Date: 31st July 2011 at 4:00pm
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South Korea captain, Park Chu-Young is ready to leave French side Monaco and join Liverpool according to reports. The 26-year-old striker has been a target for German side Schalke but it is being suggested that he prefers a move to Anfield.

Park does not want to stay at Monaco for much longer especially since the club was relegated despite his 12 goals for them last season. Liverpool are in need of another striker this summer to provide backup and competition to Suarez and Carroll.

Park may not be the ‘big name’ many fans would want Liverpool to sign but from a financial perspective, signing Park would increase the popularity of the Liverpool brand in the Far East. But that aside, Park is also a very talented player. It would be interesting though to see ho he would adjust to the pace and physical nature of the Premier League if Liverpool do indeed sign him.

Do you think Park would be a good signing for Liverpool?


37 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Striker wants to join Liverpool”

  1. jas says:

    definite yes for me! carroll can’t even do half the things shown here.

  2. chambers says:

    simple and short answer? – Yes!

  3. redhed17 says:

    If he wants to come, and is the right price, then yes. 🙂 But would he be happy to sit on the bench for the majority of the season? Because injuries to other players aside, that is what would probably happen. I don’t think Dalglish would rotate the front players as much as other teams. He looks better than Ngog though. 😉

  4. firman says:

    yesssss…. Please…

  5. nomad says:

    He must be aware of the preferred front two,is apparently keen to join,so indicates the right mindset.Along with the far east financial gain he’d be a good buy so yes.

  6. dave herbert says:

    YES YES YES its simple! He is a very impressive player who is also a dignafied person, with monnaco getting relegated he hasn’t demanded a move, he would be perfect for us, and bring more quality than ngog (be sad to see david leave), and after seeing uniteds park, we no that he will be patient for his chances! So kk and nesv sidn him quickly, plus sign dann/cahill and enrique/perriara and we will be a canditate for the prem! Can’t wait Y..N..W..A

  7. suarez says:

    yes bringing park will be very nice to lfc pls kk sign park for us

  8. Simon says:

    It worries me when a football fan writes of ‘Liverpool brand’- get a grip!

  9. DessieD says:

    @Simon – Yes, with football being an Entertainment BUSINESS, Liverpool is first and foremost a brand, and when talking about markets that Liverpool can hope to gain a fan-base in, brand is the correct word to use…

    Now, that been said… Liverpool should definitely sign Park Chu-Young, judging by this video (and many more like it on YouTube) he has fantastic ability at taking people on, picking out a pass and finishing, his speed looks amazing and his determination to get to every ball is a great quality in any player, he’s completely unselfish but at the same time he isn’t afraid to have a go himself, he has wonderful technical ability and his trickery and skill, as seen by his little flick passes (start the video from 5:31 and the next two minutes has everything I’m talking about…), would be fantastic to watch every week in the Premier League…

  10. chima says:

    he is a very good option, please get him for us

  11. James Beckman says:

    I will also sign for Liverpool and also my grandmother.We are both Liverpool supporters.If Liverpool sign us the sales of supporter effects in Norway will increase.My grandmother has a very good healt.Im sure she can do a lot of things that Carolls grandmother only can dream about.If Liverpool gonna strengt their brand in Norway .We have put some videos on Youtube presenting me and my grandmother smoking cigarettes ad drinking tomato juice.The tomato juice are completely red and everything looks like we are on the way to Merseyside

  12. Lion Heart says:

    Would prefer to have Park compared to Shane Long or Ngog and technically he looks very good but don’t know if Liverpool are interested or he is interested because haven’t read anything to suggest the interest. It looks like a another rumour linked with Liverpool.

  13. philip says:

    Yes, i would really want to partner it with Suarez. If OK, Liverpool get Shane Long also. Partnersip with Shane Long will be even more better than Andy Carroll. Looks like Liverpool Bought another 35 mil pound flop to me. Liverpool should go for Chambelain also.

  14. Gerrardious says:

    @Dessie: I dont know how good the guy is, but believe me, it is wrong to judge a players ability from a video compilation (much less on Youtube). trust me Ngog can be made to look like a world class striker on youtube.
    Also, I think we need a 3rd striker (not a backup as most of you imply). most ppl seem to think anyone beta than Ngog is good enough. What happens if we want to play 4-4-2 and one of Suar & Carr is injured. letting Players believe they are the preferred choice for a position is bad, much less a sensitive role like CF. we need a 3rd proven and potent striker who can easily allow for rotation and loss of form (and not just injuries).we need some1 who will keep Suarry and (especially) Carroll on their toes. just look around at other top teams in England and u’ll see at least 3 (very?) good strikers( If the rumours about gettin Forlan on loan is true, then that would be a good move.
    Beckman, I get ur point.

  15. Jimmy says:

    I have watched this guy for a few years now and he is very good, quick feet, good tackling, good header of a ball, goes forward all the time,picks out players with great awareness. He seems to be in the Suarez mould, infact he scores a similar goal to Suarez in this video.
    Also he is itching to play for Liverpool and is available for 6M euro,s. (a snip )
    Now whether he sits on the bench or plays doesnt really matter.
    The way I look at it, who would you like coming off the bench to replace Suarez or Caroll, Him or Ngog.
    To me its a no brainer. HIM !!

    By the way to the moderators of this site.
    Every time I click on a full screen advert from the SUN !!! newspaper pops up. I am not a happy scouser. GET RID OF IT. !!!!! Please.

  16. Tomiwa says:

    Yes i go with you… Forlan on loan or a deal being struck will be good. We really need a sharp and intelligent striker. Even a big name signing.

  17. Jimmy says:

    To Gerrardious
    Sorry to disagree with you mate,but Forlan did not score a goal for club or country last season until the Final last week. what do you want to do pay him a fortune and hope he comes good in the next couple of years, hes nearly finished. We have got players now that have scored more goals than him and they are ready for the boot. A few years ago maybe but not now.
    I know what you mean about youtube and your right, but this guy is quality believe me and his passion to play for liverpool means a player playing at his best.
    In the past Forlan did not want to come to Liverpool,And if he came now he would still demand twice the wage Park would, we have too much dead wood as it is at the moment.

  18. Blackwog says:

    For that price (if true) would be a bargain, he seems to be a very smart footballer after every purchase so far KK would be mad not to sign him, good footballer and good for revenue. Besides he says he wants to play for LFC so why not.

  19. Micky-G says:

    Never seen him play myself (not into youtube video’s either) but if it’s true that he want to play for us then he’s worth looking into. We sure could do with another striker. Stating the obvious here but we’d be stuffed if Suarez get’s injured and N’Gog is the sole back up!

  20. john says:

    what a terrible song intro

  21. john says:

    great movement though,get him,looks lively.

  22. weng kim says:

    He is good…skills, pace, smart passing, n most of passion for Liverpool..grab him Kenny.

  23. nuj deeljore says:

    much better than Ngog 4 sure!

  24. wips says:

    KK sign him as quickly as possible.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  25. benny says:

    No. I remembered him from the World Cup and he was crap. I like to see some of our reserves given a chance (Morgan etc)

  26. Joseph says:

    Will want park chu- young bring him 2 liverpool Kk.

  27. RedMan123 says:

    Yes please Park will be quality as back up, better than Ngog. Or he may be best partnered with Suarez, would be interesting as Park has got incredible skill, passing and pacey. Would be a good buy for less than £10m.

    @benny – Park had an icredible world cup and scored 2 of the best free kicks through out the campaign. Besides stick him in a team with better players around him (Liverpool FC) he will be consistantly good.

  28. RedMan123 says:

    Why is it ive just read on wikipedia that park chu-young is a liverpool player and agreed a deal today for a fee of £6m…. is this legit or just a hoax ?

  29. jimmy says:

    Get the guy we really need players with skill and desire
    ngog has neither,and the guy who said you can make any player look world class is talking crap!the camera never
    lies this fella has the class,and to say you could make ngog look class is like saying you could make the israel
    army look like international peacekeepers to the good
    people in gaza.

  30. don wynne says:

    Sign James Beckman and his gran, looks like a good deal to me.

  31. Alain says:

    Look like Suarez twin…..It’s will be fantastic if we have the twin Suarez…

  32. colin blackshaw says:


  33. ediredhair says:

    i dont get it why most all people here never see hes played….Dont tell me you dint watch world cup..try to look full game they played against hes become the main player who conquer the game.uruguay just lucky to have suarez with one chance and got a goal..

  34. Korean says:

    I was born in korea and i’ve been watching this guy since 2005(when he has his first season in Korea). He scored 19 goals and had 8 assits, becoming the MVP of the league. Since then, he was offered by various europeans teams including Bayern München, Fulham, Newcastle etc). I suggest you liverpool guys watching more of his videos on youtube, and you will find out how “fantastic and colourful” his movements are. He has one of the most fans in Korea – which will benefit liverpool in the area of finance of course. + his talent would be much better than Jisung Park or Chungyoung Lee in bolton. $6M is too cheap for this guy as chelsea denied Monaco’s offer of $8M last year. He should’ve started playing in big clubs like liverpool a long ago. Hope to see him in liverpool soon.

  35. JSL says:

    I’ve seen this guy playing in the world cup. I don;t know if he was good at scoring, but he is a definitely fantastic player. His passes and movements were very good. Liverpool should sign this guy as soon as possible.

  36. Blackwog says:

    If KK does not do this deal than I will believe he is just interested very average players. Aim for the title and we will be in the C/L. He has great movement good footballer worth every cent not like some of the buys we have.