Date: 6th August 2011 at 2:00pm
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Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson believes that Kenny Dalglish has made the right choices in the transfer market to strengthen the depth of the Reds squad. He wrote in his column for the BBC:

“Questions have been asked about the size of the transfer fees paid by the club and the systems and formations that might be employed by Dalglish but I think the bottom line is that Liverpool are on the way towards establishing the squad strength to get back in the top four. This will have been Dalglish’s top priority.”

Lawro believes that Jordan Henderson especially will merit his £16m price tag:

“With 21-year-old midfielder Henderson, they are buying masses of potential, even though they paid Sunderland £16m for a player whose form faded in the second half of last season. As I understand it, the club’s owners, the Fenway Sports Group, are happy to splash the cash on a player if they get a return for their money and if there is the possibility of good sell-on value. Henderson, an England international, will grow as a player and grow into the club so could be worth £30m in a couple of years. Yes, we are talking potential but Dalglish is a shrewd judge and has clearly seen something he likes very much. All the players Liverpool have signed have yet to reach their peak and their arrival will really up the ante in the dressing room, which is exactly what Dalglish will have wanted.”

Article courtesy of David Tully at Live4Liverpool


11 responses to “Jordan Henderson could be worth £30million in a couple of years”

  1. Simon Woods says:

    He’s never going to be a 30 mill player – let’s be honest!

  2. Simon Woods says:

    Having said that if Carrolls worth 35 maybe he might!?

  3. M. says:

    Don’t think so.


    1. “Home grown” quota imposes at least 8 English (By birth) players in 18 man team sheet

    2. Some manager turn crazy about English players, also having a bucket full of easy money to spend at the same time

    3. Pound Starling devalues to lower than US $

    He is at best average, for the age of 21, only made into English International for the talent (Or lack of it) available to English boss. In Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Argentine or Brazil there are at least half a dozen player of same age bracket; much, much technically & skill wise better than him to play for similar position (Might not be physically though). He was damn ordinary in EU-21 Championship, despite playing against players, at an average 1 years junior to him. Another, over hyped, over paid & over expected player, enjoying the fortune of his passport.

  4. Jeff says:

    Stop fkin whining and get behind the players, you judging them before they even kicked a ball! Oh, and lets not forget that you know better than dalglish!

  5. Micky-G says:

    Only 30 mil if Comolli is negotiating the deal

  6. loverpool says:

    he’s not good enough to be a first team player at the moment. Maybe in the future…him and Adam should not be given first team places…come of the bench at times yes. They should have to figh for 1st team places like the rest of the team, including clumsy Carrol…no one should assume an automatic start.

  7. Ben says:

    Isn’t it more a case of Dalgleish buying for the future. This may be a season of transition for Liverpool, a transition that wasn’t achieved under previous managers who were focussed too much on results. Kenny as a club legend has a bit more clout with the board and will be able to persuade them that one year out of the top four can be tolerated if they come back stronger and better then before.

  8. Bill Shankly says:

    Jordan Henderson is already one of the very best attacking Midfielders in the Premier League .
    If we have only paid £16 million for him then he is a steal coz Chelsea paid that for that useless cunt Rameriz last summer .
    If Hendersons plays as well for us on our right as he performed for Sunderland then it will easily cost us £30 million to replace him , so as far as I’m concerned that is his worth .
    He is a bargain & all you penny pinching pensioners will be agreeing with me by the time we are half way through the season .

  9. Bill Shankly says:

    Mix a 20 year old Gaza with a 20 year old Beckham & you have got a 20 year old Henderson .
    Trust me , he is an excellent player bought at a bargain price , Spurs had to break the transfer record to sign a 21 year old Gaza back in 88 & Hendo hasnt even cost us half of what Chelsea paid for Torres !
    Where the hell do all you Utd fans in disguise get yer valuations from ?
    Micheal Carrick must have 3 or 4 League winners meadals & a Champions League winners medal & Henderson is already a better player than him .

  10. Ben says:

    Time will tell on that Bill, as long as he doesn’t have Gazza’s drink problem and Beckham’s sense of fashion you should be all right.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      Thats very comical & non committal of you Benny Boy but this is a supporters forum & I support LFC so I’m going to air a supporters view point .
      Whatever or however Gaza has lived his life no one can deny he was a fantastic footballer & a great character football fans for or against him used to love , apart from maybe Celtic fans who he pissed off with his foolish Sectarian displays .
      Young Henderson off the pitch is more comparable to the saint like Dennis Bergkamp than he is to Beckham or Gaza , he is a young developing unassuming kid from the North East of England that keeps his nose clean , his feet on the ground & lets his game do his talking , very similar to Stewart Downing in character .
      Trust me , come Xmas there will be pundits talking about him as player of the season , this boy can play , his passing , movement , final ball & temperament are all top class , competing with Kuyt , Cole , Meireles , Maxi & the like for a regular starting place is going to see him fulfill his potential & he is going to hit that level very soon because he wasnt too far away before Kenny decided to stake his reputation on him .
      Show some Faith Ben , Dare to Dream & wear the Clubs Colors with Pride , its only a game after all & we are grown men with thick skin & broad shoulders & if you do ?
      You Will Never Walk Alone .