Date: 4th August 2011 at 8:00pm
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As developments at Newcastle United seem to worsen each day and players seem more unsettled according to media reports and outbursts on twitter. I feel for their fans as they are great, loyal fans who seem to be going through similar misery that Liverpool fans were going through a year ago. We were in a position with a weak manager, no finances to invest in the squad and losing our better players. Players unsettled and no light at the end of the tunnel. Xabi Alonso left Liverpool as he was forced out by the lunacy of Rafa Benitez. Xabi leaving started the slide on the pitch which just got worse and worse as time passed. Then in stepped John W Henry and Kenny Dalglish to save us from years of mediocrity.

Similar events unfolding in the north have meant that Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan have left the club. Next could be Jose Enrique and Joey Barton. Newcastle have made Joey Barton available on a free transfer. LFC fans have mixed views on whether we should be trying to sign Barton.

I myself am not sure whether we should sign Barton as he obviously comes with a lot of baggage. He has a very chequered past but does everyone deserve another chance?

Barton was Newcastle’s best player last year in my opinion and seemed to mature as a player and a person. He brings a bit of fire to midfield, playing with a fully committed attitude and leaves everything on the pitch. He played well against us at Anfield towards the end of last season. I also recall he went to take a corner at the Kop end and had light hearted banter with the crowd.

Joey Barton has rightly stated his unhappiness that Newcastle are letting their better players leave the club but he also stated he wants to play for Newcastle. They have decided they do not want him anymore so is it time he made a move to Anfield?

He has had discipline issues in the past even getting sent off at Anfield in recent times. But could Kenny get the best out of a player with undoubted ability and keep him on the straight and narrow? If we did get him where would he play and how often? Could he rekindle his relationship with Andy Carroll?

As usual there are many question marks over the enigma that is Joey Barton! Keep the faith toon army as we have been there but we had to remember our motto You’ll Never Walk Alone to get through the dark times!

YNWA – In King Kenny We Trust


27 responses to “Should Liverpool sign Joey Barton?”

  1. Oliver Tootenbocker says:

    Short answer: No
    Long answer: No f*cking way in hell should we sign Barton.

  2. bleps says:

    We’ve already bought three midfielders. What’s the point in buying this idiot when the priority is for a couple of defenders?

  3. steve says:

    why sign a violent criminal? and pay him 50k a week?

  4. Andy says:

    Why shouldnt we sign him????? a passionate player… sign him up.. A bit of Guts and passion in midfield wont do us any harm whatsoever..why is he a criminal???? bell end

  5. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    My heart says no, my brain says may be!! cannot stop thinking about Speedy whom we took from Chelsea (not dissimilar to Barton playing wise) and he turned out to be very useful.
    Since we don’t have to buy him , we might as well get him on a play & get paid as you go basis.
    Can always show him the door if he misbehaves. Every thing said & done there is fre in his belly, and as Steve says if Kenny can curb the violent element out he could turn out to be another good provider for Andy.
    Still, I believe he will go to across the park.
    Cannot wait to play S’land.

  6. Larylgboy says:

    That s-thead can never live up to the liverpoolway.

  7. Mez says:

    I’d say hell yeah we should buy Joey Barton! sell off that tragic mime poulsen and get this awesome clown!

  8. Gary 7 says:

    I would rather have him than Poulsen or Spearing!

  9. Jevon says:

    @ Oliver – bahahahahahah I was gonna say something along the same lines bwahahaha

  10. reymysterio says:

    Noooo we dont fu…n need him..we need defenders not another midfielder

  11. The Rock says:


    I personally believe that this Vinnie Jones type personality will leave us with ten men on the pitch more often than not. The pressure of competing for titles does weird things to a player or managers performance and highlights weaknesses in their character. Barton would be a liability in a similar way Bollatelli is at Citeh.

  12. SuaRed says:


  13. Paddy says:

    Deffo, we need more midfielders desperately!!!!

  14. Karl says:

    Quote . ” Xabi leaving started the slide on the pitch which just got worse and worse as time passed. Then in stepped John W Henry and Kenny Dalglish to save us from years of mediocrity.”

    Absolute crap, Xabi did have his best year before he left and we got 30 mil for him, I love how people have such short memory’s Xabi the year previous was very poor unable to deal with the pace of the premiership eaten up by almost all teams and our play went through him so he played badly we did. I agreed with Rafa when he tried to sell Xabi it was the right decision and maybe in one way that brought the best out of the player. Lets not forget teams did not want to play us in the champions league we were a proper force and with no funds.

    Can you imagine a team from Rafa with 100m? we would have been signing players like dani alves ( who we had a deal for before they raised the price) simao, maluda, villa (who was the player we had a deal for before they bumped up the price) etc.

    Instead we have downing, henderson and adam.

    I will support Kenny and the reds for life doesn’t mean I dont wish rafa was in charge now.

  15. Craig says:

    Sign him up, passionate, put it this way no1 would bully him off the pitch….. Every1 forgets all great teams have had a hard man!! Souness??????

  16. bill badger says:

    My heart says NO, my head says NO.

    The very thought of Barton in the red shirt makes me feel ill.

  17. jimmy says:

    I am scouse like two thirds of the city have red blood
    running through my vains,but this man is just blue scum
    like the rest of the mongs!no fuckin way the loony belongs in jail with the rest of his family.

  18. ynwa says:

    F….Off, are you a mancs?

  19. steve says:

    @ bill badger. ditto.
    if we sign him then my support will be gone.
    he is a self delusional criminal. don’t blame the toon for wanting to get rid.

  20. The Rock says:


    I’m glad someone else can see the truth regarding Alonso and how Rafa would have made better use of the 100m. Rafa had a good record when he was allowed to spend upwards of 9m. It would have been interesting to see who he would have brought in. Even though we have been economically abused during this transfer market what Kenny wants Kenny gets, his pedigree is undoubted, hopefully this season will be a special one.

  21. TroLLman says:

    Lol you sure this is our KOP?

    Coz your on your own on this one!

    Btw Rafa is a legend mate!

    I know Jamie KANWAR owns this site!!!

  22. Bomber25 says:

    “Should Liverpool sign Joey Barton?”

    Simple answer: NO!

  23. glen says:

    i feel like laughing out loud… another midfielder… i hav a 50 – 50 feeling abt joey, but why think abt signin another midfielder. id rather take the gamble on aquilani.

  24. jimmy says:

    sounds too much like craig bellamy, he had a second chance, and a third, then his last big chance came at anfield…… city, cardiff????? Barton won’t improve the squad, only stifle the progress of our youngsters, besides, midfields not really a priority is it

  25. bri says:

    No.weve got enough midfielders.think all the comments have covered it.hasnt he fought with his own team mates before? he,d be it worth it to have him basically just hangin around the club goin off like a grenade

  26. w.mohan says:

    no no no no no 2 joey barton

  27. Micky-G says:

    NO. I’d rather keep Joey as far away from Carroll as possible.