Date: 2nd August 2011 at 2:59pm
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It is not always wise to look at a players form during pre-season and judge them based on that, but when it comes to Aquilani’s performances for Liverpool thus far this summer, he has in my opinion been our best player. Just last night, he came on for the last couple of minutes against Valerenga and looked like our best player on the night. He created both of Agger’s goals from his corner deliveries and was a threat to the oppositions goal with some well taken strikes.

Below are highlights of Aquilani vs Valerenga courtesy of YouTube user PlayerComps2011.

In Liverpool’s previous game against Galatasaray, Aquilani was also head and shoulders above the other Liverpool players even though we lost that game.

There has been a lot of talk about Aquilani leaving Liverpool this summer to go back to Italy and play for Fiorentina, AC Milan or even back to Juventus again if you believe the newspaper reports today. Liverpool have not come out and said that they want to keep Aquilani and make him part of the team this coming season so you can understand Aquilani’s frustrations and him wanting to move back to Italy. The fact that they have no given him a squad number just goes to show that maybe Liverpool are not serious at all about keeping him.

But judging from what we have seen in pre-season, yes it is against weak opposition, but Aquilani is a quality player and Liverpool should give him a chance this coming season. If he does stay, hopefully it will not be a similar scenario to Joe Cole last summer when he had a great pre-season and then went on to be a flop during the season.


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  1. dave says:

    Head and shoulders above the rest. KD should be doing all he can to keep this guy.

  2. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Lets hope all our games are against Norwegian & Malaysian part timers next season & he will be the best in the Premier League too !
    I’m not impressed by him , he has a wee bit of silk in his boots but he also lacks a lotta what is needed in England to succeed .
    If Kenny keeps him I wont argue but if it was up to me ?
    I’d beg Scunthorpe to take tha posing prick off our hands .

  3. dood says:

    Doesn’t matter how good (or not) he is if he wants to leave, which he does. His agent wouldn’t be slabbering every single day (nor would he have been loaned to Juve) if he wanted to stay.

  4. nafder says:

    Couldn’t agree more. LFC should do everything in their power to keep Aquilani. Yes, his pre-season performances have been far superior to every Liverpool player but they’re not a series of “one-offs” and you don’t need to be an expert to see that the lad is extremely talented. His vision, reading of the game, quality and eye for the killer pass are obvious. I just wish most of the other team members were on the same level and wavelength. He has some minor weaknesses but they can be improved by Steve Clarke. He looks much stronger this season and IMHO I think we would have lost nearly all of our pre-season games without his contribution. Aquilani’s subtle passing could open up all those teams that ‘park the bus’. KK and SC, please, please keep this guy!!!

  5. nazreen says:

    no 8 look very nice for aquaman…

  6. Loverpool says:

    It’s so obvious by the comments by anyone at LFC or on LFCTV that it’s not they don’t rate him or want him in the team, he obviously just wants to go back to Italy. He’s playing well to sell himself but the Italian clubs are playing hardball and obviously waiting to the end of the transfer window to negotiate a cutprice on him. They know he want to go back to Italy so it’s pointless paying more money for him now than less near the end of Aug when LFC will want shot of him. He posses amazing quality head and shoulders above the rest of the squad but he is simply homesick. KD only wants players who WANT to play for LFC so he has to let him go. We will have to make do with mediocre player with a desire to be at the club and hope they with the proper traing and team spirit can produce something special

  7. redhed17 says:

    Aquilani has been well above the other players when he has played in Pre-season. I don’t think we should be trying to move him on, and have always thought that.

    And for the people who say the opposition has been poor, it’s been poor for all the other players too, and they haven’t stood out. Henderson? Was he playing against Valerenga? Same with Adam.

    Some people are against Aquilani no matter what he does. Same with Lucas, although Lucas has had the chance to change people’s minds, which I don’t think Aquilani has.

    As for lacking what it needs to succeed in England, how do you know? Yes he may not be built like a brick sh*thouse, but does every player need to be built like that in England? If you think that is the case then Suarez is wrong isn’t he. 😉 And we may as well kick Raheem Stirling out now because he’ll never be ‘big enough’ will he? 😉

  8. Loverpool says:

    Apart from Suarez and Mierles when playing in a DECENT position the squad lacks quality in attacking. Stevie is getting on now …

  9. alfred wynne says:

    You have got to keep him Kenny (Please)

  10. Marcus says:

    I don’t get this bullsh*t that he wants to go back to Italy, he is our player and if the club wants to keep him he stays.

    But I don’t think anyone at the club has sat down with him and told him we want him to stay, so he has been forced tell his agent to find another club.

    Our midfield is completely bloated but their are so many players who should be shipped out first.

  11. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    I didnt mention his physical build , he is as well built as Joey Barton who is one of the most physical players in the league , What he lacks is heart , courage , BALLS !
    I say that based on the fact he has already played a half a season for us in the Premier League for the manager who actually signed him & if he wasnt pure shite ? He was right next door to it .
    At his very best he is no more than yet another lightweight overhyped overpriced overpaid foreigner thats no better than an average domestic player in his position over 38 games .
    Whats ever worse is that after a years worth of free service even an average club in his own country dont want him & he has already proven himself a failure in England .
    I have nothing against the guy I’m sure hes a decent human being but his performances for us in the Premier League have been no better than Shelveys .
    As For Sterling , yes he is very small & for me he is too small for the Premier League , he didnt look too clever or fast against a part time Norwegian adult player last night , apart from that his final ball needs a lotta work as does his tactical game .
    I’m not saying he will never make it I’m saying looking like yer going to do something clever out on the wing then losing possession loses its appeal very quickly especially when yer losing games because of it . He is nowhere near first team standard & only desperation , cheapism & or Tokenism will see him playing regularly for us next season .
    Pacheco looks a much more complete player than Sterling & Pacheco isnt big enough to impose his game on senior pros either .
    Neither of the poofy little bastards are capable of playing with the big boys so ya may take em back to the nursery school with ya missus & read em storys or watever .

  12. Tony says:

    YES HE HAS!!! yet we still want to sell him for peanuts WTF!!!!!!

  13. nmggfgf says:

    you are a thick piece of shit go and fuck yourself you complete and utter fucking cunt how fucking dare you speak so much fucking shit sterling done very well aqualani was our best player when he got of run of games towards thwe end of his first season you stupid fucking twat oh back to sterling you are clearly a retarded piece of shit he has a shitload of pace and skill showed to every except blind thick cunts like yourself he is strong enough to handle the league oh and in 10 minutes he won a corner put in 2 very good crosses made a complete fool of one of there defenders before admitidly passing the ball back oh he made 2 long runs back and tackled there winger thus stopping an attack and he got fouled won the ball back got fouled again still got the ball back before the ref gave a free kick oh and his first or second touch he made quite an long accurate pass that almost led to a goal you blind twat i will fucking slice your throat if i ever see you aqualani average dear me now your just taking the fucking piss shelvey is average and aqualani is light years ahead of shelvey you thick fat fuck

  14. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    And Redhead ,
    I dont know where you get the idea that Suarez is small from ?
    Suarez is 6 ft tall & weighs the same as a light Heavyweight Boxer same as Gerrard .

  15. Jevon says:

    What the squad “lacks” is fitness and sharpness and that will come. geeez ffs get a grip. Aqua is class, that is smacking you in the face every game he plays. Yesterday I thought we did very well considering the team we played is in the middle of their season. thats my view. use it dont use it.

  16. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    You will slice my throat ?
    For giving an opinion on a footballer in a football fourum ?
    This isnt the jungle ya kno ?
    In non 3’rd world countries we dont get our throats sliced for expressing opinions about footballers , not even by backward sub humans like you .

  17. Jevon says:

    yeah that was a tad um insane there lol

  18. James says:

    Quite simply YES. He has been the best. I was all for selling him but now i’m not so sure. Why cant we keep him and get rid of someone else?

  19. Kamster says:

    Aqualani has been head and shoulders above the others in preseason. I can’t see how we are going to play so many midfielders but quite clearly some need to go, the defence has looked suspect and that is a major concern. I like the look of having Gerard, Aqulani, Suarez and Downing as genuine players who have the magic to make things happen…. If we could solidify our defence that would be briliant…. I don’t think we are that far this season it is a step too far but next season could be ours…. The young lads like Sterling, Robinson, Flannagan, Kelly etc would all have had some much needed experience… Carragher and Kyrigos would go and we would need a couple of classy centre halves….

  20. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Insanity is a sickness prevalent in our society today & I personally blame it on the last Labour Government .
    I personally think Shelvey , Pacheco , Wilson , Sterling , Robinson & Flanagan are all outstanding players at their age level but under age level is very a very low standard compared to senior level & senior Level in The Premier League is one of the highest in the world .
    Its no insult to any player that doesnt make it but if they arent up to the standard then they aren’t up to the standard , I’m not their mothers & nor am I a lying politician tellin anyone what they want to hear so I can make more money from their suffering .
    Sterling is what ?
    17 ?
    He even small for a 17 year old .
    Pacheco is what ?
    20 ?
    He’s even small for a 20 year old .
    Unless The Premier League brings in weight limits like they have in combat sports ?
    I cant ever see either of them 2 being big enough to impose their game on the Premier League .
    David Villa is a highly experienced senior pro that cost millions upon millions of pounds & he’s not doing it & they all play a very similar lightweight game .

  21. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    David Silva , not David Villa , s’cuse me .

  22. bole says:

    it is against weak opposition,but the others are played against the same that weak opposition and were played like shit

  23. Marcus says:

    @Bill Shankly – Not the Author !

    What have you been smoking today, you make no sense whatsoever. Just because the press continually called Aquilani a flop you have lapped it up.

    When he was finally fit for us he was very good and if I remember rightly got a couple of man of the matches. He didn’t fit in with Hodgson because he suits attractive football, but that does not make him a flop.

    If we are going to play passing attractive football this season we should not let this guy go for peanuts just to lower the wage bill.

  24. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    I made no reference to any press report & stated my opinion very clearly .
    If you think we played attractive football under Rafa or that Aquilani played well for us in his first season then theres little or no point me or anyone trying to talk football with ya .
    Firstly ,
    Rafa signed him & broke up a proven 40+ goal per season partnership by moving Gerrard deeper to accommodate Aquilani , we finished 7’th .
    Not Aquilanis fault , more Rafas stupidity in the transfer market going out & buying a race car when we needed a tractor .
    That situation remains , we have no ball winner in Midfield , Gerrard is the only one who can consistently tackle & to deploy him like that is robbing us of his best talents .
    Aquilani isnt half the Attacking Midfielder Gerrard is , but not many are .
    I made no mention of his wages or our wage bill , I plainly stated that he lacked the qualities it takes to succeed in England , at least at LFC , he might be the bees knees for Sunderland but for us he has proven himself to be shite .
    What didnt you understand ?

  25. Marcus says:

    What didn’t I understand

    How about he did not prove himself to be shite! This is taken from wikipedia so I can’t say it is gospel truth but it certainly fit my memory. Three man of the match performances is not shite given the amount he played.

    Aquilani next started for Liverpool in their 2–0 win over Bolton Wanderers, where he got his second assist for Liverpool, again setting up Dirk Kuyt. He scored his first goal for Liverpool on 15 March 2010 against Portsmouth and he also assisted Fernando Torres for the fourth Liverpool goal. He was voted man of the match by the fans on Liverpool’s official website. Aquilani also gained the man of the match award in his next Liverpool league start, against Fulham in a goalless draw at Anfield. In his next start for Liverpool he finished the match with three assists during a 4–0 away win against Burnley On 29 April 2010 he scored a goal against Atlético Madrid in the Europa League, cancelling out Atlético’s first leg goal from Diego Forlán by scoring moments before half-time. Despite a great performance from Aquilani on the night, Liverpool eventually went out of the semi-finals on the away goal rule after Yossi Benayoun had put Liverpool 2–0 up, as Forlán scored his second of the tie in exta-time to take the aggregate score to 2–2.[20] Aquilani won the LFC Man Of The Match award again after his performance.[21] Aquilani also played in Liverpool’s last 2 games of the season, a 2–0 defeat at the hands of Chelsea at Anfield[22] and a goalless draw away to Hull City at the KC Stadium.[23] In total, Aquilani played 26 times in his debut season for the reds, scoring twice but rarely playing the full 90 minutes.

  26. manb says:

    you bill sayin trash about dis guy i mean aqui,he ave not being given the chance to xpress himself so what are talkin about.dont just let us cheap dis guy out like dat,he’s a good creative midfielder.

  27. redhed17 says:

    @Bill Shankly – Not the Author
    ‘Insanity is a sickness prevalent in our society today & I personally blame it on the last Labour Government’ What are you on about?

    I may have been wrong about Suarez’s size, but I stand by my point of view. How big and physically imposing is the best player in the World at the moment, 5′ 7″. Central Defenders (especially), Defensive Midfielders and maybe one one of your Forwards would benefit from size and weight. For the rest, give me some skill and speed.

    Quote ‘What he lacks is heart , courage , BALLS !’ How have you seen enough of him to know?

    I think more than average clubs in Italy want/ed Aquilani, Juventus and now it seems, AC Milan, and yes Fiorentina (I’ll give you average there) want him too. What they don’t want is to pay close to the overinflated fee we paid for him.

    Or is it just because he is an overhyped overpriced overpaid foreigner, with the emphasize on foreigner? We should be keeping quality, and potential and getting rid of the average. Jovanovic, Spearing, Shelvey, Cole, Poulsen, Ngog, El Zhar, Degan should all go before Aquilani imho. That Aquilani could possibly be worth close to all those put together tells you something.

    So far Aquilani has been our best player, that Adam or Henderson haven’t looked anything beyond average is slightly worrying.

    I hope the King goes with players in form rather than the ‘names’ and expensive signings.

  28. nomad says:

    If he wants to stay and that’s crucial,keep him.

  29. The Rock says:


    Rafa signed him & broke up a proven 40+ goal per season partnership by moving Gerrard deeper to accommodate Aquilani

    that partnership was good for ONE season before Gerrard got found out.

  30. The Rock says:

    aqua has been by far our best player, even when he has come on as sub for 3 mins.

  31. abraham says:

    when stevie wanted to go to chelsea how did rafa convince him to stay?????

    in same way, kk has no excuse on this aquaman isssue, he should be man enough to ask him to stay if he doesnt want to play his scot brother charlie instead. this is what will kill the liverpool spirit cos you never walk alone has no culture bias, racial discrimination and nepotism.

  32. morris says:

    I’m surprised as to how people allow themselves to believe that aquilani is not keen on england and wants out of liverpool. If the player was not keen on the premiership, he wouldn’t have signed a 5 years contract to come here in the first place. when it all comes down to it, aquilani wants out because kenny does not see him in his plans. which is tasteless.

  33. DY says:

    Bill Shankly – Not the Author, you are talking shit! Aquilani is simply a shoulder above of all the British players bought by KK. Alonso left it to the last minute to submit his transfer request and Aquilani was bought while recovering from injury. Rafa knew his a gem. He started to flourish at the end of season and did so well in last couple of matches scored 2 goals and provided 6 assists. The stupid Hodgson loaned him out and replaced him with Poulsen. Now, he is not only back in Italy national squad (4 times World Cup winner) and without doubt is the best Liverpool player in pre-season. Anything you want to argue?

  34. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Even if you are player fan , like for example his mother , or wife or his girlfriend ? Or you rely on Wikipedia & other reports for your opinions nobody can say that a LFC side that finished 7’th played well .
    For example last season Lucas was player of the season , a season that seen us get out worst league start in over 50 years , were in the relegation zone , lost to wolves , Blackpool & Northampton town & finished 6’th but yet & all morons or perverts with unnatural attractions to players can point to wikipedia or press reports & say Lucas was player of the season last year or that he won MOTM against so & so .
    Its clear you have zero football knowledge to draw upon & that you are more interested in getting some kinda perverted online thrill than you are in discussing anything that relates to or benefits LFC with me .
    In closing We were awful as a team when Aquilani played for us , we finished 7’th & he only played to an almost average standard against sides that were mid table or below or had little or nothing to play for in the reminder of the season .
    We finished 2’nd before he joined & finished 7’th with him in the side .
    Gerrard was moved out of Position to accommodate him , he is nowhere near as good a player as Gerrard is & unless you acknowledge the above facts I suggest you take your masturbatory efforts elsewhere because you are creepping me out to the point I want nothing further to do with you .

  35. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    I replied to you above that “Labor Government” post Redhead all your silly little questions are answered in it & if not get back to me about it , not something I said to someone else .

  36. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Not with you DY , yer obviously too stupid to see further than the nose on your face , so take a seat & don’t speak again until spoken to .

  37. redhed17 says:

    @Bill Shankly – Not the Author

    Congratulations, you are weirdest, intransigent, confrontational, angry, ‘Liverpool Fan’ I’ve ever met on an internet forum.

    In real life I hope our Worlds are far apart. 🙂

  38. Marcus says:

    @Bill Shankly – Not the Author

    I hope you are a troll, because you are one weird person if not.

  39. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    That right is it Marcus ?
    If so wheres your Wikipedia quote to back it up ?
    Ya creepy sick pervert .
    Trollin on here pretending to be interested in football just so ya can get a perverted thrill from talking to men about sportsmen you clearly have unnatural attraction to .
    Youre fooling nobody Marcus .
    As for you Redhead ?
    You & Marcus look lke a match made in Wikipedia heaven , listed right under “A pair of Gayboys” .

  40. bill says:

    The assumption by many on here is astounding, the club loaned him out last season and are openly engaging anyone to take him of our hands, how that ends being the players’s aim to go I do not understand. Its the club that’s working hard to get rid of foreign players. If he really was set on going back to Italy I would think the Fiorentina loan option would have worked well but the player is saying either i go permanently or stay here and fight for a place. It sounds more like Liverpool has done its level best to knock him at every opportunity just like the local media.
    What is telling is how a manager can be so wonderfully personal in one moment be it to go with Andy Caroll to a concert or fly back from Asia to chauffeur Charlie Adam or virtually publicly ignoring the other January signing by focusing totally on Carroll at the expense of Suarez. There is no concerted effort to get rid of Joe Cole who is on higher wages and doing nothing for the team so it is very easy to see a pattern that is forming here.
    Now that Downing and Henderson have all cost the same as Aquilani, it will be interesting to see how fans react to performance measured against price tag.
    If these footballers were not on such high wages, I would feel sorry for the Italian in a team which now has a stated aim of being British ‘circa’ the 80s era.

  41. Loverpool says:

    I don’t know why anyone even replies to Bill Shankly cos you’re just coming down to his level (don’t worry I expect a rant cursing me after this)… Anyway the simple fact is it seems he wants out and back to Italy. He might have signed a 5 yr deal but when he signed he didn’t know what it was like living in Liverpool being in England etc. A lot of players leave their country only to want to return, they’re human after all and lifes not all about getting paid, maybe his quality of life is far better in Italy even with less money. Unfortunately on top of this Liverpools past 2 years will not fill any top player with optimism and their new signings apart from Suarez will not either. Can you see Henderson Downing and Adam being a part of a Champions League winning team, but I can Aqua and Miereles, and they’re the 2 being talked about leaving. His game did get better the 2nd half of 2010 in the Prem league. If you’re a member of LFCTV I recommend you watch the games there and judge for yourself. I do hope he stays but I seriously think he will go near the end of the transfer window. I know his agent like all agents talks shit, but there must be some truth in what he’s saying. He obviously feels more comfortable in Italy so he’ll probably go. .. I don’t know why there’s so much resentment towards him. Get over it!

  42. Nivster says:

    I agree with the majority of clued up Liverpool supporters on here – that Aquilani would be fantastic in our squad or 1st team for the coming season.

    I don’t understand why some people are saying when this guy signed for us, he also caused our season to collapse in that year. I don’t recall him playing too many games anyhow and do recall him being injured most of that year.

    I agree that the young players should be brought into action at the right time instead of being rushed especially as we have Raul and Alberto in the squad and also that Pacheco should be given more playing time. However, slagging off your own team players and the especially the youngsters is definitely dumb!!!

  43. Loverpool says:

    Also the way the media and some supporters attack footballers in this country it’s enough hot anyone to want to leave.

  44. Nivster says:

    Whatever happens we all need to trust Kenny and Steve Clark. It seems like Aquilani wants to head back to Italy unless someone in Liverpool tells him to stay.

    I hope Adams, Downing and Henderson smash it up in the Premiership for us. They weren’t names I was hoping we’d sign for their price (apart from Adams) but I have optimism Downing will do good for Liverpool.

  45. bright says:

    don’t sell alberto aquilani course he has proven himself he can deliever those killer pass to either suarez or kuyt let leave him alone pls king kenny keep this guy pls

  46. The Rock says:

    A day after speculation surfaced about Lucas Lfc nipped it in the nipple sharpish 🙂 I’m sad to say that Aquilani has no future at liverpool. Expect Pacheco to be our next genuine flair player to leave.