Date: 25th July 2011 at 6:00pm
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Having watched Uruguay win the Copa America and seeing Diego Forlan partnering up with Luis Suarez to beat Paraguay in the final, it crossed my mind; would it be a good idea for Liverpool to make a move and sign Diego Forlan from Atletico Madrid this summer?

In my opinion, Liverpool are still a quality striker short if we are to become a major force again. We have Suarez and Carroll leading the line with Dirk Kuyt coming in if need be but if you look at the other clubs around us, they have atleast four top class strikers in their squad. With David Ngog set to leave this summer, we are going to need to sign someone else. It was thought that Liverpool we after Connor Wickham before he joined Sunderland so clearly we are in the market for another striker.

Now looking at Forlan, he has done well linking up with Suarez, not only in the recent Copa America but also in the World Cup last year. We all know that Forlan had a terrible time when he was in the Premier League with Manchester United but maybe he is now ready for a return to the Premier League and what better a club to join than the number one rival of the team that sold you because you were not good enough.

Now the potential pitfalls in signing Forlan would firstly be his age. He is 32-years-old and that does not tie in with FSG policy of buying young players. Maybe they could make an exception like what they did when they signed goalkeeper Doni from Roma. The second and probably the biggest stumbling block to a potential move would be Forlan’s wages. It is reported that he earns £6million a year in wages and FSG would never sanction such a high wage for a player who is that old and would be a backup striker. Finally, how much would Atletico Madrid want to sell Forlan for? They are about to lose Sergio Aguero so chances of them letting go of another striker are slim unless they get a big enough offer. In my opinion, spending anything more than £10million to sign Forlan would not be worth it.

If somehow FSG could sign Forlan, I think it would be a good move. I would rather have him coming off the bench any day than having Ngog. What do you think?


37 responses to “Should Liverpool sign Diego Forlan?”

  1. mark says:

    Damn right we should, what a combination.. We should of singed him a few summers back when we had the chance…

  2. sdasdd says:

    Hes too old despite being a quality player. It doesn’t make financial sense unless you can get him for less than 8 mill

  3. Blessing says:

    Yea let us go for DIEGO it will be a good signing for us.LIVERPOOL FOR LIFE.

  4. eric jones says:

    would be an excellent signing but never going to happen with liverpools new owners philosophy on signing new players

  5. Marcus says:

    No! we need to buy more midfielders!

  6. JackC says:

    YES liverpool should buy diego forlan hes an experieced forward i know hes 32 years old but he works well with suarez at international level personally i would like king kenny to sign him up.

  7. jonah says:

    he is a better play inspite of the age. I would have prefered him to carroll

  8. Micky-G says:

    Wouldn’t happen. Forlan does’t fit the stupid buy British policy. 🙁

  9. Hinks,Uganda says:

    I pity those who dought Forlan’s Services because he’s over age.I think getting him at 10 million pounds and use him for only 2 seasons is enough.This is the type of player we’ve been waiting for which Joe Cole has not fulfilled,his pace,vision and decision making characteristics are the same as Diego of Wolfsberg

  10. Colly says:

    Forlan had an awful season in spain, and a poor copa america! Two goals in the final means nout. And u’s are sayin 10mil for a 32year old who couldnt make it when he was in his twenties! Come on, his wages would be to high for someone whos comin to an end. 10 mil would be far better used on a young striker or winger

  11. bazza says:

    Colly – you obviously didnt watch much of the coppa or you dont know much about footy. Forlan had a very good tournanment.

    But having said that I wouldnt sign as he is too old and would struggle with the pace of the premiership.

    I agree with the policy of buy them young so they have a resale value as we have enough older players in the squad.

  12. ac says:


  13. The Rock says:

    Yeah we should because he was fantastic the last time he played in this country…….. I’m not a fan of sarcasm either but although the guy has improved his game he is still essentially. Freddy kanoute left the premiership with a lowered reputation to the one he had when he arrived but he as well went on to take the Spanish league by storm. My point fellas is that horses are sometimes very much for courses. It is very rare that an overseas second spell in this country works out any better than his first. For more information visit……

  14. The Rock says:

    ….he is still essentially the same player. (incomplete sentance)

  15. Gary 7 says:

    Forlan is the big name player we need in my eyes. No one can see a quality striker better than Kenny. If Kenny thinks Forlan is what we need then we will get him. If we wanted a young striker we would have gone all out to sign Wickam. The fact we didnt could mean that Kenny wants an experienced striker and who better than Forlan. We already have hot young strikes in Morgan and the new American kid.

  16. Gerrardious says:

    Its funny how u ppl can be so short-sighted. Because of a competition of less than a month, u all(apart from Colly) are clamoring for a player on the wrong side of 30. a player who had a poor season. a player who couldn’t cut it in England when he was much younger, agile and fitter. doesnt make sense on so many levels.

  17. superman says:

    No too old, would be a waste of money for a short term player.He doesn’t fit the FSG policy.

  18. Juan says:

    Crossed my mind a few weeks back. If the price was right (6 million or less) and the wages were right then he could be as effective as Sheringham was when he joined united.

    That said he could hamper Carrolls game time on the pitch although imagine an attacking trio of Suarez Carroll and Forlan.

  19. Fadi chahin says:

    surprised this hasnt been done yet, I think its a no brainer… YES, ASAP..

  20. J.i.joe says:

    Why don’t we buy Edinson Cavani?

  21. Jeff says:

    The guys way to old! He couldn’t adapt to the prem, when he was at man u! So what makes you all think that he will now? Our so callcalled back up striker, needs to be use to the physical demands of the prem, and be able to bang goals in when called upon! Which completely rules out forlan!

  22. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER says:

    Don’t forget he was the top scorer in the world cup & the player of the tournament as he probably was in the Cuppa America, I cannot help thinking of T Sheringham whom we did not buy for £3m as the board thought at 30 he was too old, he went to manure and won them the treble!!!!!!! REMEMBER??
    It is about having the vision & skill, physical demands kick in when you play for Bolton or the old Wimbledon where you have to run at 200 miles an hour for over 90 mins.
    Personally, I would have paid 3mil for manure not to have won those cups.
    So I say if we can afford him , then yes but better still I wish we could have his current team mate Aguero as well.
    Still I don’t expect we will go for either og them

  23. kopamerica says:

    No need we have Dirk Kuyt.
    how many goals has he scored since luis suarez arrival?

  24. Arch L says:

    Forlan would be a great catch both Luis Suarez and forlan would destroy the defense line they rarely get injured and they understand each other this deal would send shock waves in the world and he speaks English I believe.

  25. jono says:

    lets buy him only way to find out if hes good enough

  26. bobbiDanger says:

    Forlan was a Man U player so there is the first hurdle. Age is relative to the player, there is too much talk in the football world about youth, he looks fit as a fiddle and clubs know how to measure fitness in players. He’s on a good wage for a good team where the taxes are lower. I had this thought a while ago, even thought about buying the entire Uruguay squad 🙂

    At the end of the day I wasn’t surprised with Liverpool being linked to Alvaro Pereira, that’s something I watched closely during the Copa America, but apparently he’s not a true full back, something Uruguay are lacking in.

    Watching Suarez and Forlan made me excited thinking about Suarez / Kuyt, I bet Kuyt gets more goals this season.

    So, no to Forlan, bring on Kuyt!

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Forlan is an ex manc polayer who flopped in the premiership but as far as you’re concerned that doesn’t matter. Even the owners policy of not signing players over a certain age added to the wages they would command still hasn’t struck a chord with you.

    What wil it take for you to wake up and realise that the club is treading a new path. Just imagine that Bill Shankly was taking over Liverpool in this internet age and the amount of criticism he wouild’ve got for daring to revolutionise the club from the Twitter generation.

  28. Victory says:

    It is not a bad idea

  29. ODELA ERIC says:

    We Should sign Forlan please Kenny

  30. AVUSU ERIC says:

    Buy Forlan

  31. m kop says:

    If Forlan came it would be Carroll sitting on the bench.
    But it’s not going to happen, if Liverpool was a team going for title than maybe spending 10-20 mil. (what would take with his wages and transfer fee to get him) for 2 seasons would be reasonable.
    Liverpool needs a winger more than a striker. Liverpool could play with just one striker and Gerrard behind them but another winger is crucial.

  32. ODELA says:

    Please KING KENNY why have u fogotten about Aly Cissokho for the diffence for us

  33. kaushik sinha says:

    Excellent idea. The way Forlan has united the Uruguayan team to perform against all odds in BIG tournaments would definately help Liverpool with Suarez and other good players that Liverpool has already signed. The way he handled all the deadball situations throughout the 2 world class tournaments (WC 2010, Copa 2011) was awesome. Clever freekicks, corners, centre /pass in penalty box created panic after panic in the opponent goal. Also who would forget his curling goals from direct freekicks in the WC. Also his 2 goals in the Finals were sheer opportunism even at 32. His last failure at ManU may put fire in his belly to do better now more against ManU.

  34. Alan says:

    Loan move for Forlan would be fine. Having a quality strike ready to step in would be fantastic.

    We need to tighten up at the back. Kenny needs to spend that 10-20 mil on Emilio Izaguirre or Jose Enrique to seal the left back position. Then Diego Godin at center back.

    Wish we could get a refund on Jordan Henderson, 20 million was way too much. We could have invested that on Aaron Lennon and gotten more pace and width on the wings.

  35. probir gayen says:

    Forlan is the best in the world, no doubt as he is performing when it matters most in the recent times. ManCity again a wrong move raking in Aguero.What did they gain with Tevez last year apart from an inconsiquential trophy though after many years? Forlan & Suarez together would be lethal for any club.

  36. billy says:

    we should sign him! he and suarez partnership for club and country!