Date: 18th July 2011 at 6:00pm
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With Alberto Aquilani having returned to Liverpool this summer after his loan at Juventus, it has been thought that Aquilani will remain a Liverpool player this coming season especially after his great displays on the Far East tour which resulted in John Henry tweeting that Aquilani was the missing link in the Liverpool team last season.

Now it is not clear yet if Dalglish wants to keep Aquilani for the upcoming season or he still wants to sell him since the signings of Henderson, Adam and Downing have added more midfield options to Liverpool?

With Aquilani playing well so far this season, it seems like some clubs have seen how good the Italian is and it is being rumoured today (Monday) that Aquilani’s fellow Italian, Roberto Mancini may be interested in bring Aquilani to Manchester City this summer according to

Manchester City are desperate to sign Nasri from Arsenal but if they do not get their man then they may focus their attention on Aquilani. In my opinion, I do not think we should sell Aquilani to start off with but if we have to then we should not sell him to a rival team.


7 responses to “Monday Rumour: Manchester City want Aquilani”

  1. Chambers says:

    This is ludicrous. I have always stressed that Aquilani is an absolute class player and can only be a vital part of our resurgence to the top table of the EPL. He must NOT be sold if we are to have success. end of….

  2. Gerrardious says:

    dont believe anything u read on

  3. Gary 7 says:

    Dont sell him, especialy not to citeh! We need Aqua to stay, a midfield of Adam, Gerrard and Aquilani with Downing, Carroll and Suarez upfront. That is now a team!!

  4. Jevon says:

    John W Henry made comments stating he was the “missing link” last season. He wont go anywhere……just relax.

  5. MB says:

    Of course he won’t go. KK knows a good player when he sees one. Aqua is class – can let Mereiles go instead and Cole, Maxi and Poulsen.

  6. Micky-G says:

    City couldn’t afford Aqua… 🙂 seriously Aqua will be fantastic this season. I could never understand buying him for 20 mil only to rehabilitate him after major surgery then once the poor bugger finally starts to find his feet in the league we send him back to Italy on loan. He was never afforded the opportunity to settle and deserved to be treated better. Quality international and Kenny will give him every chance.

  7. oj100 says:

    He isn’t going to city this is bull shit
    and MB Mireles was one of the best players last season why so keen on selling him ?