Date:6th August 2011 at 1:00pm
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The 2011 summer transfer window has seen LFC go back to its roots in some ways. For several seasons under a succession of foreign managers we have bought many foreign players who should never have worn the red of Liverpool. They were an insult to great players of yesteryear.

Many fans will have differing views on who these players were. I will mention a few who i can remember as being particularly terrible. Traore, Meijer, Dundee, Diao, Cheryou, Dossena, Nunez, El Zhar, Itandje, Poulsen, Jovanovic. The list is pretty much endless.

Then we have also signed mercenaries that told the fans they loved us and kissed the badge etc. These players didn’t care enough about our club. Torres, Benayoun and Mascherano in recent times have left a sour taste in the mouth of loyal reds.

How much money and time have been wasted on these foreign players with no sustained success at the club?

King Kenny has looked at this and drew on his experience of the past when we dominated English and European football. He has gone for young, British and hungry players who have yet to fulfil their true potential. Adam, Henderson, Downing and Carroll have came to LFC to win trophies. They want to wear the Red shirt and seem to understand the importance of playing for LFC. I think we have more of a chance with these players than past foreign imports.

Sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap that foreign players are better and more exciting. I am not saying there aren’t great foreign players or young foreign players who are hungry for success but our transfer policy hasn’t been successful. Luis Suarez has proven this with his start at LFC. He celebrates as if he cares when we score. Mr Torres especially towards the end didn’t seem to care about our club. No fight or guts which must have been hard especially for Stevie G and Carra to watch everyday.

At the end of the season many LFC fans were calling for players like Benzema, Mata, Hazard and Aguero. I also recall reading reports of LFC being interested in Ronaldinho in January. Some fans were excited by this. Kenny would never have overseen his transfer and Hodgson couldn’t have attracted the Brazilian.
Kenny has instead gone for Downing, Adam and Hazard. He must feel we will function better as a team with a British base. Under Rafa in some matches we only had two British players in 1st team. Under Kenny this year we could realistically start with seven British players. What a change a year makes!!

In the future I can see us signing less players in each transfer window as Kenny will not need to add squad players. The nucleus of his squad will be there when if expected he signs a left back and centre half this summer. Times ahead look very promising and I am looking forward to watching a LFC team who care about the club to a man. Not foreign waste of space that should never have been allowed on the turf of Anfield. Also seeing youth get a chance is great, Flanagan, Robinson and Shelvey are showing great potential. These players wouldn’t have kicked a ball under Rafa.

Kenny is definitely the right man, at the right time and of course at the right club.

YNWA – In King Kenny We Trust