Date: 18th July 2011 at 11:00pm
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A quick thought: When I look at the current squad I am astonished at the amount of poor and inadequate players that grace the registration book within the Anfield walls.

Poulsen, Ngog, Jovanovic, Insua, Deggen, El zhar, Darby (why loan him, it is clear he will never make the first team), Eccleston, Kyrgiakos, Spearing, Wilson, Jones, Maxi, Ayala, Gulacsi, Hansen, Mendy, Mavinga.

These all contribute to what is one of the top 3 wage bills in the Premiership (according to Deloitte).

If only the above mentioned players were sold or released we would reduce our annual wage bill by about £40 million. That’s an average of about £40,000 a week per player and none of them would have to be replaced.
Liverpool currently have 49 players registered with a squad number and when you consider that Aquilani, Deggen, Jovanovic, Insua, Doni and El Zhar have not even been given squad numbers as yet it is mind boggling to think what are actual wage bill is.

With the big money signings we have made (Adam, Henderson, Carroll, Suarez and Downing) you can pretty much guarantee not one of them will be on less than £70,000 a week. Just getting rid of the dead wood that are not good enough to lace the boots of some of our players let alone pull the shirt on come match day would help to make the books look alot healthier.

While I understand that there will no doubt be comings and goings over the next few weeks, I will stick my neck on the line to say that I bet that no more than 5 of the above list will be off the LFC player register. Most will be loaned out with us paying the greater percentage of their wages.


20 responses to “How Liverpool can reduce the wage bill by £40million”

  1. Tony says:

    Tonight Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Robson have been implicated in football corruption, by Channel 4 Dispatches. Fergie is involved in a betting scandal in Asia and Robson in buying illegally a football club……ha ha ha, they are caught bang to rights on TV!!!!!!

  2. Colie says:

    Sorry but you are an idiot….!!! Get rid of all those players….!!! We need another centre half and you want rid of Kryiakos, Wilson and Ayala(who has shown great potential), you also want rid of Ngog, Insua Eccleston, Spearing, Wilson, Ayala, Gulacsi all great potential and all under 22. What kind of idiot are you. Yes one or two might go, the fact you want rid of the lot shows you live in the rag top era of knee jerk reactions reading more between the lines and not seeing the forest for the trees.

  3. Oscar says:

    Agree with Colie! The author of this article is a muppet! Wilson is a fantastic prospect, why sell or release him; Gulacsi is a very highly rated young GK; Ngog has a great attitude and a useful squad player; Ecclestone has not yet been given a chance, so how you can label him as deadwood I don’t know! AND JAY SPEARING! Already a Kop favourite at 22? Tenacious and a lovely pass? Did you see him against Arsenal and at the end of last season? He was one of our best performers! You have lost all credibility for including his name!

  4. ANDY says:

    Ngog will never have the quality to lead the line for liverpool. Yes he scores the odd good goal but he is 2 soft for my liking. The boy needs to toughen up. I’d like to see us keep Jay and Raul tho.Degan, Poulsen, El Zhar and Jovanovic must go.

  5. tomo says:

    think you should of done some research on the new boys wages none of them are on over 70 grand adam and henderson close to half that amount

  6. nigel says:

    wilson and spearing should stay. No point going overboard. Definitely should try to offload jovanovic, poulsen, degen and el zhar to start with. Ngog is decent and until we have a better back up, should stick with him. Insua is a young lad who has had to settle into a new culture and language to argentina. Still has the potential but not a starter yet

  7. tomo says:

    well said spearing was great last season also maxi great coming off the bench why sell young players who havnt had a proper chance i would rather get rid of aqualani than spearing

  8. Colly says:

    Agree with the above! Adam is nowhere near 70g’s! He was only on 6k a week at blackpool and would be very surprised if he’s on more than 30k with us! Carroll and luis combined are reported to be on the same wages the torres was on! and why do u have jay on there and not cole, who’s on 3 times as much jay

  9. Red78 says:

    I don’t agree with this muppet but I’m not sure about Spearing. He’s a good little player with lots of heart but he’s never gonna be the next Steven Gerrard I think he’s the reason we’ve spent on midfield. I see Kenny selling the lad along with Aqua. As for Ngog hes had clubs sniffing around him for 2 windows now and we should cash in and buy another forward. Easier said than done

  10. barry says:

    If Kelly were to revert to CB. That leaves Johnson and Flanagan at RB. That is why Darby is loaned out, he is a future option at RB – and a good player too. You propose selling some excellent young talent here – Insua, Spearing, Wilson, Gulacsi and Ayala in particular. None of these are on big wages. Madness. These players will be capable of first team action sooner or later. Did you plan on replacing them with more expensive players in the future? That’s hardly saving us money, is it?

    ‘You can pretty much guarantee…’

    What kind of a statement is that? I can’t guarantee anything. I don’t know how much they are paid. Neither do you apparently. Did you just guess £40m too?

  11. mwgt t says:

    to all the fucking muppets say aqualani should go fuck u spastics know fuck all about football lets get rid of one of the few world class players we have you fucking thick twats do the world a favour and go and fucking drown yourselves and to the retard who said he would rather spearing than aqua what fucking drugs are you taking dickhead go slit your throat u thick fucking twat u are so thick u are labeled as mentaly retarded and should be put down u fucking wanker i have had enough of fucking dumbshits like u posting fucking trash like this article and your dumbass comment this aint fucking fifa 11 were spearing is probabley better than xavi sorry prick this is real life and spearing isnt anything compared to aquaman stick to your ps3 or better still get a fucking life

  12. Will says:

    What mwgt said
    Except without the profanity and insults!
    Aqua is pure class, are you mad suggesting sell him and keep Jay?
    The author must be trying to provoke a reaction saying sell Wilson.

  13. Hindle says:

    I think Aqualani is a quality player and should be kept he has just had a full season with no injury and he had a cracking season. spearing should also stay he is good for his age, i like ngog, not the best but determined and hard working with a great attitude. Aw for poulsen and jovanovic…. They should go. Wilson has potential.

  14. Andy says:

    mwgt t congrats you have proved my Irish Catholic mother right, swearing isn’t big and isn’t clever you come across as stupid. However I agree Aqualini has talent, whether Kenny wants him is doubtful given his signings so far and his injury record. I think the author has gone way over the top let’s look at those he wants dumped
    We want to get rid but he will not give up on his £50,000 a week.
    It’s clear we’re prepared to listen to offers.
    He’s gone.
    His future is probably bleak as a Liverpool player
    No future but try getting someone to take his wages.
    El Zhar
    Read Deggen.
    Don’t think he’ll make it given the quality ahead of him but the level of teams after him won’t pay much.
    The lad deserves a chance to impress, probably on loan.
    The Echo let the cat out the bag on this, if we get a centre half he’ll be gone if not he stays.
    Did well last year and signed a new deal he’s going nowhere (for now)
    Will be loaned out to get 1st team football, a good prospect
    No future
    His end of season form looks to have saved him
    Talented youngster could be loaned out for 1st team football
    Going on loan for 1st team football, rated highly.
    Can’t comment but his wages won’t break the bank,
    See Hansen
    In the process of being sold
    So of the 18 you’ve mentioned 2 are going to be gone before the month is out for sure, another 5 have no future at the club but their wages may be a problem. Then there’s 5 youngsters going to be/ already being loaned to get 1st team football. Two more will be part of Kenny’s plans, whilst both N’Gog and Soto could also be depending on whether we get replacements in or not. And I honestly don’t know enough about either Hansen or Mendy to say if they could make it. So you have to ask yourself if you have a player no one wants to sign long term ould you accept someone paying 40% of his ages and 1n up front fee to loan him or just let him rot in the reserves? It’s alright saying get rid but you need someone to take them.

  15. Birdman says:

    I agree with most of the above comments. How can you guys allow rubbish like this to be on your website. It drags the whole legitimacy of your content down. Just to pick one player mentioned, Gulacsi, who is going out on loan, is one of the most promising young keepers in Europe.
    And, you allow morons like ‘mwgt t’ to post comment?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the site is good. I just don’t want to see it dragged into the gutter by ridiculously poor writing(I can’t call it journalism, & unedited twaddle commentaries. Good luck for the new season everyone!

  16. Birdman says:

    ‘mwgt t’
    Are you illiterate? That has to be the most ridiculous, funny (laughing AT you, not WITH you), & downright juvenile piece of commentary i’ve read in a LONG time. Forget the argument you’re trying to make, just, at the least, learn to write. And spell. And punctuate. And make ANY kind of sense.
    What a noob.

  17. M. says:

    The content of the article is valid, though the columnist has done little to no research on the topic. This is true that with 50+ players in pay role & a few very good academy graduates in the wings, we should look to trim the squad. Also, as we don’t have Europe this year, a lot of traveling is saved & around 10/12 tough matches less, meaning, less pressure on top players.

    However, I am not sure the salary expenses that is quoted (40mn) is correct, without the name of JCole (He individually is costing around 4.5mn). Also, If we trim the squad by that extent, we ‘ll need few more additions & their salary ‘ll not be lower, if we go for quality backups. So, netted off, I don’t think, we can save more than 15-20 mn, but that yet is, good money saved.

    In terms of trimming squad, it’s probably tougher than acquiring players, especially when we had previously acquired aged free agents at relatively higher salary. A lot of them ‘ll not find a suitable club or would love to see through his contract at, sitting on bench for a good payment. I think we need a clear out strategy, time-line & cost proposition (Weather to carry the players, loan then with partial salary share, sell them at a loss or simply buy out the contract by settling once). However, I am not for selling any one under 25, at any loss; rather clear out first the expensive seniors.

  18. nomad says:

    John Weatherall-a tad hysterical to say the least there.Deep breath,exhale and think about the bigger picture not the short term fix mucka.

  19. LFCtvUSA says:

    I think that you have some good points in this piece. However, I disagree with your views on certain players you believe to be “poor or inadequate”, but the message you portray in this piece is well-known and has been widely discussed over the last few months: LFC need to cut the wage bill.

  20. red4ever says:

    Everyone knows we have to sell players, the problem is another club has to offer the same wages otherwise they stay where they are. Not many clubs can offer the wages the bigger clubs pay so we end up with players we dont want or need who are running their contracts down.
    Do you think the club wouldnt have sold most of your list if they could ??