Date: 4th August 2011 at 5:10pm
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Kenny Dalglish has spoken out and said that he is delighted to have Aquilani as part of the Liverpool squad. Aquilani has been our best player so far this pre-season but speculation continues to mount over his future, which reports suggesting that he may be headed back to Italy to play for AC Milan.

But for now, Aquilani is a Liverpool player and I know many fans do not want him to leave. “I thought he was still here! He trained this morning didn’t he?” said Dalglish in response to him being questioned yesterday at a Liverpool press conference.

“We’ve been delighted with him in pre-season, so we’re delighted to have him, if things change then things change, but we’re delighted to have him in the squad.”


11 responses to “[Video] Dalglish on Aquilani’s Liverpool future”

  1. Dr Tom says:

    The question should have been “Aquilani has been head and shoulders above all other players in pre-season, why is the club trying to off load him?”

  2. Johnie says:

    We need to keep Aquilano, I feel this guy has potential and tricks.

  3. Bill says:

    Dr Tom, who says the club are trying to offload him? Certainly not Kenny or John Henry, Ah! I know it’s that load of dog breath who calls himself Aqualanis agent, he’s the biggest load of trouble in club football at present and the idiot doesn’t realise most of us know all he’s after is another couple of mill in his bank.

  4. DY says:

    King Kenny makes the same mistake like Roy Hodgson…ignoring the talent of Aquilani as he is not a player bought by them.

  5. DY says:

    As a Liverpool fan I hate SAF but I have to admit that when come to buying player SAF has the edge over KK. SAF built the Manure empire since 90s while KK inherited the Reds dynasty in 80s. That tells the difference.

  6. magnumopus says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if fans would stop attacking the club over Aquaman and just remember that Aqua has stated how much he wants to play in Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT ?

  7. Darren says:

    Jefferson Saurez has joined Sporting Lisbon! Surprised the headline don’t read Liverpool miss out on another target haha but at 3.7 euro’s we should of took a gamble on him.

  8. nd says:

    he is a gud payer so dont sell him pls pls kk i luv d guy

  9. bri says:

    Wud b a real bonus for the midfield if aqua stays but as has bin commented earlier looks very much like he wants to think donald trump went out and bought poolsen when he had aqua there a skillfull forward thinkin goalscorin midfielder. sums his whole rudderless,error strewn,stewardship of our response to DY wot about blackburn?kenny built a league winnin team from top to bottom

  10. kopitefromcali says:

    DY ;
    I do not like bashing fellow supporters but you simply need to be put in your place or be dubbed a man u supporter and shunned from here!
    First noone is going to talk that rubbish about kenny. You are a very uneducated fan(if you call yourself that) to say anything close to kenny inherited a team. I would love to slap you with john Barnes’ cross upside your head. Let me drop some knowledge on you…….when our golden boy rushie left kenny BROUGHT IN; John aldridge, john Barnes, and peter beadsley to name a few. Completely change to a more attacking formation. To say fergie is a better manager is outright porkys. You really disappoint me as a Liverpool supporter to even think this way about a great man without knowing a single bit of fact.

    Anyone else think this guy as lost his mind?

  11. kopitefromcali says: