Date: 5th August 2011 at 5:19pm
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The transfer talk at Liverpool these days is mostly surrounding players leaving the club. Joe Cole has been a subject of much discussion this summer which suggestions that he may actually stay at Liverpool this season and be given another chance by Dalglish whilst the majority or reports say that Cole will be leaving the club this summer.

Earlier this week it was rumoured that Cole may be headed to France to play for PSG but today the Metro is suggesting that Cole’s first preference would be to remain in England and Tottenham are now being linked with the 29-year-old again.

It is no secret the Spurs boss, Harry Redknapp is a fan of Joe Cole as they worked together at West Ham. Before Cole joined Liverpool last summer, Spurs were also heavily linked with a move for Cole but he opted to join Liverpool instead. Now Redknapp may get his man if Spurs can offload some players first and negotiate a decent salary for Cole close to the £90,000-a-week he is reportedly earning at Liverpool.

The debate continues: Do Liverpool keep Cole or do we get rid of him?


11 responses to “Friday Rumour: Joe Cole is headed to Tottenham”

  1. paul partington says:

    gert rid

  2. redz says:

    get rid of him , free up wages and bring someone in that will benefit de club.

  3. Red says:

    There is no debate… get rid of him.

  4. Bill says:

    He’s got to go but not at a loss, he owes us big time for the crap way he played last term

  5. Oliver says:

    No question- get rid. Problem is can we of-load this cash sucking flop of grand proportions given that he’s tied into a lucrative contract and any move away from that will mean a wage reduction.

  6. Craig says:

    There is many i would try and ship out before cole, hes not abad player… Huge wages is the sickener!

  7. lgREDS says:

    best news so far of the summer !!! save cash within too before spending !! And should give AQUAman a year to prove himself !!! Go U MIghtY REDS !!! LIV 3 sUN 0 to start the season with !!!

  8. gossipi says:

    i thought he would be linked with blackburn as the fat f**king ba**ard could get all the chicken the fat f**king ba**ard could eat ?

    although 90k worth of chickens per week is a lot of death but i am sure the fat f**king ba**ard wouldn’t compalain.

    (not that i am a vegetarian)

  9. sai says:

    good riddance..for liverpool!!
    anyway play well,pal.. all the best.!

  10. chambers says:

    Don’t care where he goes as long as he goes.He doesn’t have the heart for Liverpool and that showed in his half-hearted performances!

  11. Mike Arms says:

    Steve Clarke likes Cole, Kenny likes British players. If Ngog goes we will need an experienced striker, this is Cole’s prefered position, so it may be better to keep him. Apparently when he joined the club he asked Hodgson could he play as a central striker and not be stuck on the left wing. Hodgson of course played him on the left wing anyway and Kenny never really played him anywhere. So I recon in the early part of the season whilst Suarez is resting Cole could play with Carroll and prove his worth.