Date: 28th July 2011 at 8:00pm
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Kenny Dalglish has spoken out about his delight of Luis Suarez and the fact that he won the Copa America with Uruguay and was named the best player at the tournament. We are all happy for Suarez and hopefully he can show the same form he did at the Copa America at Liverpool this coming season.

Suarez ended the season for Liverpool on a high note and seemed to just carry that form through to the Copa America as Dalglish highlighted. “He continued in the way he left us. He’s made a fantastic contribution since he came in in January and I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to the start of the season, especially after winning the Copa America.

“We’re looking forward to getting him back. He’ll have a good break now and hopefully we’ll get him back in a couple of weeks, see how he is then and take it from there.

“We won’t rush him. It’s important players get the rest. It’s important that he’s ready to compete when he comes back. Because he’s been playing deep into July, he’s only getting a couple of weeks off but I’m sure it won’t take much to get him fit or sharp.

“But we’ll see how he is when he comes back and let him enjoy his holiday.”

It is very important that Suarez gets as much rest as he can now as we can not afford to have him injured due to playing him too early.


4 responses to ““He continued in the way he left us””

  1. jonesey says:

    Just watched first half v Galatasaray – PATHETIC – even worse than against Hull and K D still playing crap players – Sunderland look a shit hot bet to win ay Anfield

  2. jonesey says:


  3. Stupid retards says:

    Wow u watched basically like a 3rd sting Liverpool team minus andy carroll as Liverpool were giving there strikers no service
    When Liverpool play all their main players at the start of the premier league u Internet fans will see the true Liverpool
    So don’t only support Liverpool when there only winning
    Support them at all times and it’s only pre season in my eyes anyway so win or lose who cares
    As long as when the premier league starts Liverpool start winning then I am happy

  4. Dan says:

    We have as much chance of winning the PL or CL with the crap we have bought now or next year or the year after than I have got of winning the Lottery. The only decent buy was Suarez and I bet after a while he willl be thinking what the hell he has got himself into and like Torres will move on.