Date: 24th July 2011 at 3:00pm
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Luis Suarez had looked lacklustre during the early stages of the Copa America but picked his form up to fire Uruguay into the final, with two characteristic finishes. He is now joint top of the scoring charts in the competition, and on the brink of becoming a national hero.

Whilst his form in the Copa America will delight Liverpool fans, the result of his actions may not, as it delays his return to England even further. His efforts mean the earliest he will now return to the UK is just three weeks before Liverpool’s Premier League opener against Sunderland.

Suarez wasted little time in establishing himself as an Anfield favourite with a series of glorious performances after joining in January and was pivotal to the red’s turn around in fortunes last season. Should he bring success to his country, he will return to Merseyside brimming with confidence, but there is a small cause for concern over his long-term fitness.

After an intense summer, having played eight games for the national side, it is likely that Kenny Dalglish will want Suarez to have some rest and recovery time, which could push his return to Merseyside back even further, throwing his participation in the seasons opener into doubt.

The worry for Liverpool is that he will return jaded-both physically and mentally-after a summer without much time off. Lucas Leiva is another who has been in action at the tournament and will also return to Liverpool late. This shouldn’t worry Liverpool too much as they do have much better strength in depth than previous years, so should be able to cope should Suarez and Lucas not be fit for the opener. They will certainly not want to rush either player back and risk potential injuries or burnout in the long run.

Suarez wouldn’t be the first to struggle after a heavy summer of matches. Javier Mascherano had a bad start to 2009 after returning from Argentina duty, and struggled for form in a Liverpool shirt for a while, complaining of tiredness, although he also wanted a move away from the red’s which probably affected his form as well.

It will be a long season for Suarez and Liverpool will want to look after their prize possession, to ensure they can get the best out of him. If that means giving him some time off at the start of the season to rest and recuperate and ensure he is in the best shape possible to face the vital season ahead, then surely that is what they will do.

Article is courtesy of Lauren Rutter at Football FanCast


7 responses to “Could Liverpool pay the price for success?”

  1. nomad says:

    “Lackluster” ? I stopped reading after that comment as it was enough to indicate the worth of the whole.

  2. Jevon says:

    Will you people please stop churning out crap articles just to get hits please. Also you people need happy pills there it seems. negative negative negative.

  3. Simps says:

    NONSENSE !!!

    So what if Lucas and Luis only have 3 weeks off prior to the season opener and So what if the King gives Luis and Lucas more time off, I hope he does give them extra time.

    Your media collegues have been writting similar nonsense articles regards the Pool’s abundance of midfield players and where Mr Dalglish is going to fit them all in.

    Lucas, Suarez and Gerrard now look set to miss the start of the season.. the abundance now looks like good business.

    I ask that all journalists under the age of 40 years just accept that the King has done all this management stuff before to a very high standard.

    This coming season watch the Liver bird rise and if Suarez, Lucas and Gerrard miss the opening games and come back fresh in September LOOK OUT PREMIER LEAGUE !!


  4. Imran says:

    Jevon spoken for many of us! YNWA

  5. luis suarez says:

    he play for his country, his pride. what are you complaining about? do you dont have a country to proud of? his life not only for LFC but for URUGUAY to!

  6. Joe greps says:

    Yeah they will pay.

    They will pay when the Spanish vultures in Barca and Madrid start playing their games.

    We don’t get back in the champions league this year this crap will start before the season is even out.

  7. don wynne says:

    winning isn’t just a habit it’s contagious Suarez is infected and although he will need a rest the sooner he and his attitude are back at Anfield the better for the team. in the meantime if needed Kuyt and carrol can lead the line perfectly well.