Date: 19th July 2011 at 7:00pm
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We have seen some really crazy and cheeky goals in the world of football but the latest backheel goal by UAE player Awana Diab has gotten the whole footballing world talking. You have to see this goal for yourself!

The player was booked for taking the penalty in that nature but the goal stood. The UAE coach then subbed the player off after taking the penalty as he was clearly upset!


5 responses to “[Video] The backheel penalty everyone is talking about”

  1. mcshattery says:

    my balls are sweeter than biscuits

  2. The Rock says:

    so let the Rock understand. He ran up turned that sum bitch sideways and back heeled it straight in their candy ass? The Rock says this instead of doing it at 2-5 do that at 0-0 in the 90th, the I’ll respect you.

  3. dave says:

    the pen taker got subbed! what about the goalie…how rubbish was he!

  4. Walbert says:

    Totti has done this in a training session, producing a ton of more power on the shot than this buffoon of a penalty taker. The goalie should be ashamed of himself for not stopping that.

  5. Exasperated ! says:

    Whats the odds Man City buy the penalty taker ?
    I hope Utd buy the Goal Keeper , hes Jim Leighton standard Fergie if yer readin !
    The FAW semi pro league is a higher standard than the UAE , it just goes to show how corrupt FIFA is that their like get to host a World Cup .
    The integrity of the game is dead & buried if we are not supposed to believe some Sheik decided that would be funny so paid a backhander to a goalie & Penalty taker to play out a masquerade for him .
    Its disgusting , almost as sickeningly corrupt as the time Colonel Gadaffi’s son got a game for Juventus … long gone are the days the rich at least pretended that Sport & Politics weren’t mixed .