Date: 21st July 2011 at 11:00pm
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There was a lot of debate between the Liverpool fans this summer when we were searching for a new winger. Liverpool opted sign Stewart Downing from Aston Villa whilst some fans were begging for the club to sign Juan Mata from Valencia.

Why Liverpool did not pursue matter, we may never know. But all hope is not lost yet as Valencia manager has declared that they may still sell Mata this summer if they get a good enough offer. Now maybe Liverpool opted for Downing instead of Mata because Valencia did not want to sell their player or they wanted a ridiculous amount of money for him.

Valencia manager Unai Emery has confirmed that Mata is available for the right price. He told Cadena Copa:

“Valencia has to be prepared for a footballer having to leave, either because is he is not wanted or because some big club wants to sign him. We want him to stay and Mata has also expressed his wish to remain at Valencia, but we know that if a big-money offer comes in from any club and it’s good for both the player and the club, it could lead to his exit.”

I am sure many clubs across Europe will be happy to hear this and may start to put in bids for Mata. Liverpool have said that they will only buy new players once they sell some first but I am sure if Mata wants to join Liverpool they could make an exception and sign him regardless as he is a quality player.

But do Liverpool still need to sign Mata now that we have Downing and the other players already in the squad? In the perfect world it would be great to have Mata in the squad but where would he play in our starting lineup?


12 responses to “Do Liverpool still need to sign Juan Mata?”

  1. Micky-G says:

    Mata is a talent yes but I’d much rather hear us linked with a player like Ibrahim Afellay from Barca. I’ve watch a lot of both players and honestly think Afellay is far superior on the ball and reminds me of a young Kewell @ Leeds. Afellay would also be cheaper than Mata and also given Afellay is Dutch he would be able to communicate well with Kuyt & Suarez.

  2. steve mcauley says:

    don’t necessarily think we need him but i sure as hell want him! use dirkie boy as back-up striker

  3. Barnes says:

    Mata left, Downing right, avesome:)

  4. craighughes says:

    to barnes r u from the future

  5. YNWA says:

    We didnt sign mata because downing provides perfect service for andy carroll. downing made 135 succesful crosses last season, more than any other player in the premier league has achieved in 4 seasons combined! there is no doubt that we are building our team around carroll, and why not? he is our most expensive player and a star for the future. last season we had no aerial threat, but with carroll constantly receiving great crosses from downing we certainly will be. Mata is exactly what liverpool have been trying move away from under Dalglish, which is players cutting inside and shooting, losing possession and wasting chances. with downing we will have width, great delivery and the odd goal from his brilliant left foot.

  6. Purify says:

    No Champions League, no Mata. How hard is that to understand?

    Needs are at LB, CB, S, DM anyway.

  7. Jeff says:

    Micky g, what on earth does him being Dutch, and being able to communicate with Suarez and kuyt, have to do with anything?one of the most rediculous comments I’ve heard! The really simple to me, we dint sign mata, or attempt to sign him, as he aint what our team needs! EveryEveryone should know by now that we need real wibgers, which mata certainly aint! And for me, we still need another!

  8. Dan says:

    Mata would be good as a back up for suarez. Not on the left, the player i really rate and would come heaps cheaper would be that Elia lad, hes quick can cross and young. A good buy for Kuyts replacement in a couple of years. Oh and hes dutch cause that seems to matter.

  9. Renny says:

    Don’t sign Mata now. (ofcourse he will cost you around 24M).
    Sell off few guys and make some money.
    Buy a LB and a CB first, then a young striker.

  10. nomad says:

    Having lived in Spain for the last 2 years watching Spanish football this is a nonsense.Mata is not a “winger” as he cuts in ala Villa.If you want supply to Carroll’s head,don’t look to Mata.If you want someone to be prepared to play 2nd fiddle from the bench,maybe.
    While I’m on my soapbox,don’t buy into the media’s version of our need for a LB.

  11. Nikhil says:

    I think a CB, A LB and just one more striker is what we need to make our team complete, if we can buy one more winger , ill be more than happy. The thing is , we need to stabilize this team and make them consistent, especially defensively. We are far to shaky in that department. Leave the offence to the front men and the defence to the back. That is how things work, and that is how we should be handling it.

  12. Culk says:

    don’t sign mata hes a good player but i think hes over-rated, sell aquilani, poulsen, n’gog, degen, sign: enrique, cahill, if we cant get cahill get dann. i would like rodallega for a secondary forward as he’s still young and hes not goal shy. rodallega 9 mil, cahill, 10mil/16mill enrique 5mill/10mill. maximum total 35mil, cheapest: 24mil.