Date: 20th July 2011 at 4:36pm
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Reports are suggesting that Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has invited Mexican rising star Marco Bueno to the club for a 10-day trial. Bueno is being dubbed the next hottest prospect in Mexico after he helped his country win the recemt Under 17 World Cup.

Hopefully the 17-year-old striker can impress during his trial but there are suggestions that Liverpool have already agreed a 5 year contract with the player.

Bueno’s current club, Pachuca, claim that Liverpool are determined to complete the deal this summer.

Pachuca vice-president Andres Fassi is quoted as saying: “We are conducting negotiations with Liverpool and possibly, on August 1, Marco Bueno will pay a visit to Liverpool.

“We have already practically closed negotiations with them. They want to buy 100 per cent of the rights.”

This move is no surprise as Liverpool have made it clear that they want to invest in young players who could potential have a high re-sale value in the future.


9 responses to “Hopefully he will be a Liverpool player by 1 August”

  1. Livmad says:

    Get him immediately!

  2. rafiee says:

    marco new liverpool rising star.. Beware of livepool this season.. Hehehe

  3. Sean says:

    I hope we sign him. He could play in the NextGen series which i hope we do well in. Then next season i am sure he will be ready for some first team games.

    Are we still going to buy another proven striker this summer or is Ngog going to stay as our back up? I hope we sell Ngog and get in someone else. How about Diego Forlan is a backup?

  4. jj says:

    not a bad signing AT ALL

  5. Popstar says:

    I think we should try to pair suarez n forlan or higuan

  6. magnumopus says:

    Don’t expect Ngog to leave!

  7. bleps says:

    Only found one video of him on youtube in which he scores one goal. It’s worth watching though as the commentator is as funny as f**k.

  8. matt says:

    forlan and higuan would both cost alot, to spend most the season on the bench, as lets face it, after spendin 35 mil on carroll and then all the buys this summer which many feel are all to get the best of him, forlan and higuan aren’t gunna start ahead of him, and tbh i rate suarez more then them too, henry is an admirer of ngog (so the chances of him goin aren’t huge) and will only buy young players with potential (so even if we do sell ngog it is unlikely one of these big names will replace him) so ngog will most likely be our back up striker, but hopefully either pacheco or morgan can take this position, liverpools attack will be a force to be reckoned with next season ynwa!

  9. I got great expectations for the kid Morgan, so I would rather invest in more imediate needed players. This Mex kid will after all grow up at the same time as Morgan, and if sucsessfull, cry out for a move to Barca or Real.
    Morgan on the other hand, will play his shirt off for the rest of his career. So maybe Chelseas Sturridge or someone like him can fit the bill?