Date: 2nd August 2011 at 9:00pm
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The latest news coming out of the Aquilani camp, which is firmly lead by his agent, Franco Zavaglia, is that Aquilani is not part of Dalglish’s technical plans and the midfielder could be set for a move to AC Milan in the next couple of days for £8.7million.

Zavaglia spoke about the potential of a deal being struck to take Aquilani to AC Milan, “When you speak of such a negotiation, there is always an element of truth,” he told

“Galliani is now in China for the Italian Super Cup, but I expect to talk to him when he comes back to Milan.

“I think an agreement could be reached for a figure around €10million.”

He added: “Aquilani is still tied to a three-year contract with Liverpool and before his eventual departure we will talk with the leadership of Liverpool.

“It seems clear to me that the player doesn’t fall into the technical plans of the coach, so the suggestion of his departure is concrete.”


27 responses to “Aquilani will leave this summer as he is not part of Liverpool’s plans”

  1. lstenhere says:

    Kennys ARMY have lost to TRANMERE tonight

  2. williams says:

    its only a fool manager who could sale a player of ALBERTO AQUILANI,just take alook at the preseason games thatlfc have played so far then have a comment on AQUILAI’skills and passes that he made even some good short he took,a good manager can’t let this type of player left when you have some deadwoods in the club that have nothing to offer to the club.

  3. ben_lfc says:

    I wish this agent would just shut his trap for once.
    I for one am fed up with the bulls*!t that comes out of his mouth.

  4. chambers says:

    It is only natural it seems that we sell Aquilani – He is too good for us.. The only guy to be anywhere near talented in these past few games so , of course , he must go. Kee[p him and we might foul things up and get somewhere this season!!!

  5. Bill says:

    Aquilanis agent at it again. These agents need to be dealt with, they cause too much trouble for the clubs their clients are signed to. But if you think about it the answer is simple, FIFA should give all clubs the right to fine players whose agents speak to the media, post online or tweet without first seeking permission from their clients club, Agents should also have to be registered with FIFA and face being banned this would soon put an end to their antics.

  6. Mike Arms says:

    How can a top International player who is only 27 and in the best form of his career, who cost over £20 million 2 seasons ago not be wanted at LFC?
    We are in dire need of creative players, that’s why he was signed in the 1st place.
    We currently have a team full of average to good hard working players but we have very little creativity outside of Suarez and Gerrard. Both of whom probably won’t play until late September, by then we will be floundering in mid table due to too many draws.

  7. don wynne says:

    I’m convinced Aquaman is good enough for us, he has been the stand out player in pre season, and before we shipped him off on loan he showed, in his few chances, that he is good enough for the premiership!

    So whats wrong with him?

    One clue might be with Aggers goals; both made by Aquaman, but when celibrating nobody included him? Is there something in his nature that the other players can’t relate to, seems strange to me; did anyone else notice it?

  8. Lion Heart says:

    I think Aquilani doesn’t feel wanted at Liverpool thats why he wants to move and since Kenny doesn’t want to keep him he hasn’t said anything regarding Aquilani. Aquilani’s agent isn’t talking non-sense, if Aquilani was in Kenny’s plan, Kenny would have made it clear long ago.
    It will be such a shame that a player like Aquilani who has undoubted talent and currently a Liverpool player will not be able to show it to us fans who desperately wants him to stay. If Kenny lets him go, it would be a real big mistake. Why does Kenny want to give Cole one more chance but not Aquilani? This is really baffling. Comeon Kenny come to your senses and keep Aquilani for atleast a season.

  9. Steve says:

    If aquilani leaves no europe place for reds

  10. It beggars belief that LFC are not fighting to keep Aquilani, and even seem willing to take a £12million loss on his original purchase price in order to offload him … It’s like being stuck in a bad dream!

    Luckily, YOU (the fans) can do something about it:

    – Find and follow me on Twitter (username: KeepAquilaniLFC)

    – Search for “KeepAquilani” as a HashTag in Twitter … (Please tweet/re-tweet as much as you can with #KeepAquilani HashTag)

    It’s the best shot we have at making the management/board aware of fan opinion on Aquilani because it’s all currently buried in hundreds of different forum and comments threads all over the web … Kenny Dalglish or Damien Comolli are unlikely to spend time browsing these threads, but if Twitter trending gets high enough you can be sure that at least John W. Henry at Fenway Sports Group will notice – even if no-one else does.

    Remember, when John W. Henry succeeded in the takeover of Liverpool FC in October 2010, he did announce that Fenway Sports Group would listen to the fans.

  11. Barnstormer says:

    I can’t work out how so many average players are guaranteed a place in the team never mind the squad, yet proven quality players are not wanted at all?
    Obviously Clarke is saving Cole’s Liverpool career, Kenny will always back the youngsters especially the English ones, yet the real pedigree players are left to feel isolated. What must Aquilani think when Kenny personally chauffeurs an average limited player like Adam and talks him up in interviews yet doesn’t even give him the only player in pre season to look good a mention.

  12. Micky-G says:

    I think the player has been screwed! He never wanted to leave Roma but accepted that Roma wanted to cash him in and he accepted the challenge to us. We sign the player after he’s had major surgery and due to unrealistic expectations from both media garbage, noisy fans & a useless manager we loan him out. Then to make matters worst Juve then screw the player & us on a deal. He comes back willing to fight for his place against a back drop of speculation and plays in all our pre-season games quite well which now appears to be just an opportunity to place him in the shop window. I accept his preference is to play in Italy but at the same time neither the player or his manager have been publicly pushing the club to let him go. If he’s not to play for us i hope Milan are serious and he gets that move. Aqua is a quality player who seems to go about his business quietly and professionally and IMO deserves better than this nonsense. Good luck Aqua, you’ll be our loss and I just pray the topic of your departure isn’t a talking point later in the season if things aren’t going our way.

  13. ynwa says:

    If Kenny sells Aquilani then, I for one will be very concerned, cause only a fool would sell a classy player, Aquilani is MILES ahead of Adam and Henderson, full stop!!!.

  14. ynwa says:

    I will STOP supporting Kenny,(Would lose the plot), if Aquilani is sold against his will!!!.

  15. ynwa says:

    AQUILANI is class, Adam and Henderson are nowhere near at the moment, no comparison, whatsoever.

  16. Simon M says:

    Agree totally with above comments. I’ve argued the case for him elsewhere and been told that he’d disappear in a world of Bartons and Carricks. He’s been one of the few highlights in the pre-season games and certainly has the vision to unlock stubborn defences. I fear LFC will end up being a route one team but trust/hope that Kenny has a plan up his sleeve, which may take a bit of time to realise.

  17. caleb says:

    aquilani has been our only bright spot this preseason.

  18. Micky-G says:

    ynwa- I doubt it would be against his will. The players preference is Italy which Aqua & agent have always been clear on. In saying that he accepted Juve didn’t want him and was prepared to play for us. So the question remains why push on a quality player if at least publicly he states he’s prepared to stay especially if we are going to lose out on the money invested to buy this player in the first place! It’s madness

  19. abelish says:

    keep him KK,,,trust me…Please dont sell, and then i respect you Mr KK…..YNWA

  20. Darren says:

    For me merieles is a better player! Adam is as creative and henderson has the potential but above all they all want to be here and all have proven they can play in the premiership! Its a shame aqualini has been dragged into this mess as he is a respectful guy! He is quality but so are the others in their own way! For example I’m not lucas’s biggest fan but you can’t question how good of a player he is in that defensive role! I hate all these so called fans slating our new signing before the season has even started! Wobble or heads and judge them after at least a year!

  21. 'Will says:

    Meireles is not near Aquilani’s level – seriously.
    He’s a good player, but if Aquilani stays fit he is world class.

  22. Gerrardious says:

    u ppl must always find something to whine about. C’mon!! we have 4 top central midfielders in Adam, Gerry, Meireles n Aqua(not to mention young Hendo). so who would u suppose we sell? Legendary Gerrard?? or Meireles( who did well last season and is far more fit than Aqua)?? or Aqua (who despite being classy, has a history of injuries coupled with his high salary and the fact that he’s made it clear he wants to be in Italy)?.
    an sure u all agree we have 2 many central midfielders and somewhere deep down, we all new it would be either Meire or Aqua going out.
    We need to offload fringe of surplus players to balance the squad. we need to reduce the wage bill. we need more cash for transfers. The way, I see it, the move(if true) makes a lot of sense.
    u guys are pathetic! first u want us to keep Meireles. Now u want us to keep Aqua. This is not fantasy football. Grow up fellas
    1 important question to ask urselves is… DOES HE WANT TO BE HERE?

  23. the linesman says:

    Gerrardious- Aquilani played 34 games last season not to mention his 80% passing accuracy. i’d suggest he wasn’t too injured. Choosing who to stay & who to leave is difficult. Something that should have been considered before signing Adam & Henderson. I’m certainly not dismissing our new signings, just see a situation which could have been avoided not to mention the money saved.

  24. the linesman says:

    Answer to your question- We are NOT his first preference and unlikely his second either.
    But he is still our player and at least publicly he hasn’t made the usual noises you hear from player & agents when they are pushing for a move. Thou who knows maybe he’s just calm about the situation because behind closed door he’s always had assurances from Comolli that the club will try secure his future in Italy.

  25. Micky-G says:

    let’s give Charlie Adaminho a chance

  26. Darren says:

    Why? Just because he has played well in pre season! Don’t give me that shit! He is certainly not world class! He is a good player but meireles wants to be here and is better in my opinion but there is not much difference between them in terms of quality! And again he wants to be here showed last season he is good enough for the premiership! Aqualini might not cut it! It makes sense to sell him. Try and get 10 million plus for him and that’ll be one more player off our wage bill and then we can reinvest in the positions that need addressing!

  27. 'Will says:

    No Darren, I don’t base much of my rating of a player on meaningless friendlies.
    Aquilani only got to play
    824 mins in the league for us yet managed
    6 assists
    1 goal
    4 MOTM Awards
    So By any standard he’s cut out for the PL.
    He has as many assists as Modric (another wonderful player in case you are wondering if every MF needs to be a bruiser or physical monster of an athlete?) since Aug 2009, even tho he only started 9 games and played 9 games worth of mins total!
    From simply watching him play any game, he has that property that’s hard define in words, but you just know it when you see it – pure class, he just oozes it!
    He just seems to have more time on the ball than other players, and an eye for a defence splitting pass unrivalled at LFC since Gerrard’s peak form.

    Meireles is a good player, who I’m happy to have in the squad if a big offer doesn’t come in for him, but he’s just not at the races with Aquilani IMV. He’s at peak value now and depreciating rapidly due to age and that he won’t get as many games this year. Also apart from a 5 game purple patch, he was distinctly average – So I’d be willing to let him go.

    Honestly, a fit and on form Aquilani is world class.