Date: 28th July 2011 at 7:43am
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The Mirror is reporting that Juan Mata is on the verge of joining Arsenal for £15million. Apparently Mata’s representatives are in London trying to finalise a deal for the 23-year-old Valencia player.

Liverpool have been linked with a move for Mata for most of the summer as we needed a wide player to join our squad and Mata was identified as a potential candidate. Liverpool have already purchased Stewart Downing from Aston Villa to add some much needed width to the side. Many fans would have preferred Liverpool to sign Mata ahead of Downing especially now if Arsenal are going to be getting Mata for £15million as opposed to the apparent £19million Liverpool paid for Downing.

We can not reverse transfers now as we already have Downing but I can not see what is stopping Liverpool from also bidding £15million for Mata if that is how much he is going for. There would be no harm at all in Liverpool having both Downing and Mata in the squad. In my opinion, if Downing gets injured this season, Liverpool are back to square one as we will not have width. Liverpool still need to sign another wide player which Mata is capable of doing and he is also an option to put just behind the striker.


102 responses to “Thursday Rumour: Juan Mata to make Premier League move for £15million”

  1. Greg says:

    This is just freaking depressing! … they get a world class winger for 15m… we get just above mediocre brit crap for 20!!!.. when is Dalglish gonna get this “overpay for brit” crap out of his system when we can go get world class FOREIGN talent for a much better price!! This is just depressing….

  2. weng kim says:

    Couldn’t agree more, we need at least 1 more winger…Mata, Jeffren or even Afellay…if not they will all be signed up by other teams (for cut price) and we won’t have enough depth to compete….

  3. Simon says:

    I agree with the sentiment of much of what you write. We have shot ourselves in the foot by having an exclusively British transfer policy. Having said that you made me laugh with the phrase: “I can not see what is stopping Liverpool from also bidding £15million for Mata”. The lack of a spare £15 million might be the answer! For my part I cannot see why Liverpool aren’t bidding £40 million for Tevez and £80 million for Ronaldo!

  4. Liverpool asia says:

    Juan mata is an ideal winger that Liverpool should sign. I can’t see why liverpool can’t bring him to melwood. It is too bad that Liverpool let a talent wing joint arsenal rather than our mighty Liverpool.

  5. Stupid retards says:

    Juan mata is not a out an out winger and would cut in too much
    Yes he would be a good singing but trust me downing is a good player he is an actual winger
    If u think u no more than kenny then why aren’t you the Liverpool manager

  6. Simon Woods says:

    I think downings gna be a big player for Liverpool this season – like you say if Mata’s available for £15 million we should sign him anyway. Downing spent last season playing wide right anyway so stick out right and Mata left. The more likely reason is that he wants Champions League which is understandable. I’m also a little depressed to be honest, I like Carroll and really hope he succeeds – but incase people hadn’t realised we could have now had Aguero for the same price!! 🙁 hope we splash out on Cissokho or Perriera but I’m not holding my breathe. I just reall y hope we are a force to contend this term – YNWA

  7. bull shirt says:

    this is utter rubbish , its billy bull s**t valencia hace made it clear that mata is not for sale probably un;ess a mega bid comes there way and 15million for mata is no where near going to get mata….. mata wont be forcing any deal either as he loves valencia but would be willing to talk to teams if a bid was accepted which it wont be….. so stop worrying and moaning kenny has his ideas and his putting them into place so just look forward to the new season and chill the hell out….

  8. papa says:

    @Greg, go and be depressed somewhere else. You are disrespecting Liverpool players. Saying we got average brit crap when they are already Liverpool players is so dis respectful. That is the kind of support our enemies love to hear. Numpties…

  9. Doc says:

    This is just sad.. Here is arsenal getting Gervinho and Mata for a combine fee of 25.5M snd we go out a blow nearly 50M on Downing, Henderson and Adam! This is just sad.

  10. Blackwog says:

    Yes KK knows better than us granted, but hang on does he know better than Furge, Wenger and Boas, they seem to be looking outside the overrated English players.
    Enough is enough KK needs to wake up, why do you think England has not won another world cup, pretty good midfielders very good defenders as for the flash skilful very talented playmaker, finisher they have none. We need another Suarez and a C/B, L/B and a very good winger (not Downing) we need PACE, PACE, PACE we are to slow to compete with the rest and that is a fact wether you or KK likes it or not.

  11. njanja says:

    This is very unfortunate! Can someone explain what Comolli is still doing at Anfield? The moron is watching while proven talents such as Afellay are going to Tottenham for just 4m, Gevinho(24) and Mata(23) to Arsenal for 9m and 15m respectively. And here we are, wasted a whooping 40m on a passenger like Henderson and a 27 year old Downing all in the policy of buying British. Henceforth the same Damian is working assiduously to ship-out the very few talents we have (Aqua/Meireles/Agger) leaving Joe Cole behind. Is this Damian for us or against us?

  12. MB says:

    Plse stop moaning for Mata. First he wud NOT come to a team which is not playing in Europe, 2 Valencia will NOT sell Mata for 15m and 3 he would not come to sit on the bench to wait for Downing or Suarez to be injured. Mata is not a wide winger. Why do some fans write such rubbish? Why didnt we buy Aguero? Wud he have come for less than 200k a wee and no European football?

  13. Doc says:

    People ought to take a look at themselves and examine the situation rationally…our generous new owners have spent over a 100M since the took charge…and the only real quality who would walk into our rivals team is a foreigner..stop this british nonsense and sign which ever country it is from.

  14. rick says:

    Clueless. CLueless report from Daily Mirror, as this article is simply embarassing.
    Terrible piece of business.
    £15ml for Mata? You can’t be serious mate.
    Is this article a joke?
    If You really believe that Mata will move to Arsenal for £15ml fee, then You have serious medical problems to face.
    And for our newcomers: They are welcome to LFC and They will receive all my support.
    Before starting to slate against them, I’ve been waiting to see their performances on the pitch.
    I can’t see why Henderson is not worth £16ml: We need to trust in King Kenny, and give the lad, Who has talent, a fully support as well as Downing.
    £18ml is too much money for Stewie?
    I suspect that Mata has a price tag far far superior than Downing’s price tag.
    £15ml for Mata… and Do You believe to all this shite?
    We will see Mata final transfer fee…
    But I suppose I will stay there…

  15. James says:

    They will not sell him for 15million. More paper Rubbish!

  16. weng kim says:

    Ya..didn’t Valencia say that they won’t sell Mata for whatever $$$?I doubt they would sell for 15 to Wenger(that is if he is willing to spend at all)Also, Spurs need to sell before they can afford to buy…honestly, after watching adam at asia, Henderson and Downing at Hull, i think they will do well to strengthen our squad .YNWA~

  17. JB says:

    15M is possible because the player has a release clause of 17.5M in his contract….just google mata’s release clause.

  18. nomad says:

    Mata is not a “wide man” winger.You can’t compare him to Downing and to do so shows ignorance.I’ve watched him for 2 years,he cuts inside ala Villa.I doubt you’ve ever watched him and are simply churning out media nonsense.

  19. Badd says:

    I do agree with some of the opinion that KK is splashing money for the underrated player whereas Wenger and other managers are very smart to get a quality player with the optimum price. It’s an indication of something going wrong in Liverpool transfer policy.

  20. Warren says:

    Maybe, just maybe, Kenny made an early enquiry and was told there is no way Mata will sign for a club not in the CL? It’s not rocket science. Also, who says Mata will adapt to the PL? Accept what we have and stop moaning!!!

  21. Dave says:

    The simple fact is that as said above Liverpool need width which downing can provide an out and out winger who will get down the line and put in a cross mata likes to cut inside like most wingers now making downing a great signing yes a bit over priced but still he will be class

  22. SuaRed says:

    When John Barnes came to Liverpool who foreseen that he’d turn into the best player in the league under Dalglish? Exactly!!!

    The press say Mata is in London talking to the Arse and Spurs. However there is one more team he’s talking too! Or maybe we buy Arda Turan or another winger instead!

    Also there is no way Mata wiull be sold for £15m NO WAY!!!

    So to all of you moaners “Get a grip”

  23. Possibilitarian says:


    Arsenal have Champs League, we dont.
    We needed an out an out consistent winger, thats Downing.
    Arsenal are losing star players, we are just building – there are many other players out there dont worry.

    Just because you lto fancy Mata, doesn’t mean he’d work well in our team, be consistent, be a success in England, harbour longings to join Barca in a few years.

    Look dont let your personal preference blind you to the unit being built at FLC. We will continue to build every year now. Dont worry about the cash, we have plenty now. We can afford a couple of expensive flops just like all the other title contenders.

  24. Ben says:

    @SuaRed…are you saying there is no way mata would be sold for 15m as an attempt to convince yourself or someone else. The player has a 20M euros release claue. Which comes up to a little under a 18M pounds. so 15M is not a stretch.

  25. Micky-G says:

    Our transfer strategy is a crock of shit! People keep saying “your not a real supporter” if you complain or ” In Kenny we trust” etc etc etc blah blah blah. Facts are Comolli & Kenny have wasted so much money on average players it’s a complete joke. Personally I don’t want Mata…BUT neither do I think Henderson or Adam are any good for us, especially given we already have surplus in those positions.
    When Suarez arrived I thought to myself here we go…FINALLY some class/skill coming into our side and I was really hopefully the summer would see more arrivals of similar quality to give us the boost to crack the top 4. NOT A CHANCE….because the teams which finished above us (except Spurs) contain players of a higher quality!! Gervinho cost 15mil and will have a massive impact at Arsenal, thats good business! Ibrahim Afellay is linked with Spurs 4-6m, thats good business!
    I think Downing will be a good signing for us, BUT when is the club going to fix the serious lack of quality & assurance in our centre backs or bring in a left back? We have no natural right sided midfielder/winger and a back up striker in N’Gog who IMO would be disrespectful to sell to another premiership club because he is SHIT!
    Im stoked Kenny is back & I’ll always live in hope we’ll be back on top were our great club belongs BUT unfortunately Im baffled with our transfer policy.
    Kenny made a statement before the window opened which he said ” We will not waste money & we will only bring in players who we feel are BETTER than those we already have” …..WTF???

  26. Gerrardious says:

    am sick of Lfc fans who act like there are only 2 wingers in Europe. So lets assume the story is true(though I seriously doubt Valen will not try to push the price around 20+), so what? why dont u guys stop tryin to be closet managers tryin to dictate who the club should buy.
    just sit back and watch before u judge. there’s still time.

  27. Micky-G says:

    Gerrardious- I totally agree with you about the wingers.
    Question to you then- Are Adam & Henderson improvements on the players we already had at the club? I’d be surprised if anyone would say YES!

  28. Micky-G says:

    Read this-

  29. Felderkirk says:

    The comments sections on these articles are hilarious. They generally consist of some people suggesting that our transfer system is slightly flawed, prompting other people to regard that as a sign that these people aren’t true supporters of the club.

    I’ll be fucking arsed if everyone just blindly accepts what the club does as ‘The Omnipotent Liverpool Way’ and I wouldn’t want to be associated with a group of myopic sheep who don’t have an opinion of their own.

    In so many ways, Kenny, FSG and Comolli are the right men for the job, but to say that their transfer dealings have been 100% successful is wide of the mark. In my opinion, we stuck too rigidly to a formula, and considering we were told that money wasn’t much of an issue, we should have at least gone all in to sign a creative, improvisational player who would compliment Suarez.

    Be under no illusions, if we don’t make the CL and we haven’t appeared to have tried to sign anyone who isn’t British, Suarez will be in Spain this time next season.

  30. Simon Woods says:

    We have looked rocky in pre-season – scoring a few goals but conceding an embarresing amount. We dont really need Mata we need defenders ! With Suarez back up top and Gerrard in behind we will be as strong as any other team in attack.

    Im still discusted with losing to Hull 3-0 with a strong team in the 2nd half. A friendly maybe but all the other top clubs are smashing the opposition.

    I wanna see a new CB – Lets give bolton 8 mill and Ngog for Cahill and bring in Perreira or Cissoho.

    I also quite fancy Shane Long – I think he could turn into a valuable player …. if not Rodellega.

  31. Fakoyejo says:

    I can’t even understand D reason why those so called(half baked) liverpool fans are blind folded by their self intrested signings because of ‘mata’!!I think we all know english league can never be compared wit other leagues,Rugged,hard,full of pace wit strength,look at Edin Nzeko highest goal scorer in Bundesliga he managed 2 score 3 to 6 goals,Chamak one of the best plyrs in french ligue 1 hes trying to adapt.we don’t need such kind of a situation at anfield,we need a ready premiership made plyr so we better think deep b/4 we utter any statement.Y.N.W.A

  32. idj says:

    Given the fact that we are not in Europe next season, I think getting Prem proven players that fit what we need is a bob on idea. When we make Europe again next season, then I can see the search being widened. I can’t see the point in getting maybes from abroad who could take all season to adapt to the Prem, when we need to hit the ground running.
    Looking forward to the upcoming season, in KK I trust

  33. Ben says:

    The whole foreigners can not adapt to the league debate holds as much weight as a feather on a windy day. The list of premiership players who have moved in between clubs and failed to adapt is not any different from playing coming from elsewhere… does the likes of Keane, Konchesky, cole and al rings a bell..

  34. TheNewWorld says:

    I think the point that everyone’s missing is that we’re not in the Champions League next year – we’re not even in Europe! We may well have attempted to sign Mata but perhaps he wanted CL football next year?

    Unless we signed a bunch of rent boys a la Chelsea or Citeh demanding 200k a week, we’re not going to get the ‘bigger’ names to come to Anfield. I’m quite happy that the improvements made to the squad since Jan (I want to include Carroll and Suarez as people seem to forget their recent signings)are enough to get us into 4th, then I think we’ll be able to push on and sign the bigger names next year. Don’t forget, a team can be more than the sum of it’s parts – that’s what we’re working towards this season!

  35. Jeff says:

    @mickey G, please stop your constant whining, and bemoaning of our players, manager, etc…. you say that you can’t understand why adam and Henderson were brought into our team? As we have an abundance of talent in this area, which I think is over egging it slightly, we had gerrard, awesome, but very lately often injured! Aqua, class, but don’t wanna be in England one bit! Raul and lucas, as they the only other two who deserve to be in our team! I can tell you in two words why we bought those two players, creativity! And depth! Which Adam and Henderson, have in abundance! Msg to all the haters, stop moaning and whining like little bitchez, about everything our club does, about not signing world class players, when it’s near impossible with no lure of champions league! Or the rediculous 150+000 wages it takes to get them hear! I feel like such a Numpty having to spell this out, but obviously there a lot of people who come on here and don’t have a clue about football, otherotherwise they wouldn’t keep churning the same, sign mata, sign aguero crap!

  36. Aussie red says:

    Fuk I am getting sick of so called fans rubbishing our players and King Kenny how about u fuk off and support another team that accepts plastic supporters! I support Liverpool FC this includes whoever has the privilege of playing for and managing our great team! In Kenny we all should trust YNWA

  37. Micky-G says:

    Jeff- Your a fucking idiot…Henderson & Adam wont provide shit as they will be sitting back helping out our shaky centre backs! Jay Spearing & Jon Shelvey are more talented than those 2 players! I’d rather see us not spend money than spend it on the crap. YES we have no Europe, So nobody should expect the big big signings. All we needed was a left back, centre back & a winger or 2…end of! So we buy 2 central midfielders who are not better than what we got! FFS take off your red glasses and look at the bigger picture.

  38. dhinoLFC says:

    @ JB..mata will never cum 2 arsenal less than 20m whereas his release clause is 30.2m if u want 2 clarify

  39. Rakz says:

    I dont friggin beleive this. I thought Liverpool didnt get Juan Mata because Valencia ruled out his availability, but he was ACTUALLY available, and £15m??? wtf ! Liverpool going for stupid non-proven over-valued injury-prone British players. This is basically exactly what Man City are doing, the only difference is that they are getting QUALITY – PROVEN – PLAYERS !
    CMON Kenny I thought you were smarter than this! AT least get someone like Jeffren, or Elia, or Affelay? Even Bojan would have been ok, Roma got him on the cheap. but NOOOoooooOOOoooo ! I wouldnt be surprised if you got rubbish like Cahill for £30m next ! ARGH !!!

  40. Micky-G says:

    Rakz- be careful pal, it’s dangerous to have an opinion, you might upset the nut huggers.

  41. LFC says:

    Liverpool is playing Galatasaray. So, first hand look at Arda Turan ? Thank you, KK.

    Happy Days ahead @ LFC.

  42. Rakz says:

    lol LFC, even Arda Turan is good. Ahhh… bad times. And if we dont get top 4 this season, it would be disastrous!

  43. Gerrardious says:

    @Micky G: I strongly disagree that Spearing n Shelvey are better than Adam n Hendo. TBH, av not watched Hendo much but his starts speak for themselves and he’s beta than both Spearing and Shelvey(who are both very ordinary) both defensively and attacking-wise. Shelvey is clueless while Spearing lacks vision and rarely knows what to do with the ball outside the box. Adam is a creator and scorer of goals and though not classy and fast, will make a very good squad player. Downing though not the most exciting winger to watch is obviously beta than all our present wingers.
    I know the transfer window has not been as mind-blowing as most(including myself) hoped it’ll be, the players we’ve gotten are upgrades to wot we already have. Besides i dont think KK will be silly enough to spend all the cash without making plans for a much needed quality LB and RW amidst other positions.
    I really believe we’ll get an exciting classy RW or CF.

  44. Jeff says:

    @mickey G, i not against Jay spearing one bbit, the guy has a lot of energy, and puts in a good shift, but correct me if I’m wrong? But when he got a good run out last season alongside lucas, we looked ok defencivley, but offered very little in terms of creativity, and that killer pass? Which is why I’m more for Adam and Henderson, as they have that exextra part to their game! Surely you can sesee that? If not go check out the stats, I’m pretty sure, they’ll bk me up!

  45. Chambers says:

    Don’t worry. We have all the English “wORLD’S bEST” playing for us!!!!!!!

  46. Gerrardious says:

    @Rakz: I dont have a problem with ur quick answer to unfounded rumors. but then, u’ve just shown that u just a clueless wishful short-sighted fan. U talk about quality players, then u start mentioning:
    Bojan- who has made no notable improvement in 4yrs and who cannot make the Spanish or Barca bench.
    Elia- quite skillful and can dribble, but not solid. cant even compete with KUYT for a shirt in his country.
    Jeffren- worst of all. Pace without brains. You can join Bolton in the bid.
    Affellay- just signed a 4yr deal with Barca in January. I bet he’ld rather fight for a shirt there. Besides, who says Barca will sell him.
    Enough wishful thinking my friend. stop dreamin and start analyzing.

  47. Jeff says:

    Gerrardious, you’ve just proved my point I was trying to say about adam anand Henderson! I saw a lot of adam last season, and I for one, am pretty excited to see that passing, the vision, and not to mention the free kicks and corners! Henderson, from what I’ve seen, looks really comfortable on the ball, another great passer, and great in building up attacks! What’s not to be excited about?

  48. Jeff says:

    Istanbul 🙂

  49. reece says:

    Mata might be a good signing but he could turn out to be a flop .mikey-g adam and henderson will both be good players they are pl proven. adam scored againgst all the big teams in the pl last season . henderson was one of sunderlands best players, hendersons a winger to if he or downing get injured you can put stevie g on the right and meireles in the middle with adam. we still need to sign a lb/cb and possibly another winger and striker. kk knows what hes doing he wouldnt sign adam,downing and henderson if he didnt think they were any good. kk won the pl with liverpool in his first season managing us . He bought english players LIKE BARNES AND ALDRIDGE no-one thought that they were going to be a couple of the best players in england .Barnes came from oxford and who are they . theres plenty of players out there to sign liverpool are not finished signing yet as they are also trying to sell the dead wood (poulsen,cole,ngog,kyriakos and brad jones)which will take alot of money of the wage bill .

  50. westcoastLFC says:

    The teams been upgraded. Even if you favor Mata over Downing there is no doubt we needed a player in that position and we got a proven one – and English to boot. A few more key additions and we will be a true force this year. I’m sure if we could sign Mata we would have, but 15m is alot of money that could be spent on a LB or another forward. No way Valencia would let him go for that little anyways so this is silly speculation if you look at what Barca had to pay for Sanchez.

  51. chri5jo says:

    People have already made up their minds on our aquisitions even before a proper ball as been kicked. Surely at the end of the season is when we should judge if the signings have been succesful or not.

    Lucas at the start of his Liverpool career was not a scucess but look at him now, he as improved tenfold (even though some fans still wont give him credit).

    That’s the problem when our fans have a reputation of being knowledgeable! They think their opinion is right all the time.

    You may not agree with whom we have signed, show some support you may never know they could turn out to be better than expected with support instead of criticism.

  52. Blackwog says:

    To all the idiots that say us supporters that complain about the transfers take this on board: some say Downing is proven so is Nzogbia, faster more skilful and half price.
    Lets talk about Carroll if any of you clowns think that he is anywhere near the likes of Torres, Drogba, Rooney, Berbatov than you don’t know shit about football, 35 mill for a one dimensional player with no skill, no pace and no love for the game, just being named the most expensive transfer for an englishman. It’s not that we think we know better it’s just that the club has being paying a lot of money for AVERAGE players. Hey lets not forget that Hendo and Carroll are not proven either cause if you think they are well your a fuckwit.
    Although I personally like Adam he has passion and fight in him not to mention vision can read a game well, but we have no speed in the team and that will hurt us. I to would have liked to see guys like Affellay signed, or even Obenwingie (sorry about the spelling).

  53. vvkh says:

    Aguero to man city = 35 million = Carroll to liverpool

  54. vvkh says:

    Am a liverpool fan, and i sincerely hope kenny is doing right. aguero instead of carroll, mata instead of downing would not have been so bad would it?

  55. Gerrardious says:

    @Blackwog: Carroll has no love for the game? now how would u know dat??
    its funny wat ppl will say just to prove their point
    (shakin head)

  56. Willmott82 says:

    Slighty off topic but the cost of Carroll over his 5 year contract (including transfer fee) = 53 Million. Cost of Aguero over his contract (including transfer fee) = 85 Million. These deals are not comparable so stop thinking they are the same in terms of cost.

    Kenny has bought players who are proven in the premier league to create chances. Henderson who is only 21 was 4th in the amount of goal scoring chances he created for team mates laste season in the PL. Downing is a great crosser of the ball and doesnt cut in anywhere near as many wingers so this is what Kenny sees LFC are NEEDING so he has brought downing. Charlie adam as well as his great long range passing ability is also a set piece specialist an area we have been lacking for a long time.

    Kenny is buying players that fit a certain role or forfill a specific criteria which he and Steve Clarke have identified as needing attension. I for one trust this judgement and think some people need to stop thinking this if football manager and that we just need to go out and sign big names just for the fact they are big names.

  57. Felderkirk says:

    Bye bye Luis Suarez. Enjoy him while we can lads cos he’ll be gone this time next year.

  58. Blackwog says:

    Gerrardious my mistake not love for the game but more so passion, fire ,speed, balance, skill. Oh I hope that we don’t rely on him too much because we will be in trouble, because if we are basing our team and game plan on crossing the ball into Carroll feeding our 35 mill saviour than we are fucked. By the way your comments about Jeffren and Elia I would take one of them before Carroll any day of the week. Enough with overrated English players.

  59. sammy76 says:

    If we could get rid of Joe Cole, Milanovic and Poulsen that would be about 200k per week we’d save, which over a year is 10m quid.

    The three would probably sell for £8m in total and that would mean we have £3m (aka 60k per week) to offer Mata.

    Debits = Credits, Quality of Assets rising!!

  60. Bomber25 says:

    “This is just freaking depressing! … they get a world class winger for 15m… we get just above mediocre brit crap for 20!!!.. when is Dalglish gonna get this “overpay for brit” crap out of his system when we can go get world class FOREIGN talent for a much better price!! This is just depressing”

    I couldn’t agree more myself. When Dalglish satisfies himself, he will be on his way without Liverpool achieving a thing again. This is not what I expected. Suarez is only with this club because Liverpool had been chasing him well before Dalglish came on the scene.

  61. Bomber25 says:

    “Bye bye Luis Suarez. Enjoy him while we can lads cos he’ll be gone this time next year.”

    We will only have Dalglish to thank for that if it ever happened.

  62. Felderkirk says:

    Right, I’m as pissed off with things as some of the other people are here, but I suggest we wait at least until after the Galatasaray game tonight to completely bash the likes of Kenny and Damien. A lot of the anxiety here stems from the shite we saw at Hull the other day but there’s no way we’ll be that bad tonight. Surely?

    I’m expecting more positives defensively. I’m still disappointed overall but whatever deficiencies we have will become very apparent in the 1st two weeks of the season – giving us a little time to bring in a spark of magic, or to at least address the problem and prepare for the January transfer window. Not ideal, I know, but i think that then will be the time to truly criticise the regime, not when there’s still a full month to go in the market and the Mata deal with Arsenal (for example) hasn’t even been done, or even substantiated by any reliable source.

  63. m kop says:

    So Arsenal will pay Mata 15 mil. and Liverpool got Downing for 20.
    What is really depressing is that we still have people saying we got a better deal…

  64. kieran says:

    pool play galatasary 2nite reckon we,ll hav talks with turan ,same style as mata and cheaper and wud cum 2 anfield no problem, watch him is wud b a bit of class we nd

  65. Micky-G says:

    What ever happen or whoever we sign we’ll be right behind them come kick off against Sunderland! Cmon you Reds!

  66. morris says:

    IS daglish building a new Aston villa or liverpool..the clamour of average britsh players we’ve gathered, one might think that martin o’neil is in charge of liverpool

  67. Micky-G says:

    Gerradious- Afellay is for sale. Guilliumo (spelling) who seems to know all the inside knowledge of Spanish football was on Talksport the other day and said Barca are looking to move him on as he does’t fit there team’s style of passing, plus with Sanchez coming in he will slip out of contention for a spot. The player apparently wants a move and was open to a move in January.

  68. Chris says:

    You people are pathetic, If half of you have even heard of Mata or Aguaro or any other number of transfer rumours before the papers talked about them I’ll be surprised. Oh buy him, buy him, bunch of tits you didn’t know who he was until the daily mirror made up a fee and slapped it on some random player to write a story.

    Saying he’s an out and out wide man … no he’s not watch a bit more than a youtube clip someone has made up, you think that’s what Kenny does comes online looks who the papers are saying will go where watches a clip of em on youtube and buys them??

    Stick to reading your tabloids, when you manage one of the biggest clubs in the world I will stop to listen what you have to say.

    Adam Henderson Downing Doni and anyone else we have got so far, I am very pleased with, not to mention the back to normal Joe Cole, we still have him and last time I checked he used to be REALLY fucking good, but just to make sure I’d better read some online story’s and watch some youtube clips .. Yawn …


  69. £15mil is a bargain for Mata, He’s not currently in London though, Arsenal haven’t big yet. But they will soon so we better get our act together!

  70. Felderkirk says:

    Tonight was such a ‘here’s what we have I’m the back of the shop’ game. The dregs. If Christian Poulsen is allowed back into Liverpool Airport after proving for once and for all what a fucking cunt he is, then there’s no justice.

    Premier League title anyone? Fuck off.

  71. Jason says:

    Comolli ‘s target is banned by KK, because KK wanted overpriced, useless Brit players. I can forsee Liverpool would not be in the Champion League Next Season also with KK in charge of the transfer dealings.

  72. Matt says:

    I completely agree with the majority of posts on here that our dealings this summer have been absolutely shocking and having finished last season full of optimism I’m now dreading the new season as I can’t see us finishing any higher. I believe Downing will improve the starting 11 but for what we paid we should have got so much better. For me Adam and Henderson should be nothing more than bench warmers and league cup players. And don’t even get me started about Carroll. And to those people saying downing is a better signing than Mata because he’s played in the premiership…..well I don’t recall Suarez having had too much prem experience and he’s not turned out too bad so far – if a player is truly world class then he’ll adapt to the league more often than not, Mata could have been a fantastic signing for us…..but obviously we don’t want quality technically gifted players, we just want overpriced unproved british shite that can lump aimless balls towards that equally shite waste of space of a striker of ours. So depressed by all this

  73. tom says:

    Love all the doom mongers, guess we should all now skip this season! After all no chance of improving on last seasons finishing position, its not as of we have added players of proven quality, who’s stats all show that they can score as well as being capable of providing assists! Of course being British means they don’t have a clue about LFC history and our passion, they will not be able to relate at all with KK, With no Europe we will be sure to attract top talent, it seems strange to me that people could maybe not pick going to a club due to having no champions league. Also if you skip this season you don’t have to bother with watching the new players disappointing you, after all I doubt you will witness any team spirit at all! And you know what you can just walk alone.

    Me however will join with the majority and watch a cracking season and for those who join me you’ll never walk alone. GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM

  74. Jason says:

    I can’t understand KK transfer dealing.

    I can see Arsenal get Mata, Gervinho; Man U get Youngs, Sneider; Chelsea get Pastore….; Man City get Aguero…., but we are getting useless, overpriced Brit.

    We are not strengthening at all compared to other clubs.

    I really don’t see Liverpool can get 4th place this season. the best they can get is 6th place, considering they lost to HULL and GALATASARAY (both 3-0)

  75. Mike Arms says:

    It was a pre season friendly afterall.
    Although having a big squad can work against you too, no player wants to get injured as they know they will never get back in the team come the start of the season.
    Liverpool will struggle in the first few games of the season, without Gerrard & Suarez and with all the new players settling in. I still expect us to be in the top four as we have no European games but it’s a massive task to be considered title contenders. A succesful season will be top four and the FA cup.

  76. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    they say we have to sell and raise money to buy new players, to hell with that , it is more like buy one half price and get two for free. Nobody wants our deadwood, what a surprise!! So I say lets all buy lottery tickets and pray we win and then invest the money in new decent world class players.
    So basically the owners are saying ” there is no money”.
    so let the intended first eleven play together in the remaining friendlies to get used to each other.


  77. Micky-G says:

    The transfer window closed 1st Sept. (correct me if im wrong) Lets just hope there’s more business to be done and we see another 1-2 quality signing come on board and we are able to offload the crap.

  78. Blackwog says:

    August is going to be interesting, I too have not been happy with our shopping list but there is still time to bring in some real quality players and for everyone who says that we should be aiming for top 4, why? we should be aiming to win the league. I don’t know any real sportspeople that go in just to be up there with the rest, you aim for the top and approach it like nothing else matters, thats what real winners do. As for those that say we don’t need the likes of Mata etc.. well let me tell you something and Matt said it earlier, if a player is truly world class than he will play in any league. I like how all you guys think that the EPL is some sort of magical league that only a certain few can play, because 90% of the real top quality in the EPL is from outside. I believe that a players resume speaks for itself regardless of the league. I believe that players do want to play in the CL but i also believe that money talks, so if we really want someone and have the backing then make real offers and get some quality.

  79. Asbid says:

    I think I’m starting to hate Kenny and DC

  80. Micky-G says:

    Asbid- go fuck yourself! Being disappointed with the transfer business and having an opinion on it is fine. But for a so called Reds supporter to declared hate towards Kenny should fuck off and go support another club. Go join the SCUM!

  81. MACDONALDO67 says:

    Can’t believe you muppets believe this load of crap.

    As for Dalglish and the englisg comment…. we have a criteria to meet.

  82. Nic says:

    CALM DOWN fellas,
    What has Arsenal won recently. They have the possibility of losing Fabregas and Nasri with Clichy already gone, a lack of GK and DF depth and have not replaced Bendtner. Van Persie, there top scorer is starting to doubt the Club’s transfer policy where they have only brought in an untested winger in Gervinho and a couple of 15 year olds.

    Compared to this, Liverpool have signed Downing, Adam and Henderson (granted they are not everyones’ idea of CLASS) but they have proven that they are the in top 3 in the Prem for goal assists. I don’t think our shopping is finished yet either. Henderson is unproven yes and he’s a rough diamond but he has the potential to become the next Gerrard/Lampard type asset for us as long as we patiently nurture him. Gerrard is on his last legs, Carra is getting on so our transfer policy is finding the players that will grow into their roles.

    Now we may collectively have a crap England team but who have been the real central players for us, United and Chelsea: Gerrard, Carra (us), Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Rio etc (United) and Terry and Lampard (Chelsea).

    Now Henry has already said that he is thinking long term. We have signed 2 very exciting prospects in Bueno and Nacho (which may sound like a Mexican Tortilla snack but jokes asides) and my money is on us getting another CB, LB and possibly even a cheap striker who is Prem proven after moving on some of the players that are surplus to requirements.

    I think our recent game against Galatasaray was to determine which young one’s were ready or needed loaning out and the usual suspects that need moving on. Aquilani was one of the stand out players and I think/hope he stays. As for Degen, Poulsen and Cole I cannot say the same.

    As for this Juan Mata rumour, the Owner of the Club said time and time again that Mata is not for sale at “Any Price”! They are in the CL this season after finishing 3rd last season so I highly doubt he will be sold for 15 million. I for one will not be gullible until I actually see this happen.

  83. Nic says:

    That should be “their” top scorer with regards to Van Persie.

    I think Downing and Carroll will prove many doubters wrong in the coming season. Downing and Adam will bring out the best in Carroll and Aquilani could make a very good comibination with Suarez.

    I hope we can play something resembling a 1st team against Valencia to get our starting lineup clicking before our Sunderland game.

    We have been linked with Bojan, Rodallega for strikers, Dann, Lovren for CB and Enrique, Cissokho and Alvaro Perreira who can also play on the wing for LB and Jeffren, Affelay, Navas, Lennon, McCarthy for wingers.

    Before we get any of these we will have to trim the squad, especially those just happy to receive their inflated wages. We have many promising young players like Kelly, Wilson, Ayala, Flanaghan, Robinson, Coady, Spearing, Sterling,Pacheco, Suso, Adam Morgan. We can add Bueno and Nacho once they have their medical.

  84. tom says:

    I do still believe we will pick up a LB but think that Kuyt will be used ad the third striker when needed, without Europe I think this is enough cover here for this season, although privately if we picked up Daniel sturridge I would be happy (of the shoulder striker with pace, in my view) again though cost could be a stumbling block, as for LB – we have been linked to everyone so your guess is as good as mine, as for CB again as much as I would like a signing I think we have enough cover here this season

  85. Nic says:

    Regarding signing World Class talent, some might come to us for out history or future project like Suarez who we are VERY lucky to get but most dream of playing for the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid or playing in the Champions League. We have not even got Europa Cup this season fellas.

    Do we have players like Messi and Ronaldo in our league. The Premier League raised taxes up to 50% which I think is a big factor in many foreign players not coming unless we can offer 100,000-150,000+ in wages like Man City and Chelsea, which quite frankly is obscene.

    Anyway, I for one cannot wait for the season to start and hope that Kenny and Clarke would have ironed out the errors (mainly defensive) in our remaining preseason games against Vallerenga and Valencia.

  86. Nic says:


    Sturridge will likely move for first team football but probably a loan and I doubt to a direct top 5-6 rival.

    I watched the recent Audi Cup with Milan, Barca, Bayern and Internacional all competing in a preseason friendly tournament. The top players were still on holiday or rested after the Copa America but there was no sign of Bojan or Affelay. The Barca B team top scorer Soliano was starting up front with Villa. Well just saying we could get some class Barca fringe players on the cheap if we bothered: Jeffren, Affelay and Bojan although I doubt that they will be let go for a paltry 4m.

    CB we could be in trouble actually. Carra is getting on, Skrtel is inconsistent and Agger is injury prone. Beyond that we have Kyriagkos(good in the air but slow) and a host of youngsters who may or may not be ready for a team trying to push for Europe.

    LB I think we are waiting until New Castle bring the price down while linking ourselves with many others. I like the Uruguayan player I mentioned earlier. In the worst case we have Aurelio and Insua with Johnson, Flanaghan and Robinson for cover.

  87. TroLLman says:

    To all those who haven’t seen ARDa TURAN he was the little Guy Controlling the slow penetration into the ASS of our reserve team tonight!
    Now if you still think he’s not good enough, then you need a penetration in your asses by the likes of jeff who judging by some of his views would enjoy it!

    Get Arda Or Turan and maybe just maybe they Will give Carroll a chance of looking half decent :/

  88. weng kim says:

    Arda Turan is good…Anyway, if Mata doesn’t fancy us
    Kenny could well use that 15M to buy Jeffren(9m) + afellay(6m)…how abt tat? n i hope v get our left back sooon…WELL i m sure Kenny n Commoli r working nights n days to sort things out. they have my blessing n support all the way. YNWA!

  89. oz red says:

    the slightly worrying aspect to all this is that all the teams above us have bought young world class players that we should have also been challenging to recruit.

    you could say that with no champs league it is harder to get these players but if we dont make a statement of intent by getting at least one young world class marquee (even if it means paying ~35m for him) we may struggle to make the top four or convince others that we are a serious player again.

    we also need to suck it up and do what ever it takes to get rid of the players that have no intention to play for the shirt (or arent good enough) and are just happy to collect their pay cheques. Cut them loose now, pay them if we have to and get rid of the negative energy that comes with them once and for all.

  90. oz red says:

    asbid you are a tool! YNWA

  91. Nic says:

    TroLLman, Kim,

    I agree that Arda Turan would be a great addition! He will give us the width, pace and penetration sadly still lacking in our team. During Rafa’s management years there was talk of him wanting to join us but this was when the current owners together with Purslow pulled the plug on player investment.

    This is why after we sold Alonso and tried to replace him, Hyppia and Arbeloa, the year after our 2nd place finish we were shopping around for the likes of Kyriagkos and Ngog when we could have been going after Rafa’s real targets: Turan and Jovetic amongst others.

    We were too busy paying off the debt and interest payments the previous Cowboys heaped onto us to be able to invest the 30 million Alonso money, 12 million Kean money and the substantial CL money to re-invest in the team. Our scouting network spotted Vidic, Evra, Dani Alves, Bosingwa, Rafinha amongst others to address are wide areas but sadly Parry and Purslow were too slow and uncooperative to get these players in before their market price doubled when other teams came in for them. I won’t even get into the entire list of players we missed out on but I can tell you now that Dossena, Kromkamp amongst the other showers of shite we got were 3rd or 4th choices.

    Glen Johnson was bought to bring a bit of pace to our right side and to also keep in line with the homegrown rule, Aquilani we got with an initial payment of 5 million with various add-ons that would kick in depending on how much he played.

    Anyway going back to the topic of Arda Turan, he was one of Rafa’s targets along with Fiorentina’s pacey fwd Jovetic, Napoli’s Lavezzi and I’m pretty sure we could have gotten Modric before Spurs went for him but sadly it wasn’t to be.

    The current regime are at least investing in the squad and getting Kenny and Commoli’s targets. Whether we think it is wise or not, I think buying British to strengthen the backbone and augmenting this with flair/technical players such as Suarez who also happens to have good ethic. I for one wouldn’t want to have whingers like Nasri and Tevez in our squad that could disrupt the team.

    Anyway, in modern football we can have overlapping fullbacks and wide MFs that can also drop back as well as attack to make it more free flowing. I liked the football we were playing when Maxi and Meireles were scoring goals for fun. Our team hasn’t weakened, it is stronger now so I can only hope we will get back into the top 4 where we belong, then really push for the title.

    Just to finish off, those people who think 35m is ridiculous for Carroll and the money could have been better spent on Aguero I will agree with them. It was the winter transfer period, Aguero was our first choice but Atletico did not want to let him go, Bayern was the same with Mario Gomes who was injured at the time, as was the case with Llorente as well so our only choice was Carroll at the time. The figure of 35 million came from our deal with New Castle, which was whatever we get from the Chelsea deal minus 15 million we will pay for Carroll! This is true! If we sold Torres for 30 million we would have paid 15 million for Carroll.

    Anyway, it was good business. Selling Torres and Babel and getting Suarez and Carroll pretty much meant our net spend was ZERO.

    good and he would have been at Anfield already with the likes of Jovetic if the previous

  92. Nic says:

    By the way Mata wants to stay at Valencia! So I don’t think it will be his will to leave if he does go.

    By the way we got Copa America MVP Suarez for 23 million who has his heart in the right place! City can buy all the 30 million + mercenaries they can get but they won’t have the same spirit as us and will probably end up having more wantaway, spoilt whingers like Tevez to worry about.

  93. Nic says:

    Oz Red! If only it were so easy to offload all our so called dead wood we wouldn’t be stuck with the lot.

    We are having enough trouble as it is finding Clubs that want them, let alone getting the player to agree to leaving. Jovanovic and Cole in particular are happy earning their wages and even Poulsen says he is happy to fight for a place. Why is this: because Hodgson and Purslow agreed to give these players what they are earning now. Basically we have shot ourselves in the foot with this and it will take something of a miracle to get Degen and the like off the payroll. Even if a Club came in for these squatters, talks will breakdown over ‘Personal Agreements’! The latest mistake I believe is our reserve keeper Doni but I won’t get into that.

  94. weng kim says:

    wow! this forum is going nuts!! I guess everyone cares abt Kop so much…personally, i still dont think Mata deal will go thru coz its too complicated n he doesnt wanna leave. (sorry Wenger haha!)I like the “Brit flavor” happening in our team now. I think guys like Henderson,Downing, n Adam r great players who never give up fighting…tats the YNWA spirit v need ya~ No sweat, v gonna get couple of good players in n v will b fighting for CL n who knows may b even the title tis year!!! YNWA

    …by the way, the fans in Asia r CRAZY!!!! They were singing “Liverpool! Liverpool!” even at the train station on the way to stadium…80,000 showed up at Bkt Jalir, Kuala Lumpur….Fight on Kop, YNWA!!

  95. Willmott82 says:

    Jeez some of you people really need to remember what the work SUPPORTER means. Support our team and our mananger, make your analysis after you have seen the team Kenny has put together player a match together and stop judging by pre-season teams that are thrown together to get players fit.

    Last season once Kenny took over we were second in the league in terms of points accumulated. We have added to the side with Downing who is a proven premiership player and who can provide width which everybody has been saying has been out problem for many years (mata wouldnt have offered this btw), Charlie Adam who was arguabley one of the best midfielders in the premiership last season while playing for a side that got relegated and Jordan Henderson who is a brilliant prospect and who created a huge amount of chances for his Sunderland teams last season. Also we have Daniel Agger back from inury so he is almost like a new addition to the squad, Alberto Aquilani as extra cover in the midfield, Insua back from loan to add an extra fullback and hopefully a fully fit Steven Gerrard who missed out on much of the second half of the season with injury when we the second best side in the league.

    There is plenty to be optimistic about and some people really should stop trying to play manager and start supporting the club they claim they love, get behind the players we have and support the decisions made King Kenny and his team.

  96. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Willmott82- Hi pal, and I agree with you. We will be fine in the coming season by the end of which we will have hopefully put ourselves in a position to be back in the CL, with players pushing to join us (bit like Sanchez joining Barca).

    I do wish to see us play our first team in the remaining friendlies as well as selling those players that make zero contribution whilst collecting vast salaries. What does it say if we are unable to sell them to other clubs, any clubs?? not even WBA!!

  97. Blackwog says:

    KK needs to get Sturridge of Chelsea to fill in up front, Enrique L/B, Give Kelly ago at C/B
    Vargas, Bastos, Mata or N’zogbia (not sure if still available) and drop some players of or trade some for some of the ones mentioned and let the season begin .

  98. Blackwog says:

    Hey those of you that say that players will not come to clubs not in the CL well I say that thats rubbish, money money money, just have a look at what is happening at City uprising over wages thats the bottom line if we got it they will come, the question is do we have it?

  99. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Hi BW, we don’t have the money!

  100. says:

    Blackwog, I don’t agree with you. I do not want us to thtow money at players. In one of your posts you talk about “not love for the game but more so passion, fire ,speed, balance, skill” then in another you say “also believe that money talks, so if we really want someone and have the backing then make real offers and get some quality”.
    So what do you want person who plays with passion for the club or the player who likes £200000 a week to play for you.
    Bit of a contridiction there…….

  101. Blackwog says:

    Well chr5jo@hotmail when you buy the players like Aguero, Hazard, Messi Ronaldo etc with these guys the money talks and the passion and love is already in them it burns in them thats what makes them the best. Then you chuck in the likes of Adam Gerrard Rooney, who play for the shirt which to me is the best way. But you need one or two money grabbers with the skill and pace . Adam for me is a fantastic buy for that price. My example was City mate if you have the money you will get the best the money grabbers who already have the qualities. Its not just about the CL let me tell you. So mate to answer your remark yes we should have both in the side, its not a contradiction its a balance.

  102. says:

    Like Tevez as well just likes moving to pick up another pay packet. I am sorry but throwing money at players for their wages is not the answer, if theywant to play for us then the wages would not be a problem neither would the CL qulaification. Also Ronaldo and Messi and world class players of that ilk will not come to us no matter what, and you could add Aguaro.