Date:2nd August 2011 at 10:00pm
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A recent BBC Sport survey suggests that of all 92 league football teams, Liverpool FC are the most expensive team to watch. It is said that even if you were to buy the cheapest available ticket at Anfield, which is currently £39, and take into account additional costs, such as the price of a programme, you would be spending £46.50 to be watching the Reds.

For instance, in comparison to our cheapest tickets at £39, Manchester United charge £28 for theirs and even in swanky Chelsea, supporters can pay just £23.50 to watch the Blues.

Of course, if you were to look at these statistics alone, it would be a grossly unfair reflection on reality. Although Liverpool do charge the most for their cheapest ticket, the most expensive is just £48, meaning the range between the cheapest and most expensive tickets is just £9.

This is in stark contrast to clubs such as Chelsea and Arsenal, who charge £87 and £100 respectively for the most expensive seats.

It is, however, worrying reading, especially as the ongoing saga regarding the future of Anfield is still no further down the line than it was five years ago.

The club has to raise prices due to the limited capacity, but even so, we are not generating anywhere near as much revenue from ticket sales as the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal. This has severely hampered Liverpool managers of late in the transfer market, and FSG have generously forked out their own money to support King Kenny – money which may otherwise have come from increased ticket sales.

The Gunners, who moved from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium in the summer of 2006, are a perfect example of how a new stadium can dramatically increase funds available to the club. The fact that Arsene Wenger refuses to spend any of this money is purely because his attitude is like that of a stubborn toddler.

For all involved at Liverpool Football Club – FSG, Kenny Dalglish, and ourselves, the fans – the right decision must be made. Whatever the decision may be, finding a solution to our stadium concerns is a must.