Date: 5th August 2011 at 11:00pm
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Let’s put it this way, we all WANT our team to be where they are supposed to be, right at the top of the Premier League! Let’s look at it one step at a time.

Goalkeeper – we have one of the best players in this department who has proven time and again he is worth every penny with his saves. There was some rumours about him leaving the club but he has reiterated his stance and commitment with the club. A true asset to the club in every sense.

Defenders – this is where the club is lacking especially the left back position which has not been addressed. We definitely have a problem here and it glaringly shows during the friendlies we had where a considerable number of goals were let in. If we were to realistically challenge for the title this season, this is the area where we really need to beef-up. A central defender like Carragher is still dependable, we have a strong and hardworking right back in Johnson who is able to overlap and is also willing to switch roles to suit the team.

Midfielders – we have a big pool of players here to pick from and with the inclusion of Henderson, Downing and Adam, Dalglish will have a field day to decide who he will pick for the starting 11. With Gerrard out till September, King Kenny will still have a big pool to choose from and with the right combination, we will be able to hold and distribute from the ‘heart’ of the team.

Strikers – we have a very strong team here, Suarez and Carroll. Suarez has proven himself in the second half of last season and showed what he can do and went one step further when he played for Uruguay in the Copa America right till they won the cup. With the inclusion of new midfielders who are able to provide high balls into the middle, we will definitely see more goals from Carroll. We also have an utility player in Kuyt who is able to play in a supporting role just behind the strikers and has shown that his determination in every sense proves that he is one of the key players to Liverpool’s success. He also scored a number of important goals for the team last season.

Manager – with King Kenny at the helm, need we elaborate further? Since he took over the reigns in mid-season, he has proven his worth. Unfortunately, the first task he had in-charge of the team was the game against Manchester United in the FA cup but it clearly showed what the team was capable of under his leadership. They took the game to their fiercest rivals in the League and not for the sucker-punch of a goal, who knows, would have gone on to win that game. The second half of the season under King Kenny showed lots of improvements in the team even with Torres leaving but with the inclusion of both Suarez and Carroll the team managed to make up some ground and with the new signings this year, we firmly feel they will be able to realistically challenge for the title or at the very least a top 4 finish.

As Much as I hate to, we must somehow look at last year’s champions and how they are able to wriggle their way out of many a situation where defeat is staring them in the eye. They somehow find the need and are capable of getting themselves at least a draw at the very end of a game (with some help from the 12th player at times!!). Somehow we have to bite the bullet and give credit. The players give their all during any match and are able to find their rhythm once they can read their opponents game.


8 responses to “What are Liverpool’s chances this season?”

  1. Jevon says:

    Manure can bite me.

  2. ste says:

    If long ball dross like the Trafford Hoofers can Pox the Title why the hell cant Liverpool win it!.

  3. Micky-G says:

    my heart says top 4 defo….my head says despite the money spent we still do not have the quality of our rivals. I think we are short of another striker so god forbid either Carroll or Suarez gets injured. IMO N’Gog is nothing worthy of League Two and should be placed outside Melwood with a “free to good home” sign around his neck.
    I also think we need another CB & LB. I’m hoping Enrique does sign and I’d like to see us get either Samba or Cahill. Hopefully Agger’s relationship with our medical staff comes to an end and we FINALLY see him for the majority of the season.
    Either way we are Liverpool & unlike some of our rivals, our players do play for the manager as opposed to worrying about who’s got the biggest pay slip & how many minutes they get. Bring it on!

  4. sai says:

    our greatest asset is kenny..
    we can win the league after rectifying our porous defense.

    more over we are born winners in lfc.. coz in liverpool “you will never walk alone”.

  5. Martin Badger says:

    The ONLY good defender we have is about 35! Seriously, can you see a team with a defence as bad as ours winning the league? Johnson was a wretched signing-one of the poorest right backs I’ve seen ( and I go back to 1966 ) at Anfield. Not a patch on Lawler, Neal, Jones etc.Agger is hopeless in the air and will soon be injured again anyway. Oh, for the days when we had Sami – a true great.
    In short, we haven’t a hope.

  6. M. says:

    I am not so hopeful for a top 4 finish yet, despite spending most. Though we already had a decent squad, but couldn’t acquire a balanced pool of talent. Also, for English affiliations, in total, we have spent 20-25% higher than the talent acquired. I don’t think, with these defense, we ‘ll not win enough matches. During Rafa days, it was silly points missed in draws with lower teams, this time opposite ‘ll happen, we ‘ll concede poor goals to loose points.

    However, still 4 weeks to go & if we can acquire a quality LB (Baines/Enrique), a CB (Cahil/Dann) & a right wing (Affely/Hazard – which ‘ll release Kyut as back up striker), we can ensure UCL at least.

  7. Akash@Superstarfc says:


  8. bri says:

    Top 4 with out doubt.can any team say their gonna win the league before the start of the season? Think weve got a chance but its no more than that.people go on about man city winnin it i dont get it.they havent got the manager,mancini is to cautious.chelsea? Again questions over the manager.unproven at this level.spurs? Dont think so.have they strengthened enough? Which leaves us with man ure.kills me to say it if anyone finishes above them [ie us] they,ll be champions.