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Over the past few days I have been considering what I feel is the LFC’s greatest XI. Many fans and pundits have differing views on this topic so over the next few weeks I will be naming my team one position at a time. Feel free to suggest your alternatives because lets face it, we have had some great players over the years.

Elisha Scott signed for LFC in 1912 and made his debut the following season against Newcastle who immediately made a offer for his services. Elisha’s brother Billy played for Everton and Elisha followed him to Merseyside to become as many considered the best goalkeeper in the world of his generation.

Many stories of the legend of Elisha have been talked about in Merseyside folklore. One memory recounted by fans happened at Ewood Park. Elisha pulled off a spectacular save and a Liverpool fan entered the pitch and approached Elisha kissing him for the feat he has just witnessed.

One more famous story involves Dixie Dean. Dean and Scott had a longstanding rivalry. Everton fans stating before games Dean would score and Liverpool fans stating Scott wouldn’t be beaten. Dean and Scott ran into each other on a Belfast street. Dean nodded his head to acknowledge Scott. Scott dived across the street saving an imaginary ball as if Dean had headed towards his net.

Scott played for LFC for 23 years (only interrupted by war) and still holds the prestigious record of LFC’s longest serving player. In this time he picked up two league titles and a FA cup medal.
On playing his last game against Chelsea he went to the Director’s box to give a speech to the Kop. Legend has it many kopites were in tears hearing his words.

Scott played 468 times for Liverpool and earned 31 caps at international level for N. Ireland.

After leaving Liverpool Scott moved back to N. Ireland to take up a role as player/manager at Belfast Celtic. Where he went on to oversee as manager 10 Irish League titles, 6 Irish Cups, 3 City Cups, 8 Gold Cups and 5 County Antrim Shields. His rein as manager ended when the club was dissolved due to sectarian trouble during a game.

Looking at Elisha Scott’s career it was a very distinguished and successful career as both player and manager. This coupled with the legend of the man in merseyside folklore and his standing among fans as both a great goalkeeper and man. I have handed Elisha my number 1 shirt.

Would you disagree? Would Clemence, Reina or someone else get your shout?

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5 responses to “Liverpool Greatest XI – Goalkeeper – Elisha Scott”

  1. jimmy says:

    Of course being well read on Elisha scott i know that the man has the same legendary standing as “the king kenny dalglish and billy liddle,but when i started going to watch the mighty reds in the 1970s ray clemence was the man between the sticks,and for that reason alone i can only judge 3 out of the 4 keepers on what would be classed
    as a witness acount,and as much as i loved brucie,and know
    the mighty pepe is one of the worlds great keepers today
    it really is a easy choice for me,arise sir Ray clemence
    liverpools greatest goalkeeper!

  2. chris says:

    totally agree

  3. D Aris-Sutton says:

    Elisha was class but the voting can only go two ways, either you know your football and LFC in which case youvote for Ray or you are young and don’t have a handle on the history so you vote for Pepe.
    I’m a little torn, Pepe is fantastic but Ray gave so much for so long, he is one of English and European football’s most decorated goalkeepers ever.
    14 years at Liverpool at a cost of just £18,000 (£38.30 per appearence) is just the icing on the cake, Elisha YNWA but there’s only one Ray Clemence

  4. Elizabeth Hargreaves says:

    Awwww you see we need to read our History and do not forget our past players.. Elisha was our Goalie in 2 Championship leagues & never left Liverpool 🙁 his older Brother Billy Scott played for Liverpool during the war 1914-19 as our Goalie..there is a facebook page in Elisha’s Memory…/85930541744 I look after Elisha’s grave here in Belfast N. Ireland.. Just found where Billy is buried..YNWA Liz
    PS Elisha was not bought, like nowadays..he earned about £4 a week Kopites…Elisha has no Banner..nor Memorial..only his graveside..sad though:(
    Thought saying that and related..i’m going to see what I can do..cause no-one else seems to want to help me out..Gone & Forgotten..The Greatest..Elisha Scott

  5. Patricia McLaughlin says:

    Any word of coming back to work you little scouce turd. Your article on the foreign players is somewhat puzzling. I remember you strutting about the office talking up the class of Torres and Masha and now you have disowned them and are fighting the case for Adam Downing & Co. I have told you many times that Dalglish is yesterday’s man and won’t count, as was plain for everyone to see in the pre season games to date.