Date:22nd July 2011 at 10:01am
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It seems that Luis Suarez will be a little more tired or out for a little longer than we would have liked, but hey it seems like he is enjoying himself in sunny old Argentina with the rest of the Uruguay squad, who reached the Finals of the Copa America the other night, thanks to the man himself, who scored a lovely brace.

But this means he will have only 3 weeks rest before the start of the Premier League, the opposition, Sunderland who are quite a sturdy opposition. Yes Luis won’t be ready for the game or maybe a few games after that but no, it isn’t the end of the world.

This could be a great opportunity to try a few different formations with the many midfielders we currently have on the roster, it would also be nice to see Henderson start against his old club, with Suarez more than likely out (unless he is super human…which he pretty much is) we could have a formation looking like this:

Kelly Agger Carragher Johnson

Gerrard Spearing Adam

Henderson Carroll Downing

Now this is adding Adam, Henderson and Downing and assuming that Lucas will be given a little more time off because of his Copa America appearances. I am sure Dirk may start instead of Henderson, but the young lad must be given a run out against his old club and we also have the likes of Aquaman, Maxi, Raul sitting on the bench, ready to make a impact!

This I see is what will probably be our best formation for the season coming up. I strongly think that a 4-3-3 system would fit the bill perfectly, but so would many others with the depth we now have! Whether it be the more popular, now 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1, so on and so forth and when we have a fully fit and not too rushed Luis Suarez, that’s when we mean proper business. The last thing we want is Luis to be rushed in and injured for a longer period of time. Steve Clark has already said that they are ready to give both Suarez and Lucas an extended period of time off because of the Copa America tournament. So why not play around with the lovely depth that we have and finally enjoy not having to rely on a certain Captain Dantastic and a now gone forever (some people may call him Judas) Fernando Torres (Oh, what he is missing out on over this side of town ay!).

Obviously we must not play around too much, we need to find a winning formula with out brand new team and have not too many disruptions, but we have a team who are all hungry to play for us and see our cause, they all want to play in the Champions League and that is where we can get this season, we can finally win another minor trophy whether it be the League Cup or even the F.A.

We have the squad that can play 2 times a week and be ready to face a top 6 team the following weekend! Whether is be Luis injured or Gerrard, we have brilliant cover everywhere now, even the left-back ( I am in love with Robinson and Flanno ), we will give it a real crack this season and I am looking forward to this season more than others I have en-counted in recent times (as are millions of other supporters). So it isn’t the end of the world if one or two of our players are injured, we finally have significant cover. would like to welcome Simon Christmas to the team