Date: 31st July 2011 at 11:00pm
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Steven Gerrard has suffered another injury set back and will miss the start of the season. A statement on said: Steven Gerrard today (Saturday) began a course of antibiotic treatment for an infection related to an ongoing groin problem.

He is expected to remain in hospital for several days while the precautionary procedure is completed.

The player will then return to Melwood to continue his rehabilitation programme and is expected to be available for selection in September.

We wish Stevie all the best and hopefully he will recover soon enough to be part of the team again and lead us to glory.

Looking at this current situation, it now makes sense why Liverpool went out to buy central midfielders Henderson and Adam this summer. Many fans have been saying that we have too many central midfielders now but judging from the injury problems Gerrard has now, it is unlikely that Gerrard may be fit enough to play a full season for us and thus the need to bring in quality back up for him.

Looking at Meireles and Aquilani (if he stays), they are also two talented central midfielders and both are also injury prone. Can you imagine if we did not sign Henderson and Adam this summer and Gerrard, Meireles and Aquilani were all injured at the same time, we would be very thin in central midfield.

Hopefully this latest setback for Gerrard is not too serious and he will be fit again very soon.


34 responses to “Now it makes sense why Liverpool signed Henderson and Adam”

  1. tq says:


  2. Tank says:

    Yes, imagine if we had every central midfielder injured at the same time. Now it makes sense…

    What a load of nonsense, and you’ve forgetten Lucas. If Man Utd had 3 central midfielders injured they’d struggle, so would any other team.

    We’ve got too many, end of.

  3. Colly says:

    Above comment said it, nonsense!

  4. chambers says:


  5. GLFC says:

    Meireles played 33 out of the 35 League games he was available – How is this injury prone?

  6. Yves says:

    I think Liverpool needs to sell some of em’ players that ain’t nothing but expense and get a good left back also a back up striker not to mention a good right winger like Adel Taarabt or so I mean look at how well he did for QPR.

  7. Terror says:

    And the three replys above say a lot more! Moaners!!

  8. Damo says:

    Taarabt is a right winger?

  9. michael says:

    stevie has been a top performer for so long his body cant take it anymore. unfortunatly for us to get the best of him he will have to be a bit part player. adam will start more games than gerrard this season. we may even see stevie on the right.

    • Sana says:

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  10. Brozzo says:

    Gerrard is finished, You can bitch and moan about this all you want but the reality is his game is high tempo and if you take this away all you have is an average player chasing shadows and looking lost. May i add on the same pitch he once graced with such majesty!!!
    Henderson was purchased to fully replace Gerrard over the next 2 seasons.
    Adam will be the creator in the Alonso mould.
    Downing will replace…… Hmm well just about anyone who thought they could cross a ball and run at pace at Anfield over the last 15 years.
    Thank you Stevie ‘G’ but i actually believe we will be more cohesive without your moaning and stupid fucken faces that you pull at team mates!!! A true Captain is a motivator….

  11. glen says:

    Steven Gerrard is already a legendary captian of LFC, n whosever complains of him is a C*nt, dont teach him wat to do on the pitch..

  12. Amja says:

    @ whoever undermines the role of captain G…I wonder some funs who have the guts to abuse Gerald after what he has done for them!! If it wasnt for stevie G, you wouldnt be bragging of anything coz your years & IQ seem to range below the 80s when Lpool were conquerer of british football. WHEN WOULD YOU BE REMEMBERING TO HAVE SEEN LPOOL LIFTING THE THE CHAMP LEAGUE TROPHY IF IT WASNT CAPTAIN G’S TEAM SPIRIT! Get serious man before you comment on stevie G.

  13. Micky-G says:

    Come on guys he ain’t finished yet! Hopefully this is just a small set back and he’ll be back out there real soon. I so cannot wait to see Stevie link up with Suarez for some splendid goals!! As much as I wasn’t thrilled with Hendo’s signing initially, it’s clear Kenny see’s him as the replacement and if Stevie’s fitness struggles continue Im sure Hendo will get plenty of minutes to grow into that role.

  14. morris says:

    what a pile of rubbish…while we’re at it, why don’t we sign 6 strikers.. so if 3 gets injured, we still have 3…rubbish logic!

  15. bole says:

    I think that this is begining of the end one beautifull ad shine carrer,thank u Steve G captain fantastic for everything,looks me like u body just cant no more!!

  16. D says:

    I agree with Glen not in those words but we all know Gerrard has had this groin problem form a while but hes had the op infections are unfortunate it’s not a reoccurrence of that injury he’s not finished and will be better than ever for us when he returns.

  17. The Rock says:


    WOW! what a post mate. couldn’t have said it better.

  18. TroLLman says:

    Gerrard should be playing up front just behind Suarez anyways….!

  19. Andy says:

    What the hell? Some of you are actually really pathetic and do not deserve the right to call yourselves Liverpool fans at all with your stupid bitching about your own amazing captin!! we would never have got half as far as we have right now without the spirit and determination our own Steven Gerrard!! He is and always has been an amazing player and has and will continue to work wonders on the pitch, yeah he’s had a ongoing groin injury for some time now, but as “D” said, he’s picked up an infection, that cannot be helped, he is not bitching about that and never would, as a true leader he has anbrased that and is still Trainging with the lads, as he alwas does, and he WILL come back fighting!!! Did any of you give up on him when he brought us back from 3-0 down in isstanbul? NO!! You never!! So dont start doing it now, keep a high spirit, he’s never given up in the past and I seriously doubt he will give up now!! the only player in the Liverpool squad to ever give up hope is clearly some of the Fans!! And it’s horrible to say that but reading some of the comments it’s quite true!!

    You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

  20. njanja says:

    Stev G will certainly be back to put in the ice on the cake of what suarez,downing, adam & co have achieved within the first 2 months. But it will take Henderson a life time to fill Stev G’s position

  21. charlie says:

    you are all hypocrits, if gerrard wasnt injured and played well pre season you would be so far up his arse you could floss his teeth. how about a bit ofcommitment.
    oh and while im at it, my spelling is not the greatest in the world but half of you people are practically illiterate!!

  22. The Rock says:

    Did any of you give up on him when he brought us back from 3-0 down in isstanbul?

    Fair enough. But to balance that out wasn’t it the fault of Alonso and Gerrard that we we were 3-0 in the first place having failed to get tight to Kaka for the entire 1st half? The introduction of Hamman and a switch to 3-5-2 is what won us that match. I have watched the game over and over again and apart from Gerrads headed goal and incredible performance at right wing back to snuff out their left winger it was a case of the media handing the accolades to the usual suspect.

  23. superman says:

    yeah gerrard still has more years left to shine.

  24. Red1892 says:

    Goes to show the Kings mindset – he’s one step ahead of the lot of us

  25. paul partington says:

    just incase! a lot of peeps need to look up and understand the word ” supporter”. if you don’t like players or squad or even manager, then get of your arses and put the hours in an get a game. can’t be arsed, thought so. easier to bitch!

  26. Dan says:

    First and formost SG still has a bit left in him and even if he didn’t his presence aloan is more than enough to lift the side and the youngster alike. Secondly to all the people who are the real moaners, everyone is entitled to their opinion wether good or bad. If you are a supporter you want to see the best for your club but we all have different opinions and that’s how it should be. How boring would it be if we all shared the same opinion on everything it does not make you a better or worse supporter if you disagree on views as long as you are behind the team when the season kicks off

  27. rich says:

    @Brozzo what u said is complete bull i dont reckon gerrard is finished u know nothing gerrard is a great player and u think because he been out most of the season with a groin injury his career has ended well your wrong and what the hell are u talking about gerrard bitching and moaning he has never done this he is a true captian who helps his team mates push on for victory in every match he plays. so get your facts right yeah

  28. John Jarni Jonadaran says:

    Which retarded writer writes this stuff?

  29. Ridiculous says:

    I think we still need to sign Wesley Sneijder and Rafael Van Der Vaart to complete a whole round of complete midfield overpacked chaos. LOL. Now imagine if many gets injured, we got quality backup. LOL. Plus, the midfielders can play as wingers, strikers, central defence, midfield of course and if needed right back and left back. Buy more midfield players. LOL…

  30. ME says:

    Slate gerrard for his wrongs if you must – BUT NEVER FORGET what he has done for this club. He could of played at any club on the planet and although he almost did leave he didnt and it was HIS DECISION – we wouldn’t have been in the champs league never mind win it without him.. Anot forgeting the FA cup he almost singlehandly won for us as well. they say no player is bigger than the club which is right but he should be thought of as a living legend. and we should count oursleves lucky to have experienced watching him week in week out.

  31. HM187 says:

    i believe in lund putt, too many midfielders. drop gerrard in dm, let lucas adams/merieles drive the team as they are younger. i still think aqua has a say in it but not sure where he really wants to be…..

  32. Paul says:

    Hendersons been bought to play down the right, defo