With the Daily Telegraph reporting that Liverpool’s interest in Newcastle full back Jose Enrique has cooled, and also the fact that another possible target Alvaro Pereira of Benfica has a £17.5million buyout clause inserted into his contract, it maybe safe to assume Liverpool are struggling to find a left back target before the start of the new season.

Especially with both manager Kenny Dalglish and Director of Football Damien Comolli confirming that they will to sell fringe players before they buy anymore players, it seems as if the Reds, for the time being at least, will have to rely on the current left back options at the club. So who will be called upon to play if a left back is not brought in before the Sunderland game on the 13th August?

Fabio Aurelio – The Brazilian has his well known injury problems and could play provided he is fit. He hasn’t featured though in the three friendly matches so far against Guangdong, the Malaysian XI and Hull City, suggesting he may struggle to be fit for the first match of the season.

Glen Johnson – Probably the most likely candidate to fill at left back will be the England international. With Martin Kelly more than capable of playing solidly at right back, Kenny will be forced to switch Glen over to the left where he maybe uncomfortable, but can do a good job for the team. The 26 year old doesn’t get as forward as much on the left because he is not on his natural side, but it helps his defensive game tremendously as he stays in position more often than not.

Emiliano Insua – An alternative to Johnson if Kenny prefers to go with a natural left footer, the Argentine continues to impress offensively but there are still big question marks defensively. With speculation over his future too, it is not by all means certain that he will be at the club beyond August.

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18 responses to “Liverpool’s left-back options if no new player is signed”

  1. abids says:

    insua my option.really like dat dude

  2. isdi says:

    my bet is agger if carra and skrtel are fit

  3. Moocher says:

    @ abids… I think you have been watching the wrong player!! There is a clown who mascerades as LB at Liverpool & wears the shirt. But he is no left back.

  4. Steve says:

    Prefer insua

  5. philC says:

    Why not keep Insua for the time being until the next transfer window? Hopefully by then we’ll find a decent replacement

  6. abids says:

    @….philC yes! I believe in him alot.he is my opion

  7. abids says:

    @Moocher let give d little dude a try or john falagan

  8. Jeff says:

    Insua a complete and utter liability! Johnson did a good job there last season, and should get t the nod for sure! Can you deranged Insua lovers please tell me what he’s ever done in a. Red shirt to warrant a starting place??

  9. keith says:

    i think all the left bks we have not up to it we need world claas left bk

  10. Micky-G says:

    Luis Enrique would be a good fit. I think there will be a move for him before the window closes. Newcastle need to sell him as he won’t sign on however our chances of landing him will depend on Arsenal who can offer Europe. I like Enrique he’s proven in this league and won’t cost too much. I cannot see us spending big on a left back or in other position for that matter.

  11. jimmy says:

    I am not happy our defence is SHIT ! and we have not got a left back or a decent centre back to many shit midfielders and i am sorry to say kenny but to play pousen and swiss piece of crap on the right is a insult
    to the liverpool fans this season is going to be very mediocre at best,the owners have spent peanuts !i dont think they have a pot to piss in.

  12. jimmy says:

    To the person who likes insua you are either on drugs,
    blind,insane,or a man ure fan!

  13. Larry says:

    Let Insua stay even if we can get alvaro or enrique just to be a backup, bcos is also a liverpool man of war when there is no option.i luv him

  14. RHudgens says:

    Major mistake not to sign a LB. Aurelio cannot be trusted with his fitness; he’s proven this repeatedly. Agger or Wilson playing out there is a mistake as well. Agger, if fit, must play alongside Carragher. That said, we need another CB as well. If Carra and Skrtel play together, it is a disaster: no speed, no offensive threat, no aerial presence. They are too much alike. Pepe will not be pleased having to keep retrieving balls from the back of his goal. The defense must be improved!!!

  15. The Rock says:

    Insua cannot defend. I can’t believe Liverpool fans have such short memories, you must be watching highlights cus over 90 minutes this guy gets roasted. People continually slate Lucas and overlook all of Insua’s short comings. The eye of a fan sees what it wants to see.

  16. yomi says:

    i will prefer robinson to play in dat position considering d fact dat is guy natural wing and we all saw what he did when he played against arsenal,against d like of walcot he show class but using insua d guy cannot context on high ball and d wing is not for johnson which everyone of us knew dat is just managing to play in dat wing

  17. Lion Heart says:

    Aurelio should be sold as soon as possible, he has been a liability for far too long, he is a talented player but injured too often.

    Insua is a young and talented player and i would like to keep him as a back up option for a new left back that Liverpool will buy. He has made some defensive mistakes in the past but he is still young and during these pre-season games, he has looked assured in defence and also good going forward and his link up play is really good and he looks stronger than ever and also looks very mature.

    As for Robinson, i think he is still too young but he can be third choice leftback or maybe can be also used as winger. Robinson is the most talented of the lot but he still has a long way to go for the first team.

  18. Darren says:

    Jimmy how is our defence shit! Skrtel is quality! Carra is quality! The are alike but you ask any Manc or Chelsea fan whether they would have two Terry’s or two Vidic’s in their defence and I bet they say they would. The problem is that we have lack a good proven LB and I agree with you when you say we need to address it quickly! We have Agger who when fit is as good as both Carra and Skrtel. We need Dann then we would have four quality defenders fighting for two places. We have Glen Johnson at right back and for me there ain’t many better in the league and Kelly proved last year he is more than capable of filling in if Johnson gets injured. So with a new LB and Dann I would be very confident in saying we have a very good defence. Would like your opinions on who you’d sign at LB?