.If he go’s to another prem team he needs support up front or the writings on the wall.
    sorry he has to go,a replacement if we can get him Forlan he has improved a lot, pacheco should be given a chance from the subs bench.
    I also think joe cole should be given a chance to play a part at least till the end of summer.
    one thing there are others, no need to mention who! who need to go before David Ngog.

  21. Dan says:

    Let us let him go for 4m and buy wigan striker rodlega and giv our young stearing laheem a chance 2 prove himself

  22. Dan says:

    Or lets loan ngog a year 2 bolton he is too young to be sold who knows he can still bounce back like sturridge

  23. magnumopus says:

    Dan… I have never heard of a player by the name stearing laheem! Who might that be?

  24. adelani says:

    raheem stearling he talking abt;ngog shld leave and give other young talent chance to play a roll.lik raheem silva morgan pachenco etc.

  25. bri says:

    No,he,s not terrible but he,s not of the standard required.put it this way what if he was the only striker we had available?personally i,d be wakin up in cold sweats.the club shud consider lower offers just to get rid of him and move on.

  26. okaj says:

    Yeah we can give them 5 mil + Ngog and they ll give us Cahill!!!

  27. Redlegend says:

    If N’Gog wants a move he should lower his wage demands, if he had done this when the window opened he could of been at Sunderland now.

  28. YNWA says:

    What’s this DESPERATE headline for, from a supposedly LFC site?, no player as you say is deperate to leave LFC, on the contrary, players find it an HONOUR to and a great achievement, to be able to plat for LIVERPOOL FC!!!. So stop spreading SH*TE, and write something constructive if you must.

  29. m kop says:

    He is not leaving to find glory at Bolton but to establish himself as a good striker by playing regularly.

    I dont mind keeping Ngog but I dont oppose selling him too, that is if Liverpool will use the money to get another winger for example.
    Cole and Poulsen are those who really must go.

  30. nomad says:

    He’s never managed the art of holding the ball up and lacks confidence the longer he has to think about what to do and I would have expected more of an improvement in his time at Anfield.Pacheco is an able replacement,move Ngog on with my best,if only for that goal v the Gunners.

  31. danske says:

    N’gog + £10m for CAHILL.

    Cahill’s huge (our squad is desperately lacking in size compared to other English teams, even with the addition of Carroll), he knows how to find the net, he’s proven in the EPL.

  32. neil says:

    Time for Morgan and Pacheco, it baffles me that Ngog gets so much game time. Decent enough striker but not decent enough for LFC methinks. Morgan is a natural born striker, more so than Carroll.
    In KK we trust.

  33. Paul says:

    Give him away, just get shut, he’s one of many bad players at the club

  34. Gerrardious says:

    is dere a spelling riot going on here? lol. the names of the lads are Raheem Sterling n Pachecho.
    As for Ngog, whatever the club decide to do with him is okay by me.
    he needs to work on his strength though.

  35. nawi says:

    offload ngog, poulsen, cole aquilani and better central midfield also other stiker.

  36. John says:

    Sounds like a man without ego, only aspiration, keep him.


  37. John says:

    He is crap I think he should go for free

  38. the linesman says:

    what good is a back up striker who rarely scores or assists? I don’t know about you guys but it doesn’t exactly fill my heart with hope knowing if late in a game that we are chasing all Kenny has left on the bench is N’Gog to try get the winner. Ask yourself would he make the team sheet at any of our rivals? It’s unfortunate but the fact is this kid is not good enough in this league. It’s time we had a back up striker who’s capable of adding something to a game when called upon. It’s a shame Owen wasn’t bought back.

  39. Pablo says:

    Way too harsh on Ngog. Lumped up front on his lonesome against big, strong centre-backs and we are surprised that he didn’t score more goals.

    When played with support in an attacking set up he was fine. Not smoking hot but good and with potential.

    I would suggest a lot of uninformed opinions floating around here.

  40. Billy says:

    Why is too soon for Adam Morgan??? i think a feww games in the reserves, an outing for the first team in the Carling cup and then he could start comming on with a few minutes to go, especially if we’re a couple os goals up.

    Owen wasn’t to young when he came through and he was smaller than Morgan, although abit quicker, and he handled it.

    Pacheco, needs to be used as well, simlar to Morgan, he needs some games or he’ll be off.

    Morgan, Pacheco and Nathan Ecclestone all could do with some chances.

    • Red says:

      Owen was a far better player than Morgan and Pacheco at their age. The new boys are too young but give them time. I’ll say 3 years and they’ll be top Premier League players for sure.
      You mean ‘a bit’ not ‘abit’.

  41. bri says:

    My last word on ngog.kenny is tryin to assemble a squad that can get us back to the top and knock man ure of their fake perch.ngog is simply not of standard required to achieve that.he,s not in the same bracket as rooney,hernandez or berbotov[hurts to say that] christ even the bench warmer owen is capable of comin on and makin the difference between one point and just dont get that with ngog.its gonna be tough to get a third striker of sufficient quality but i trust kenny to sort it

  42. reble teng says:


  43. Bill Shankly says:

    I’d pay Bolton £4.5 milion to take him away .

  44. Red says:

    I think it’s more important to sell Jonjo Shelvey. Unfortunately I see nothing in him and he’s absolutely no replacement for anyone. His whole game is not LFC quality. N’gog is twice the player he is. He improves every year. We said the same thing about Lucas and look at how well he turned out.
    N’Gog has skills and speed but sadly yes I do agree he should go as he’s no back up for Suarez, Carroll or Kuyt. Also we can’t wait for him to improve now. We’ve waited far too long already for trophies. LFC should just buy a competent striker.
    I’m surprised to hear he wants to leave. Last I heard was desperate to stay. Maybe he resigned to the fact that he won’t get any starting action. Still he’ll NWA.