Date: 25th July 2011 at 8:00pm
Written by: is reporting that Liverpool have identified Birmingham centre-back Scott Dann as the next signing the club will make this summer. With all of Liverpool’s spending thus far this summer, still no defender has been signed yet which is hard to believe as going into the summer Liverpool had targeted a new left-back and centre-back as top priorities.

With the new season about to start, it would be ideal to get any dealings sorted out soon so that new signings have some time to work with the current players before the big kick-off.

Dann has been a target for many Premier League clubs this summer and it is inevitable that he will leaving Birmingham this summer as he is too good to be playing in the Championship. Some Liverpool fans do not think we need to sign a new centre-back as Carragher, Agger, Skrtel and Soto will be good enough.
Ex-Liverpool manager, Roy Evans, seems to think that Liverpool still need to sign a new centre -back.

If Liverpool are to go into the market to get a new centre-back, is Scott Dann the right person? He certainly fits the bill FSG have set out in recruiting new talent for the club: Dann is still only 24-years-old and he is English with Premier League experience. He was arguably Birmingham’s best player last season until he got injured and his injury is thought to be the reason Birmingham got relegated.

Birmingham are valuing Dann at around £10million. I have given up trying to reason the values of players this summer. In my opinion, £10million is too much to spend on Dann but then again Bolton’s Gary Cahill is being valued at £17million and Arsenal had a £10million for Everton’s Phil Jagielka rejected.

Liverpool are not the only club keeping tabs on Dann, it is being reported that Arsenal are also interested in him but hopefully if we are to bid for him he would join Liverpool as he is a Scouser.

Do you think Dann would be a good signing for Liverpool?


17 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool identify £10million centre-back as top summer target”

  1. SuaRed says:


    Poor man’s Rio Ferdinand!!! From a blues fan!!!

  2. njanja says:

    He certainly will be part of the team; so it’s just a matter of time, same with Enrique.

  3. red says:

    think it wood be a good buy for 10 mill,he s a top defender ,young and plenty of potential.

  4. Zahid says:

    @suared Rio’s past his best, Dann could possibly be the next Carragher for the club, even tho i dnt like saying any player is the next sumat or other, oh and hes a scouser which helps, hope hes past his injuries tho, dnt need another sick note we already have Agger

  5. Matu says:

    “Poor man’s Rio Ferdinand!!!”

    Isn’t Rio Ferdinand a Poor man’s Rio Ferdinand?

  6. Red Ron says:

    Get him in in my opinion he,s young,talented from what I’ve seen of him,and scousers will run through Walls for the club….

  7. Danny Plenty says:

    The lad will remain a red for the rest of his career if he signs now, this is the owners main criteria and he’s a player! Would make a great addition, but where’s the left back??

  8. paul davis says:

    Scott Dann is the best young British Centre half available – better than Cahill, and Jones – and a real leader in defence which is what we need – as we as being LFC supporter – amazed no offer has gone in from Kenny – he seems ideal fit.

  9. Afzal says:

    Scot dann would b ideal he’s young he’s English huge presence born leader and on top of that he supports the club must go for him and he’s cheap enough at 10 mill loads of years ahead of him I’m sure he will come to us bit bottom line I trust kk behind him 100 percent ynwa

  10. magnumopus says:

    yes, buy him now. Don’t wait any longer!

  11. Willmott82 says:

    I think Dann would be an excellent addition to the squad. I was surprised Soto was given a contract extension as he is prone to mistakes and giving away stupid free kicks in dangerous positions.

    If we dont sign a left back i feel Johnson will continue on the left with Kelly playing on the right with Aurelio as cover for the left and then the young lads of Flannagan and robinson as the backups.

  12. m kop says:

    Liverpool needs a LB, a CB and a winger, for the right side preferably.
    I hope they get those players as soon as some sales are completed.
    There is no need for so many midfielders, and a winger would bring something Liverpool needs.

  13. Chambers says:

    Yes! Let’s get him in so that being also quite average he won’t show up the other average buys we have wasted money on.

  14. John says:

    Agreed I think we should sign him. We have looked very poor at the back.
    Also Soto had an extension because he played enough games to trigger it I believe.

  15. a says:

    Lol the article of sky sports is from March YOU DIMWIT.

  16. goldenguy says:

    why dont we sell agger and soto and replace them with gary cahill and scott dann..i think the partnership of cahill-dann would be great fot liverpool as i believe soto contribute little to the club (like last season when we played against west brom) and agger injured a lot.

  17. KOPS says:

    I think King Kenny is the right man to decide whom to buy.