Date: 22nd July 2011 at 8:00pm
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Liverpool take on Hull City on Saturday as we continue our pre-season. With the squad now back in Liverpool following the Far East tour that new signings Henderson, Downing and Doni missed, Dalglish now has to decide whether these players will be part of the game against Hull.

“We will have a look at them and decide what’s best,” Dalglish said. “There is certainly no rush for us to play anyone in these pre-season games.

“Stewart has been training for a fortnight and Jordan only started training on Monday.

“Everyone has trained well this week and the players are looking in good shape. Nowadays they come back looking as fit as they were before the break.

“But some have started back later than others and we have to take that into consideration.

“It’s a pre-season game and we will treat it as such. We need to use these games to give as much benefit to as many players as we can.

“I’m not sure what the ruling will be in terms of the number of subs we can use. But we will certainly use up our full quota and field as many as possible.”

With each passing day, I am getting more and more excited about the start of the Premier League season. Can August 13 come already!


6 responses to “Dalglish : “We will have a look at them and decide what’s best””

  1. Greg says:

    these past several seasons I have always gone into the season expecting to lose given the complete lack of talent on the roster and the incompetent management leading the way..especially with Hodgson..I expected EVERY away game to be a loss.. and thought we would be lucky to draw at home.. even if we were playing the league minnows.. now there is actually hope and a feeling we can actually challenge for top 4… we are a long ways away from challenging for the league considering we jsut shelled out 80m on above average talent instead of going after world class talent like we should have..but at least we are back in the game…

  2. michael says:

    so far we are the only top side to improve their squad. 1 or 2 more good signings and we have the best squad we’ve had in years.

  3. jm t jgj says:

    yay another clueless fan and a glory hunter have u seen adam play if he can do what he did at blackpool here he is way above average downing aint bad who the fuck did u expect us to buy mata aguero thought so oops u forgot we aint even in europe go support man city u fucking twat if u knew anything u would have worked out that all these players are to get the best out of carrol thus making gerrard aquaman adam and suarez much more dangerous u clueless fucking cunt and a glory hunter like your self wouldnt notice our amazing youngsters because there name is not messi or aguero etc u make me sick

  4. Bob says:

    Last comment………legend

  5. TroLLman says:

    Lol jm? You need to lay off those redbulls!

    We will see how good the signings are when the season starts…

    But as for your trying to get the best out of Carroll statement..
    You don’t spend £80m to get the best out of one player that youve spent £35m on? And even then he has only 6months of Prem experience behind him? That’s a £100m gamble according to you…

    And don’t talk shit about us being Europe when signed Suarez there was no chance of CL football… He signed didn’t he? and guess what we don’t need to spend any money to improve his play as you saw last season!

    You need to get a grip dude open your eyes!

  6. kunle gerrad says:

    well we re going to make an impact with all d signing nd let pray non of the player shud ve injury nd 4 ppl judging us let d season kick start