Date: 1st August 2011 at 10:00pm
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So the return of Stevie G has been delayed and with Suarez coming back from a full international competition it looks like our squad is going to be weakened at the very start of the season, but is it really?

I turn your attentions again to our midfield even with our beloved captain missing and our charismatic striker missing , Kenny still has an abundance of players to field. With the likes of Meireles, Aqualini, Henderson , Adam , Downing , Lucas , Spearing and Shelvey our midfield still boasts a damn formidable line-up.

There are fears and I understand that they are justified, but I beg you to recall the last season. Recall the streak of form we maintained – which saw us dispatch Manchester City and United and Chelsea.

You see just like the last few games the opening of the season is the perfect chance for our players to be bled , for others to be given a shot that they may have been denied. Contrary to popular belief, we do have a knack for buying players who are worth more than the money we splashed out on them. Who was Sami Hyypia before we bought him? What more of Alonso?

Instead of cursing and doubting the start of the season , I welcome you to consider the possiblites – the formations we could explore.

It is when the night is the darkest when dawn is truly at its closest. We have the talent, so let’s give them their shot , their 10 minutes. For it is when a team has nothing to lose and is written off , that moment , the position gives the extra desire to win.

3-0 down to AC Milan on the 25th of May in 2005 during a Champions League final, no one expected anything more and to quote Jamie Carragher “Come lads lets go out there and make sure we don’t go down 5-0 , the fans deserve more.’ And until today and for many more years to come , that night in Istanbul will go down in Liverpool lore- we will tell our grandchildren about it.

My point here is simple , due to our position we have nothing to lose. No burden is on us , on our players and it is for this reason that we will emerge bold , resolute and strong.


9 responses to “How will Liverpool start the season without Gerrard and Suarez?”

  1. nick says:

    Having watched all the preseason matches, i think the prudent thing to do is to sack Kenneth Daglish and bring back Rapha before he destroys our team. 12 days to go, the bunch of Brit(Carrol, Henderson, Downing, Adam) worth close to 100m are playing like division 3 players. What a waste! Henry should take this decision ASAP before Suarez throws in a transfer request, b/c i am sure he must be demoralized by all these results.

  2. dare says:

    why u people talk like this, because liverpool were not performing well at d preseason it means dey should sack him.,u son of a bitch

  3. Jeff says:

    Nick you dememted loon! Bring bk rafa? Part of the reason our team was in such a state! You say dalglish has wasted 100 million? What a muppet you are! Three of these players have yet to play in a red shirt, one has only played a handful of games after injury, Hmmmmmm! Can’t remember exactly, but how many good signingsignings did rafa make???

  4. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Hey Nick, grow up will you, do not act like a fucking manure fan please.
    Have faith !!

  5. Kennys Big Brother says:

    Kuyt & Carroll up front with Adam & Lucas in CM is my guess .

  6. Micky-G says:

    Id be surprised if Suarez doesn’t make the bench for the the Sunderland game and also be a starter against Arsenal. They saw it fit to play him only hours after his arrival in January and given the need to get off to a winning start my gut feel is he’ll be there.

  7. Badd says:

    POLISH THE DEFENSE FIRST! OTHERWISE, FORGET ABOUT A POINT. I believe Falanagan is ready to play as RB and put Glen Johnson on LB. Use 3 CB as they play against Chelsea at SB. Carragger, Agger (or Skrtel) and Martin Kelly. Believe me… they will be a solid defense again.

  8. bole says:

    hey u mupets I will remind u,Rafa signed: Xabi Alonso,Luis Garsia, Reina,Aquilani(our best player write now),Torres,Arbeloa,Johnson,Riera,Kuyt,Agger,Skrtel,Aurelio,Mascherano,Crouch…yes there are few flops like Babel,Dossena,Keane..but when u compare them with Carrol and Henderson 55 MP thats nothing!!!I wonder who will Rafa sign for that money I bet Mata wiil be signed for sure. Come back Rafa and save our club I m sick of British muppets. hey who would pay that money for carroll lets be serios. Rafa come home we love u!!!

  9. Paul says:

    Badly would be my guess.