Date: 5th August 2011 at 1:08pm
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There are some fans who think that Stewart Downing was not the right signing for Liverpool and that we should have gotten someone else like Juan Mata or Charles N’Zogbia. We can continue to debate this for as long as we want but the fact remains that Downing is now a Liverpool player and we should back him as best as we can.

In my opinion, Downing is an excellent signing for the club. He may have cost a bit too much but that is the price you pay for quality these days. We have not had a more exciting winger at Liverpool since Steve McManaman and he was last in a Liverpool shirt a very long time ago. I feel Liverpool still need another winger, a right sided one, to have total balance in the side. Downing played well in the recent pre-season match against Valerenga and you can see from the video below that he spent a lot of time playing wide on the right. It is a position he is used to but you can see he is always looking to cut-in which many left footed players do when they are playing on the right. I would like to see Downing play more on his natural left side where he can hug the touchline, get some paint on his boots and delivery crosses into the box for Carroll and Suarez.

Courtesy of ElPistolero1982, below are highlights of Downing against Valerenga. It may just be pre-season and against an average side, but the quality is there to see why Liverpool signed Downing.


8 responses to “[Video] Evidence why Liverpool signed him”

  1. magnumopus says:

    He played the first half on the left and the second half on the right!

  2. benny says:

    For me, signing him was a no brainer. He scores quite often against Liverpool. I remembered him scoring against us when he played for Middlesbrough.

    Two footed, left footed, scores goals, efficient crossing ability, tall, experienced international, EPL experience, tricky, fast and good control. I’m not sure why people are complaining. Ok, he hasn’t won much, but that’s because his played for teams that don’t compete for trophies regularly. Notwithstanding, he is still an england international while playing for those teams.

    Mind you, Raheem looked good as well when he came on. Needs more 1st team game experience this season.

  3. benny says:

    People’s preference for Mata and N’Zogbia baffles me abit. We saw with Torres and Riera how non-committed they were to liverpool in the end, while Carragher and Gerrard always gave 110%. N’Zogbia? He has attitude problems.

    You want players who play harder when the chips are down, not fair-weather players. I’m happy with the signings, but i hope we sign Jose Enrique. We need his solid performances at left back.

  4. Alberto Aquilani says:

    Downing changes the game; what we never seen for such a long time with Liverpool. Crosses right into the box.

    We might win the leagu this season, dont forget that Kenny brought mostly EPL experienced players this season, they will adapt quickly.


  5. Jevon says:

    Albert Riera got shafted initially IMO, then he kinda sealed his fate with his comments later on.
    We were definitely a more attacking side with him in it.

  6. Albert says:

    Agree with the comment on Riera. He gave Liverpool very good width, and committed players. We were so much better with him in the side. Should have kept his head down though, although I can understand that he really wanted to go to the World Cup, and maybe not playing really killed his chances.

    If Downing can stretch the pitch and deliver good crosses whilst committing players, then he will be huge success.

  7. Drew says:

    If this was supposed to be an argument FOR his signing, it’s a very poor argument, and looks more like EVIDENCE of a waste of 20 Million Quid. Even moreso for Henderson – damn waste of good money.

    The video shows him making poor, short passes, forcing attacking players to turn back for balls, as well as ill-advised shots.

    Surely his ONE pass to Carrol for a goal in over 5 minutes of video is NOT the evidence of which you speak!

    And to Benny, for those of us whose preference was Juan Mata, don’t worry, YOU’RE preference of Downing showed us u were baffled a loooong time ago!

  8. sai says:

    yup.. he is similar to riera..!