Date: 4th August 2011 at 8:03am
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I have been a great supporter of this club since my early childhood years when I started to know and play the game in school. That was in the late 70s when Liverpool won the European Cup in 1977 against Borussia Moenchengladbach 3-1. I can still recall as a kid (they did not telecast the games back then). We were so proud of this acheivement back then. Players like Ray Clemence, Kevin Keagan, Phil Neal to name a few automatically comes to mind.

As kids in primary school, we used to save some money back then to buy a copy of the SHOOT magazine just to read some of the news they have about our favorite club. I have been supporting LIVERPOOL since and there was never a moment that I have any intentions to support another club. I remember the many games played, the ups and downs and from Division football to the now Premier League football. There was never a dull moment.

The last few years were really a roller-coaster ride for the club with the change of ownership and managers till this year where we see a more permanent and committed owner and the return of the Reds’ favorite son. We all know Kenny Dalglish from his playing days till the time when he briefly managed the club when we last won the Premier league title back in 1991. We have not since but with current changes we look set for a much due comeback!!

As a supporter of the club, it is definitely my wish to see our team achieve what we have been missing for a long time. We currently have a strong team and with the inclusion of young bloods Adams and Henderson, we have a realistic chance this season to challenge for the League. With Dalglish in command, would not see why we are not able to go all the way to the top. The players should be able to blend in as a team in order to challenge with the other top teams. Dalglish has what it takes to ensure this takes place. We have seen this back in 1991 when he was the manager when Liverpool last won the League and now when he took over end 2010. As a manager, we see these qualities in him and trust his decisions will bring out the best from the team!!


3 responses to “Why do you love Liverpool Football Club?”

  1. jason says:

    Easy because we are LIVERPOOL.Where eveer you go in this world you will meet fellow fans you may not speak the same language but you have the same love .Lets get behind kenny and the boys and stop the bitching about the signings.Because at the end of the day i would rather end up with nothing than win everything with another club and still say proudly were liverpool and always will be and we will never walk alone

  2. Glyn Furfie says:

    The first time at Anfied was the moment that i knew i was red forever, blood is red and the reds are in my blood forever.
    Through the eighties and nineties we all enjoyed the success and im now still a red still as proud and ready for the glory days to return which they wil now the king is back.

  3. vishnu says:

    No chance to think the one and only reason is STEVIE “G”