Date: 26th July 2011 at 10:36am
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Throughout the annals of history of football , we see that the greatest of teams are founded on their chemistry. The ability to move the ball as one cohesive unit is essentially what football is about. Sure you can point out the great heroes of yester years that managed to on their own lift their team to new levels of greatness – players such as George Best and Maradona.

But if you look closely you see that the best teams that have ever graced the game , you see one clear thing- teamwork. Recall the great Real Madrid team of the 60s , where players such as Canario, Del Sol, Di Stefano, Puskas and Gento worked as such a deadly force and left a impact on the footballing world. Lest who can also forget the great Liverpool team of the 80s which compromised of the greats such as Grobbelaar (whose antics with the trembly legs would go on to win the European Cup and inspire Dudek much later on), Neal, Kennedy, Hansen, Lawrenson, Whelan, Lee, Rush (who bagged an incredible 47 goals that season) , Johnston, Souness and Kenny.

If you then turn your attention to present day world of football the greatest team in the world would be beyond a shadow of a doubt Barcelona. Their moment, their vision and breathtaking passing solidifies them as one of the greatest. While many say they are renowned for their one touch football which was instilled by the great Johan Cyruff. But Xavi corrected this statement at a press conference last season where he said ”they don’t play one touch , but rather a half-touch.”

The point I am driving at here is simple- we as a squad have been missing the chemistry, that magic touch of teamwork that allows teams to transcend into the plateau of greatness. Our players have never been able to click and to connect on the levels that are required and are necessary. Although it has to be said we came bloody damn close with the Liverpool team of 08-09 where we had the likes of Xabi Alonso , Fernando Torres , Steven Gerrard , Javier Mascherano and Dirk Kuyt.

The incredible and instant chemistry between Fernando and Gerrard bolstered the squads charge and in that pairing the pair netted a grand total of 96 goals. But alas that glorious pairing has faded.

The good thing however about the vacuums that come with transfers is that they offer a chance for a player to enter such a slot and fill them in. Suarez is just the player with 4 goals in 13 games (note: without the presence of Gerrard )and his most recent outing with Uruguay which brought them the Cope America title. As the new season approaches Liverpool fans around the world are waiting eagerly and tantalizing to see the formation of a such pairing and of the birth of team that rise to the heights of footballing fantasies. The possible combinations of Suarez and Caroll, of Gerrard and Suarez and Caroll , of Gerrard and Charlie , of Downing and Kuyt. On paper they sound heavenly divine and promising and I believe this once the statistics we have are going to shine through. This current Liverpool team has seen many players leave and their absence has long hurt us but with the arrival of such potent pairings there is a chance, no more of genuine possibility that Liverpool will once again play with the same enthralling chemistry that shone through the team of 1984.

I mean it shouldn’t really be that hard for our team , I mean Our Motto is “You’ll Never Walk Alone” .

Which is quite apt don’t you think ?


2 responses to “Liverpool need to find the same chemistry of the 1984 side”

  1. Craig says:

    Understanding and chemistry, 80s liverpool the backbone of the team where british, barcelona backbone are spanish, 60s real backbone spanish.. 90s ajax backbone dutch… All with players coming through the ranks and replacing the guy that taught them everything! Dont talk gash bout all that we need 1 thing and 1 thing only BELIEF… Thats all we had in 05

  2. Mayur Shah says:

    the triangle formation that liverpool played in the 80’s is what needs to be done. we have great players thru the ranks, but we keep on buying other players. no player is perfect but with games, comes confidence and understanding between each player on the field.