Date: 24th July 2011 at 5:00pm
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Is he staying or is he going? The speculation surrounding Aquilani’s Liverpool career is continuing. Only recently did his agent say that Aquilani will be staying at Liverpool this season but reports coming out of Italy today suggest that Aquilani is going to join Fiorentina this week on a season long loan and he has already been reserved the number 10 jersey at the Italian club.

The Corriere Fiorentino newspaper is saying that Aquilani will join Fiorentina on loan after agreeing to take a pay cut. For Aquilani, the player would want to be at a club this season where he is going to be a regular starter so he can work his way into the Italian national team. At Liverpool, there may be no guarantees that he would get as much time on the field as he would hope to with the influx of midfielders to Anfield this summer.

It would be better for Liverpool to sell Aquilani out-right if he is not part of Dalglish’s plans than send him out on loan again.

I am sure more news about Aquilani’s future is going to be made clear to us in the next couple of days or maybe even earlier which some reports saying that a deal could be struck today (Sunday).


10 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Aquilani will wear the number 10 jersey this season”

  1. fisseha mamo says:

    it is better to sell him rather than loaning or let him stay as midfield option.

  2. Alan says:

    He has the skill to be excellent but he lacks the fighting spirit. You just get the feeling he doesn’t have any passion for Liverpool whether we win or lose.

    Roma is his club. It’s strange they don’t want him back for a lot less money than we paid.

  3. magnumopus says:

    Kenny, please do not loan him again…

  4. Marcus says:

    Personally I would prefer Henderson to be sent out on loan, yeh I know it ain’t going to happen!

    Aquilani is a player who can keep possession and fit in with a quick passing game, he also has shown in preseason how well he can find the killer pass (albeit against poor opposition).

    I hope this is just speculation, when Hodgson sent him off last season I had doubts about what style we would end up playing. Lets hope we don’t get a repeat of last season.

  5. yardscouse says:

    rubbish story,kenny rates him,he’s staying,come,poulsen ,joe cole,jovanich to go,slighty diff positions but who you choose to leave. little prince all the way.

  6. Gary 7 says:

    I would rather he gets Joe Cole’s number ten! The fact Aquilani has not been given a Liverpool number yet means that he is leaving. I would love for him to stay but i think Kenny doesnt want him or else he would have spoken out publicly and stated he is staying.

  7. Gary 7 says:

    Who pays the wages of a player on loan?

  8. Warren says:

    He looked good against a Malaysia XI but rubbish against Hull. This is because he is average. Kenny will be rid of him by the end of the week.

  9. Jamie says:

    Firstly people who want him to stay shut up it won’t happen. He is leaving otherwise why did we buy adam and hendo? Only one replaces gerrard right? And kenny loves lucas. Now we have gerrard, hendo, lucas, adam, spearing and raul M. Lets not forget what steve clark said to joe cole (which I think is a mistake). Now where does aquaman fit it????????????????? He is not staying

  10. red says:

    aqua,cole,ngog,poulsen,jovanic,fook off and scrounge money off someone else, yous are a disgrace to liverpool,should never being taken into liverpool fc, what a bunch of wasters including the dicks that bought use. thank god kk is back cos he for sure wont buy expensive shit players,