Date: 2nd August 2011 at 7:41am
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What if anything can we take away from this years pre season ?

Well firstly we have to look at the purpose of a preseason which is to build the players physical & match fittness up to Premier league standard by the opening game of the season & in that regard everything apears to have been a rip roaring success , just like every other season .

Its also for the purpose of oiling the hinges of our tactical game & that worryingly has looked awful .

I am also concerned about the poor quality opposition we have faced apart from in Turkey & the alarming generosity of our back line .

I never read too much into pre season results but winning is a good habit to start & if I’m going to take away anything from this pre season its the alarming lack of quality in our squad & whats even worse is everyone seems content with it .

No I’m not talking about the usual players everyone complains about although I agree theres a fair few senior players particularly one from Greece , one from Brazil , one from Serbia , one from Denmark & one from France that need to be moved on ASAP , what concerns me is everyones apparent delight at seeing kids playing senior football for us .

I have no problem seeing Kids breaking through but they have gotta be up to standard & apart from Martin Kelly & possibly Danny Wilson all of them look like boys trying & failing to do a mans job .

I’m not saying they will never get there I’m saying we will be at best mid table unless we demand to see a better quality of squad member & by better quality I mean older & more experienced .

Players like Sterling , Spearing , Shelvey , Flanagan , Robinson are at this moment in time nowhere near good enough to play regularly in a top 4 squad , truth is some of them might not be even good enough to play in a premier league squad from what I have seen .

We need more quality players of the calibre of Downing , Henderson ,Adam , Carroll , players we can bet our mortgage on in the knowledge they have the proven ability to come into our side & perform without needing us to mother them .

Once we have done that we will have to look at players like Kuyt ,Lucas ,Skrtel , Agger , Maxi , Meireles & ask ourselves if we cant improve on their generally nonassertive typically weak twinkle toed foreign displays .

Too many of them have played under managers who either signed them & had different standards & ambitions than the current manager or they played & underperformed under a very unpopular manager with the fans knowing their roles at the club were safe .

I’d add in Joe Cole with the kids I mentioned but he is nearer to 40 than he is in age to a few of them , he played for us all last season like a baby missing his Mommys Bosom , he was bloody awful .

I realize we are going to have to make do & mend for a while if we are going to do things right but I think its important our fans see exactly where we are at today & not be thinking that because we have young players that they are going to develop into superstars .

It didnt work under Houllier & although Rafa flooded our youth system with foreign kids they are nowhere to be seen in the professional game .

Buying for the future is bull**** , its a chairmans way of ripping off the fans by giving them bread today with the promise of cake tomorrow , unless of course you are constantly finishing in the top two & lifting trophies , buying for the future then becomes wise .

With top quality players experienced in the League like Arjen Robben & Gaeth Bale out there we shouldnt be seeing any of those kids near our first team for 3 or 4 seasons if we genuinely want to compete for the top prizes .


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  1. Old Timer says:

    Fully agree. It is about time we worried about getting quality players to see us through the next couple of years rather than buying youth for “the future”, which may not materialise – very few youthful wonders ever actually develop into the superstar they were predicted to be! If our aim is to be in the top four, let alone win the league, we have to have players that can match Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Tottenham, and others – they have been adding to their teams, not standing still, and it is a competitive league where many can aspire to being an elite team. To be an elite team REQUIRES having elite players, NOT average squad players padded out with “future prospects” youth players who need time to develop.

  2. Dave Mac says:

    As Alan Hansen said..”You cant win anything with kids”..

    And we all know how that ended up..

  3. John Cocklehat says:

    What a load of crap.

    Do you expect us to do a Man City or Chelsea?


  4. phil07 says:

    think this is a terrible article. how any liverpool fan can spout this inane criticism of Lucas and Kuyt : our two most reliable players. Also regarding your comments on the young players, i would be happy to see Flanagan, Robinson, and Sterling get time in the first team, maybe Kelly too. The players we need to get rid of are already identified : Deggen, Insua, Jovanovic, Cole, Jones, Ngog, either Aquilani or Mereiles, Wilson. The criticism of the owners is totally nonsense, of course every top club buys for the future. its called investment. We should be thankful to the new owners for their foresight in putting the club on the right path. And no ‘old timer’ we do not need a team of elite players. it never works. look at real madrid in recent years. Kenny is building a ‘team’, a balanced team always has two or three ‘elite’ players and a lot of good team players like Lucas and Kuyt. If you are truly LFC fans, dubious from these comments, get a grip and screw your head back on.

  5. morris says:

    You build for the future from a position of strength and not when the team is leaking from every angle…

  6. Redshadow says:

    Shut up going on about bulls**t you PRAT !! Buying for the future gets SLATED by you but I bet YOU were one of the MANY cheerleaders who Praised the wonderful (in idiots like YOURS) Eyes “Sir” Alex when he did JUST that not to long ago with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney & Now Phil Jones and that Smalling Lad – I bet YOU were one of the sickening prats going on about HOW right HE gets it and how wrong Everyone else was when he got rid of half his team in 1996 and replaced them ALL with Youth Graduates who went onto the double.

    I HATE idiots like YOU – you know? Those who’ve GOT to have their say, GOT To have a moan, GOT to find SOMETHING to have a go at – Even WHEN things go perfectly or near as damn it like in 2008/2009 in the league – The idiots like YOU were out in force whining that Rafa’ rotated to much, cost us the league with his tactics when THOSE tactics were the REASONS we set a Points RECORD for 2nd place of 86 points which would have WON the bloody thing EASILY in the past TWO seasons!!

    Now? It’s ONLY Pre-Season, NO points lost YET and a manager at our helm who knows HOW to win the bloody thing we ALL want (and who indeed HAS done with us – The last to do so here & having done so FOUR times? Has done so more than ANY manager in England bar HIM down the road). And yet again the Idiot Squad are (predictably) out in force led by yourself and others as per usual – their arguments are their Usual trash to – terrible results, to many goals etc, No TEAM pattern etc forgetting a number of factors that would expose your rubbish for the utter CRAP it is.

    These facts include? A) WHO is our manager B) Conveniently NOT pointing out like the spineless, gutless pathetic little COWARD that You ARE? That we are NOT missing just a FEW players as you would think and this is our first line reserves but actually for MOST of this Pre-Season? We’ve been absent HALF A TEAM!!! And the teams that we HAVE Fielded would ONLY play in the League in THE direst of emergencies. And C) Because of A) We can be almost certain that not only WILL the team be READY for August 13th? But also? That FEW managers are better than HIM at getting POINTS out of what looks on paper weak/unbalanced sides CONSISTENTLY – Just look at WHO he won the league with in 1995 for PROOF of that.


  7. vongola says:

    couldn’t agree more mate! Those kids are just annoying. They need loan spells elsewhere. But Lucas is world class. we need him more than you can imagine

  8. Ronald Borg says:

    Agree…and players like Cole, Poulsen, Milan, kyrgiakos, Ngog, and other poor players seem to stay and one of the few players with class, vision and quality we have, Aquilani, is every day linked with a move away…and no-one seem interested in keeping him…Unbelievable!!!Whoa cares how much he’s paid, he’s world class, and for that you have to pay, or else we can forget the League title!!!

  9. Redshadow says:

    See? I noticed just HOW you put a little getout clause in your pathetic toilet paper like EXCUSE for an argument that was FAR to easy to dissect ALLOWING you to praise your beloved “Sir” Alex and the like no doubt just In CASE anyone (like me) called you out for the hypocritical little whinger that you ARE. That Clause? “Unless you finish top or Second- Then? Buying for the future becomes Wise & Clever” Funny HOW you then TORPEDO your OWN argument by moaning about “Rafa’s Kids” Which correct me if I’m Wrong MANY of whom were bought AFTER we finished Second BECAUSE he was NOT Given anything LIKE the backing Dalglish has had that he SHOULD of had then. THOUGHT you’d leave all that out and I was right to – Just goes to show what Snivelling little cowards unable (AND unwilling) to defend/Advance their own arguments when challenged and who HATE being challenged such losers as yourself really ARE.

    Oh yes and a couple of reasons to add to above as to WHY you’re talking crap? A) It’s NOT the end of the Transfer Window yet – There may be MORE transfers on the way (see you DIDN’T notice to that those we DID buy? Might JUST have to cover for a Long-term Injury to Gerrard either). B) You can NOT judge Dalglish Until HIS signings have had a FULL season to be tested in and C)? I see that you FAIL to distinguish UTTERLY between PRE-season which DOESN’T matter (where most of our BEST players and FIRST TEAM have been missing thus far) and the START of the REAL thing which Does matter. Never mind though eh? Anything to advance your argument HOWEVER rubbish it might be and HERE? It’s WORSE than that – To say it was easy to dissect and humiliate you with is an understatement to say the least………..

  10. vongola says:

    Wasn’t Kenny Daglish at the helm when he turned Newcastle(a winning team back then) into a mid table team? seriously guys THE MAN IS HUMAN. HE WILL MAKE MISTAKES. SO DON’T TRUST HIM ALL THE TIME!

  11. Redshadow says:

    Old Timer YOU are a prat as well – For NOT seeing that as much as the likes of City, Arsenal, Spurs (joke thus far) and United have supposedly Added to their squads? They have LOST just as much if not MORE thus far and MUCH more in the case of United and the lost experience. They might yet LOSE more as well in the case of the likes of City and Spurs but yet again you are amongst the leading idiots making SNAP judgements on NO Evidence to have a go at our OWN club – DON’T You Idiots EVER Learn? Guess Not……….

  12. Bomber25 says:

    I think the author of this thread is probably a Manure fan. This is a very harsh thread indeed.

  13. Redshadow says:

    Wasn’t Alex Ferguson a total and utter Failure at St Mirren so much so that he was sacked and an even WORSE disaster as Scotland manager? See? It’s not ONLY Kenny whose had bad spells no? Kenny’s though were mainly from a lack of support in the Transfer Market (Celtic) and a backstabbing pathetic, cowardly EXCUSE for a Board (Newcastle – Rather like HERE actually FULL of ‘So-Called’ Liverpool fans who’d fit RIGHT in on Said Board).

    As to Dalglish? Even when he supposedly ‘Failed’ at Newcastle? He STILL finished Premier League Runners Up with them AND got them to TWO FA Cup Finals so he clearly knows what he’s doing – You DON’T believe me? LOOK at Newcastle now – They’ve not been Remotely close to the Top 5 in the Premier League – Never Mind THE Very Top and they’ve been nowhere NEAR a Final of ANY Sort SINCE Dalglish was there. Says it all really……….

  14. ynwa says:

    @John Cocklehat…..get your blinkers off, and see that, what this excellent article is saying, is 100% correct!.

  15. benny says:

    Irrational article. If you want immediate success, the author should support another team.

    I love Kenny’s team and we are doing well. 2nd half of the season, we finished 2nd behind Chelsea, and beat most of the big 4 (except bloody Arsenal). We played excitingly, scored loads of goals. We will do well this term, and Kenny will smack down any complacency.

  16. ynwa says:

    @Redshadow…Now repeat after me…..I KNOWS IT ALL, I KNOWS IT ALL…….F IDIOT!!!

  17. boon says:

    Pre-season is best opportunity to psyche up the team. We know the spirits that the manure team is having now..coming into the season. Arsenal’s team spirit remains sombre due to the persistence big leak in the back and this is on top of Cesc leaving. Chelsea too is coming back on a big tidal.. And Liverpool, back with what? I beg to differ – frankly I dont know. And i hope KK better have something p his sleeves to pep the boys and men up !


  18. benny says:

    This is the time to get behind the team. If you understand football, you’ll know the recent friendly game against that Norwegian Team (Valengra?) was abit of a mismatch in terms of fitness. Valengra are in the middle of their league season? We have people playing their first pre-season game (Reina, Johnson etc). Kenny will crack the whip, he won’t be happy with mediocre displays. But the difference between Kenny and Hodgson/Rafa is that Kenny is very experienced and calm. He has won the EPL before.

    I also heard that we are waiting to get rid of bloody Jovanovic before we can buy Scott Dann from Birmingham. I can’t believe how players like Jovanovic can live with themselves hanging on to free salary.

  19. jeff says:

    In the interest of our beloved club i suggest KK be sacked before it is too late. Henry should act fast before Suarez turns in a transfer request, b/c i am sure he is more disgusted than this writer. We don’t need to be told that DC is not part of this transfer embarrassment. Rapha or Jurgin Klopp or Deschamp should takeover ASAP

  20. Nic says:

    The last few preseasons have all been pretty poor. We lost to a lowly German side the year before (admittedly under Hodgson) and there was not one I remember since the European Super Cup against Bayern where we looked particularly sharp in. Maybe playing in semi-competitive tournaments such as these are key to sharpening the team.

    We’re also chronic slow starters, slipping up in the 1st game, dropping points here and there and not looking anything like a team playing with fitness and confidence until we’re languishing behind the usual suspects. Hopefully we will be ok without Suarez and Gerrard, and some of the other injured players such as Skrtel and Meireles will be fit enough to hit the ground running.

    Daglish has said he will play his 1st team against Valencia which will be a good test before the season starts. I do hope we can iron out the defensive lapses though. Against Valerenga we played Agger and Carragher in the middle and still managed to concede 3 goals yet again.

    There is less than 2 weeks to go until the season begins so preseason or not, I will be hoping for a better display this time around (notice I did not say result)…

  21. NativeWharf says:

    The author of this post is an idiot. No need to be up in arms about one irrational opinion, we’re all entitled to one. However, I will say, completely dissing the youth system that Barcelona manager (and a man who knows a thing or two about academies) Pep Guardiola has called “second only to Barca” borders on lunacy. How do you think the Spanish giants have built up their squad?

    Unfortunately, our owners aren’t going to be able to drop 150 million pounds each transfer season on the Sneijder’s and Robben’s of the world, but I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s far better to have a squad that works well together and compliments each other. While we haven’t seen it, this Reds squad definitely has the potential to gel and be very good.

    Be patient, and have faith in the process. There’s a reason John Henry didn’t appoint you or I manager/chairman, you know.

  22. boat says:

    Totally Disagree.
    Unless we have Multi-Billionair Owner, The only way to success is to build on future. We can’t complete with all top 4 money, so buying the like of Gareth Bale is impossible. so you can’t have grade A+ player. We’re doing the right thing at the moment. It’s not like we using the “Kids” to play against big4. it’s preseason for godsake, give em a chance.

  23. nomad says:

    An article deliberately negative and provocative to produce posts for the sponsers or a bitters wind up.With such a lack of understanding about the modern games needs,I’m undecided.

  24. Jevon says:

    Some of your reasoning is seriously screwed up United may be winning right now but against pathetic teams.They will fall yet again to us this season.

  25. Jevon says:

    Jeff…….are you typing this from the computer room at the looney bun….aaah ues ok time for your medicine.

  26. nomad says:

    Jevon,I’m not sure there was reasoning.First game for Pepe after a double op.First time our “preferred” CB pairing have played together in how long?No adapted Lucas for midfield defensive cover and “new players” filling the rest of midfield therefore the defense exposed.Our forward lines ok,but they sorta need the supply and again I’d refer to the midfield.So first time for this 11 with 6 subs against a team in mid season and a draw.Reasonable-if thought is used.

  27. ynwa says:

    @boat……….WHAT?, have we not spent over 100Mil?, on average english players?, and we want to off-load the classy AQUILANI?…….this is insane!!!

  28. Ronald Borg says:

    Agree it is totally insane to let Aquilani leave!!! He is a class act, world class, and we have no-one with his visions and eye for a quick through ball!!!

  29. Fat Oblivion says:

    Yeah writer you’re absoloutly correct , damn do I miss the days of roy hodgson , debt , remedial cowboy owners oh and let’s not forget that satisfactory feeling of you might get relegated! Get real , every player in the world had to develop through some type of academy ,, who’s going to replace Kuyt, Stevie G and Carra when they go ? These kids all deserve a chance its theirs to make or break , and you seriously think you know better than Kenny Dalglish , how about you go and manage someone like Arsenal and let’s see how you do ! You clearly don’t know to much about our club , players don’t win you a cup a team does . A team isn’t a squad filled with big headed twat superstars , that’s why shiteh won’t win squat … Wait til end on this up and coming season to judge you tit YNWA

  30. The author is a twat says:


  31. Elai says:

    Author of the article is clearly a bloody idiot. Slating Lucas and Kuyt for “typically non-assertive twinkle toes foreign displays”. Enough said.

  32. Saoiste -THE AUTHOR says:

    I wrote this article in support of Kenny who has equally as big a task as Shankly had on Day one in a different era .
    Kenny worked magic to get players content to under perform for previous managers both of who lost their jobs because of them , winning .
    They are not Dalglish players & they are not Dalglish Standard players .
    What Kenny has brought in since January will be good enough to mix & match with Rafa’s losers & Hodgsons disasters to the point we should be comfortable in the top 4 but we will only be comfortable in the top 4 because of Kennys Managerial Skill but theres only so often even a magician can turn to his bag of tricks before he is found out as a trickster .
    I Have supported LFC through 5 decades so far , the same 5 decades Kenny has been with us , the man is as much a part of my life as Jesus , Budda , Gadaffi & I have nothing but respect & admiration for him , my previous articles about Kenny …
    A King Without His Crown
    What happened the last time Dalglish rebuilt a Liverpool side?
    Clearly show whose side I am on .
    For any manager to be successful he has to have the support of the fans & INVESTMENT by the board .
    Anyone who has ever seen a LFC Title Winning Side or Even a Cup winning side can easily & FAIRLY Judge the standard of kids at our club at the moment .
    We arent going to win anything with the current standard of player at our club who have been signed by managers with different ambitions & expectations than Kennys .
    There is no Fowler , no Owen , theres no Gerrard , there maybe a Carra in Kelly & possibly an Ablet in Wilson but as for the rest they look far to physically small .
    I didnt say we should get rid of them , I said they arent good enough to play REGULARLY in a top 4 squad .
    As for the Idiot who brought up the Hanson “You cant win anything with kids ” Quote & then brought up Ferguson ?
    Did Ferguson End Utd’s 26 year Title Famine using Kids ?
    No !
    He spent millions & millions & millions by todays standards he out spent City , Chelsea & Liverpool put together just to get a side capable of challenging .
    Nobody has ever won anything with kids at LFC , that is a fact .
    Even the side Fergie used his kids in was top heavy with domestic internationals who had already been at the club over 5 seasons & the kids he used he used 2 at a time , 3 at the most .
    LFC has never won anything with Kids .
    As for Lucas & Kuyt , Agger & Skrtel
    Their medal collection is all the proof of their excellence that matters .
    At best they have only ever been average for us & they either need to raise their standards or accept squad roles until such time we have enough strength in depth to move them on out of the club .
    They are far from the worst senior players on our books but if they are considered LFC standard then its mid table for us hoping for a cup run along with Wolves , Stoke & Sunderland .
    Fact is they arent Dalglish players & have played for us during a period Losing was acceptable .
    I cant ever see Dalglish building a squad around them or players ho have become millionaires while having such an appalling attitude .
    We need top players , with hunger , grit , quality & stature .
    Lucas & Kuyt , Agger & Skrtels mothers couldnt even argue that they possess those attributes .
    Top players are needed & top players cost money & if we want to be challenging by X Mas then we are going to have to accept that we arent a nursery club for lower division sides .
    We need players now , today , not a year or 2 years from today .
    & NEVS are going to have to splash more cash maybe even more than they have splashed since Jan & they are going to have to do it for at least 3 more transfer windows .
    So far we have brought in a nice bedrock of proven quality to build upon but we havent made a “WOW” signing .
    Arjen Robben if we could persuade him he had a better chance of winning the CL with us than he does at Bayern would be a “WOW” signing .
    Gareth Bale would be a “WOW” signing .
    So brace yerselves because if ever there was a manager who knew how use the “WOW” factor its Kenny Dalglish .

  33. King Kong says:

    Good lord! Poor Lucas the brazilian had to be shipped out for not playing? Wilson is good enough while the rest aren’t? I hope we arent watching the same games and pratice matches. Not sure are though. Shelvey is perhaps the most improved player this summer. Ive seen him train and play matches. Both him and Aquilani really shone. Flanagan is a promising rb and based on form his def is better than Glen.

    I still don’t believe are doubting Lucas. The reason we are leaking goals is because our back 4 is exposed each time teams counter. We don’t close down ad a team. Putting Lucas in will plug the rot but we may sacrifice a cm in yhe process. Jeez, please look at the stats before passing judgement. You write like this Purslow guy who is in this game Championship Manager.

  34. Kim says:









  35. nomad says:

    The only “proof” we have re Aquilani going is media hype and that source has proved so reliable hasn’t it.When Lfc give out info,then I’ll take notice.

  36. nomad says:

    Kim,in the few games Carroll has played in this new seasons team,how has he slowed our attack?Also,without the season even having started,what do you base any money being spent on any player as a waste?If you believe we should bee 100% from the off,there’s no need to respond.

  37. Saoiste -THE AUTHOR says:

    Kim reads like a clueless womin who bases her player judgments around how the players hair do looks & how tanned he is .

  38. nomad says:

    Saoiste -THE AUTHOR,a good defense of your article to be fair,but your basis in the first place is rooted in the past as is your solution mate.The past is great to learn from,but not to dwell in.The landscapes changed and so must our approach.

  39. Saoiste -THE AUTHOR says:

    What are you talking about ?
    My point is that we have to lose this motherly babysitter attitude toward Kids who clearly arent ready for regular 1’st team action & bring in some proven quality performers who can consistently give us the required standard until such time those precious wittle teeny boppers can actually genuinely perform at a lever high enough for us to win something at long last .
    We have idiots supporting us who thing the League Cup is beneath us & we should only play kids in it like we have been tripping over silverware this past 5 seasons !
    We need to start winning & to do that we need to instill a winning attitude , babysitting teeny boppers or mothering overpaid over hyped foreigners & making excuses isnt going to win us anything .
    Honestly ambitious senior professionals might & thats where I am placing my money .
    Another Famous Hansen Quote …
    “Ya gotta play the percentages !”

  40. nomad says:

    “What am I talking about” then you say your point is “motherly babysitting”,”teeny boppers”,”mothering overpaid over hyped foreigners” yet want to get “ambitious senior profgessionals” who are generally regarded as “over hyped”.The real world is the owners providing funds and KD building but within the explained parameters and with the backdrop of no CL/Euro football.If you are old enough to have supported the length of time you state,your old enough not to need to insult Kim just because his opinion is different to yours.After all,”baysitting” and “mothering” is just your opinion,it’s not based on anything factual.

  41. Saoiste -THE AUTHOR says:

    Yea ok Mum , What times Dinner on the Table ?
    Its a mans game isnt it Nomad ?
    Who did I mention thats over hyped ?
    I mentioned 2 players & none of them play for the European Champions do they ?
    Both would cost under £40 million , half the record transfer fee so whats your problem ?
    Both have proven their ability to light up the Premier League & the Champions League havent they ?
    If we want to be successful we are going to have to invest money .
    Or are you seriously trying to say that LFC is so poor we cant afford to be at the level of the game we are at ?
    Factual is we are one of the worlds 10 richest clubs with a massive fan base arguably bigger than Man Utd’s & Real Madrids .
    Fact is miserly dickheads like you have been crying broke so long we have been ripped off & not consider top 4 with a cup run a success .

  42. Saoiste -THE AUTHOR says:

    Another thing nomad I didnt insult Kim ,
    Kim is a womans name in our part of the world & we are speaking the native language arent we ?
    If Kim is a woman & feels insulted by my comments then I can only suggest psychiatric help because this is a public forum & I gave an opinion on how Kim presented herself willingly in that same public forum .
    If Kim is a man & feels insulted by my comment ?
    Then good , maybe he will wise up before the next time he publishes such a load of idiotic shit about shame on Kenny after all he has done for our club .
    Kennys finger nail is worth 100 million Kim’s .
    You yerself are now reading like a tran woman tryin to stir up trouble in an empty house nomad .

  43. nomad says:

    Saoiste,your need of sarcasm,innuendo and insult shows your not worthy.Keyboard warriors like you litter the internet.Bye

  44. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Ok nomad , you scuttle off back into the shadows without backing up or clarifying your point like the dung beetle that you are .

  45. nomad says:

    Bill Shankly,the need for insult shows low intelligence.Bye

  46. Kim says:

    Hey “nomad”
    I think you have very short memory and very poor football
    “When has Caroll slowed down our attack”?
    I’ll tell you when:
    Have you forgotten last season’s crunch match against Totenham ?
    I will concede he had recently come from injury….but unless you’re a hopeless dummy….Caroll is not the fastest nor the smartest cookie around…he’s no Luis Suarez…

    You don’t build teams around average players

    As for you “Saoiste -THE AUTHOR”
    or whatever be your sorry name is:

    Even if it’s a public forum….you should refrain from personal attacks
    But I guess it’s above your PUNY NEANDERTHALIAN BRAIN !!!

    I feel sorry for dummies like you…Ever tried milk instead of beer? …heard it grows brain cells on people…try it

    For your information
    I’m a guy…in my part of the World it’s a guy’s name

    I admire Aquilani’s football not his tan

    You dummy…haven’t you see him play in the recent 4 matches?
    The guy’s head and shoulders above the rest

    As for you stupid comment : “Kennys finger nail is worth 100 million Kim’s”
    You fool..I am not pretending I know better than Dalglish

    Even though he did a lot for us…nobody’s perfect and the guy is certainly not perfect nor does he have a perfect track record!

    Enough with the “Dalglish can do no wrong ” shit !
    Enough with the blind worship. We did the same with Rafa and look where it landed us

    Nobody in his right mind wastes $50 on two unproven players (aka Caroll and Henderson). We could have bought seasoned internationals with that money…the likes of Van der Vaart

  47. Kim says:

    By the way…you came to my defense against that “A.H”
    That guy is pathetic !!!
    Thanks buddy
    I didn’t see your prior comments
    Sorry …I truly apologize about that “hopeless dummy ” thing I wrote about you
    You’re a gentleman !

  48. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Look Kim ,
    Get over yerself a wee bit . How was I supposed to know you werent a girl ?
    No men from over here are called Kim unless they are Oriental & then ya can see & hear that they are oriental , you gave no indication you were a man & your stupid comments about a man the whole city of Liverpool wants to see knighted acting somehow shamefully were beyond studid so I stand by my comment .
    Come & live over here then judge a player or a manager .
    Aquilani can play against weak sides in unimportant games but in important games against strong sides he is useless , if we keep him we will finish 6’th again .

  49. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Now Kim has changed him mind about you within 2 minutes of insulting you nomad , what a sound judge he is eh ?

  50. Kim says:

    Hey…”Bill Shankly”
    Cut the bull will ya !

    I said I had not seen his nice comment about me and I apologized…

    And cut the irony…look at my arguments …not what took place

    I AM RIGHT …The purchase of Caroll…poor judgement !

  51. Kim says:

    I don’t need to come live “here” to be a good judge of Liverpool’s management

    As I said….Dalglish is not perfect…he loses matches and makes dreadful tactical mistakes just like the others..e.g.: last year’s game against West Ham ..where he fielded 5 defenders and 3 midfield only.

    That system only works against the likes of Chelsea where you play counter attack ONLY…and not against weaker opponents

    Our midfield collapsed and Scott Parker had his way….They bossed us around and ran circles around our midfield…

    Who’s fault….Kenny

    So…give me a break about the Kenny worship and get real
    Snap out of dreamland !!!

  52. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Yes you are right Kim , in your own head which is the only place you live obviously , because here in the real world Andy Carroll scorred more goals than Van Der Vaart last season & played less games , so how can one be world class & the other not ?
    Besides that Carroll is 22 he has played only 7 games for us & its clear prejudiced cunts like you want to see him get the Robbie Keane/Paul Koncheskey treatment because you obviously hate British & Irish people .

  53. Kim says:

    Are you crazy man ? …Can’t you read ?

    Caroll scoring more goals than Van der Vaart…is that the real point ?

    Van der Vaart is an attacking midfielder…he does not need to score goals…I was talking of overall quality

    Caroll is NOT World class..PERIOD!!!

    He might be in 5 years but not now…AND WE NEED TO WIN THE PREMIERSHIP NOW…NOT IN 5 YEARS !

    I repeat…to win the Premiership within the next 2 years…we need proven quality…not potential !

    We can’t afford to wait for these guys to mature

    I do not hate British people…(though you thick headed imperialists would deserve that hate) but I suffer no fools… !
    Go buy yourself a beer and drown yourself in it as usual …that’s obviously what you do best

  54. Kim says:

    Here’s our actual high end players:

    Suarez, Gerrard, Aquilani , Kuyt, Lucas Leiva, Reina

    (Downing and Martin Kelly will be so in a couple of years but they have still a long way to go)

    The rest: average at best

  55. Kim says:

    Forgot…Meireles is top too
    Oh surprise….he’s not British !

    Don’t kill yourself because of that buddy…that’s life !

  56. Bill Shankly - Not the Author ! says:

    Dont worry , I wont be killing anything let alone myself but its clear you have only ever watched TV & know nothing about Football .
    You are a TV fan not a football fan , you have never played , never coached & you have never supported , all you have ever done is either change the channel or adjust the volume , you are a clueless muppet .
    So go drink some saki & dont be committing HariKari about it or anything because you can rest assured you are in the majority .

  57. Darren says:

    Kim I think it’s you who has the poor judgement! ANDY CARROLL IS AWESOME!! You are one of these clowns who think kenny dalglish is managing liverpool on football manager! Top players want champions league football or a big wage package! We can’t offer champions league football and I doubt we could offer someone 200k plus a week!
    Henderson – young talent who will develop in to a top player! Already showed he can cut it in the PREMIERSHIP!
    Adam – I can’t say he is proven but he showed just what he can do in the PREMIERSHIP with a relegated blackpool! You don’t get managers like rednapp and fergie chasing you if your a crap player! Do ya! The only reason they probably didn’t go in for him this summer is because of his disire to play for liverpool!
    Downing – is what we have been missing for years! Proven in the PREMIERSHIP!
    I’ve posted about Carroll on one of the latest posts but it can’t be said he is proven like adam as he as only had one season but what start to his PREMIERSHIP career!
    Our aim is to finish in the top 4 of the PREMIERSHIP so does it not seem right to you to buy players who kenny Dalglish knows can and will do a job in the PREMIERSHIP???