Date:2nd August 2011 at 7:41am
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What if anything can we take away from this years pre season ?

Well firstly we have to look at the purpose of a preseason which is to build the players physical & match fittness up to Premier league standard by the opening game of the season & in that regard everything apears to have been a rip roaring success , just like every other season .

Its also for the purpose of oiling the hinges of our tactical game & that worryingly has looked awful .

I am also concerned about the poor quality opposition we have faced apart from in Turkey & the alarming generosity of our back line .

I never read too much into pre season results but winning is a good habit to start & if I’m going to take away anything from this pre season its the alarming lack of quality in our squad & whats even worse is everyone seems content with it .

No I’m not talking about the usual players everyone complains about although I agree theres a fair few senior players particularly one from Greece , one from Brazil , one from Serbia , one from Denmark & one from France that need to be moved on ASAP , what concerns me is everyones apparent delight at seeing kids playing senior football for us .

I have no problem seeing Kids breaking through but they have gotta be up to standard & apart from Martin Kelly & possibly Danny Wilson all of them look like boys trying & failing to do a mans job .

I’m not saying they will never get there I’m saying we will be at best mid table unless we demand to see a better quality of squad member & by better quality I mean older & more experienced .

Players like Sterling , Spearing , Shelvey , Flanagan , Robinson are at this moment in time nowhere near good enough to play regularly in a top 4 squad , truth is some of them might not be even good enough to play in a premier league squad from what I have seen .

We need more quality players of the calibre of Downing , Henderson ,Adam , Carroll , players we can bet our mortgage on in the knowledge they have the proven ability to come into our side & perform without needing us to mother them .

Once we have done that we will have to look at players like Kuyt ,Lucas ,Skrtel , Agger , Maxi , Meireles & ask ourselves if we cant improve on their generally nonassertive typically weak twinkle toed foreign displays .

Too many of them have played under managers who either signed them & had different standards & ambitions than the current manager or they played & underperformed under a very unpopular manager with the fans knowing their roles at the club were safe .

I’d add in Joe Cole with the kids I mentioned but he is nearer to 40 than he is in age to a few of them , he played for us all last season like a baby missing his Mommys Bosom , he was bloody awful .

I realize we are going to have to make do & mend for a while if we are going to do things right but I think its important our fans see exactly where we are at today & not be thinking that because we have young players that they are going to develop into superstars .

It didnt work under Houllier & although Rafa flooded our youth system with foreign kids they are nowhere to be seen in the professional game .

Buying for the future is bull**** , its a chairmans way of ripping off the fans by giving them bread today with the promise of cake tomorrow , unless of course you are constantly finishing in the top two & lifting trophies , buying for the future then becomes wise .

With top quality players experienced in the League like Arjen Robben & Gaeth Bale out there we shouldnt be seeing any of those kids near our first team for 3 or 4 seasons if we genuinely want to compete for the top prizes .