Date: 18th July 2011 at 10:00pm
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With the arrivals of Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing this summer, Liverpool are going to have to let some players leave, especially those in midfield. We are now blessed with a wealth of options in midfield following the arrival of our new signings. Dalglish is going to have plenty of combinations and options to pick from which will give him a good headache.

But right now as things stand, there are some midfielders who just have to leave in order to free up our wage bill and for the sake of their own careers as I can not see them getting much game time this coming season.

The first on the list and whom has virtually already left Liverpool after being told he can find a new club this summer is Milan Jovanovic. The Serbia international is close to joining Anderlecht in Belgium which is great for us as we get him off our wage bill.

The second midfielder who needs to be sold but seems to be adamant that he still has a future at Liverpool is Danish midfielder Christian Poulsen. The Dane was a Roy Hodgson signing and he has never looked like a Liverpool player when he is called upon in the middle of the park. The sooner we get rid of him the better as we have Jay Spearing who can fill in as the combative midfielder if Lucas is not available.

The next two are tricky to deal with; Joe Cole and Maxi.

Steve Clarke has come out and said that he believes Cole still has a role to play at Liverpool but I wonder what kind of a role? If Cole stays this coming season, I can not see him getting many games, if anything we could deploy him on the right side of midfield in some games. But does he still have what it takes following all his injuries? Considering that Cole is on a very high wage at Liverpool, I see no point continuing to pay him if he does not play, so if Dalglish firmly believes he does not see a role for Cole then we can sell him and probably get about £3million for him with QPR, Tottenham and Aston Villa reportedly interested in him.

Then we have Maxi. It seemed like Maxi’s Liverpool career was over last season until Dalglish called him back into the starting lineup and he started to score goals for fun. Even this pre-seaon Maxi has continued to score the goals. Maxi is a good option to have in the squad but will Dalglish keep him following the arrivals of the new midfielders? Maxi himself had said that he would consider a move back to Argentina if Liverpool release him from his contract. But the fact that Maxi has now been given a new squad number at Liverpool means that he may still have a future at Liverpool.

Damien Comolli told us that there were going to be a lot of players leaving Liverpool this summer. The clear-out has not started yet but I am sure it is going to gather momentum over the next couple of weeks and I would not be shocked if these four midfielders leave Liverpool this summer.


24 responses to “Four midfielders set to leave Liverpool”

  1. Redsim622 says:

    Jovanovitch & Poulsen must go but I think LFC will keep both Cole & Maxi. Meireles will fetch more than both together and will be surplus now that majestic Aquaman is back where he belongs

  2. Dan says:

    Well Mancini is reported to be in for Aqua in a bid of 12 mill, I hope this dies not tempt Kenny into selling. Maxi has been good I would keep him is stats are not far off that of Downing if you compare them they are quite surprising. I agree that Cole who has reportedly a wage bill of close to 5mill a year should go and the other two obvious ones are Jova and Poulsen. Loan out Shelvey and Spearing to get some more games under their belt.

  3. Navin says:

    Jovanovich and Poulsen may well be gone. I also fear for Meireles – even in pre-season with no Gerrard, Henderson and Downing, they still played him on the left and right of midfield. They seem intent on selling these three. However, Cole has to go. He hasn’t even flattered to decieve this preseason. Maxi has continued his fantastic form from the end of the season and deserves his chance ahead of Cole. If they stick with Maxi ahead of Cole, the Liverpool’s favouritism for the lesser but British schemer will be their undoing. Clarke sticking up for Cole is largely unmerited. Cole is the quintessence of overpaid and underperforming in the Premiership.

  4. ANDY says:

    Maxi can go but i’d like to keep Raul in midfield. He has more steel about him than Aqua and is just as good technically. Shelvey can go on loan but keep Spearing for strength in depth. We need another TOP striker too!!!!!!

  5. PK says:

    Four midfielders set to leave Liverpool

    How do you know this ?. You don’t so this artical is another bit of rubbish. If the players are under contract & willing to fight for there place is a good thing

  6. Davidsolomon says:

    Kudos daglish,i would rather prefer meireles stay,and let cole, juvanovic and maxi leave the club,for maxi we now have great star that can mount that position successfully.

  7. michael says:

    need to unload a few soon. kk has probably spent most of what is there already.

  8. Jeff says:

    @andy! Did you really just say that raul has just as much technical ability as aqua man???? I’d love for you to explain this popoint to me? As I am well baffled! And as for having more steel? Raul never gets stuck in! Which could be slightly forgiven, if he had as much intelligence? Creativity? Or class as aqua man!

  9. Navin says:

    I like Meireles as well Andy, but Dalglish and Clarke haven’t really played him in his favoured central midfield position even in preseason – unlike Aqua. With the number of central midfielders at the club, business would dictate that LFC trim this area of the squad with the best possible return from the current transfer window. There is a demand of 12 million plus quid for Meireles but even so much for Aqualani. Also Henry has come put to publicy back Aqualani to stay but no one at the club has done this with Raul Meireles – except for Raul Meireles himself. Those three factors to me point to Raul being pushed out the door. Besides seems to like Aqua. He’s like the modern day Italian Jan Molby.

  10. ANDY says:

    Jeff, Its all about opinions and that’s mine. While Raul is no Souness he is far more likely to get stuck in than Aquilani. The Italian has looked ok in pre season but lets not forget he was only playing a Malaysian pub team. He can’t even get a game in his own country now. I very much doubt his commitment to the cause.

  11. Greg says:

    Josephine Cole is absolute utter crap and needs to go.. it’s an embarrasment that he is even on our roster stealing 90k / wk. Get that piece of garbage out of Anfield… as for Spearing.. he is mediocre at best and needs to go. Outside of Liverpool he would never even get looked at by a top 6 team.. I get it.. people don’t want to see him go bcuz he is a academy product…and a local boy.. those are fans talking with their hearts and not their heads.. not realists.. that kind of mediocre talent will not win us a title…

  12. Will says:

    You’re opinion that Meireles is skilled is a valid one.
    (tho not as skilled as Aqua IMV)
    But it’s not fair to say he’s more likely to get stuck in than Aquilani.
    aqua has improved his defensive game at Juve.
    Raul jumped out of a tackle against a tiny manc fullback,
    And I haven’t seen any evidence he’ll be a more physical presence han Aqua.
    He did show already he’s pure class in the PL in 09/10
    Meireles is a good player, but not on Aquilani’s level IMV.

  13. Jamie says:

    Oh Andy, u say Malaysian pub team, let’s not forget they were half way through there season so they were fit, and let’s not forget the heat difference between England and malaysia. It would have been disgusting and he set up 5 of 6 goals, and for you to say he played ok shows u Know nothing

  14. Badd says:

    the man who should stay – Aqualaini (he has a good quality as Fabregas, Xabi n Iniesta), Maxi (His finishing of late was really superb – can use him as altenate striker)

    The man should go – Joe Cole (too costly plus not effective anymore), Maireles (surplus requirement and good sell value), Poulsen (Not effective anymore), Jovanovic(Not effective anymore), Ngog (inconsistent)

  15. rafiee says:

    i agree if liverpool sale ngong because he have no skill and finisher like suarez,i suggest liverpool must buy more top striker to support suares..ex-neymar,honda, and why not benzema

  16. kkkersh says:

    id give joe cole another go. definately get rid of jovanovitch, poulson. get rid of el zhar, degan and nignog too. bring in left back an proven a striker an were done

  17. magnumopus says:

    Actually Commolli didn’t say “a lot” he said “some” players would be going out because they want more pitch time and some younger ones for more experience. He never indicated how large a number that might be and so the amount is pure speculation once again made up by media type people.

  18. Livmad says:

    Sell Poulsen, Jovanovich and Cole. Keep Maxi and Meireles.

  19. LFC for ever says:

    nothing true in this article,! Cole staying, Poulsen staying, maxi surely staying “he said his words were taken out of context when saying he will be happy to go back to argentina, he meant one day will be happy not now!” absolutely taken out of context. Next, Jova surely will depart with lFC , the only true thing in this article! and unforunately everyone connected with lfc already know this fact last season ! when jovanovic said he made a big mistake by signing for lfc. this article is just a Bull shit ! bollocks!

  20. Philip says:

    It will make more sence to get rid of Lucas he offers nothing he has no skill he can’t pass unless it is back or sideways he always passes the ball to the danger zone who ever think that Lucas should be first choice must be a mank

  21. 'Will says:


    Lucas is the best DM we have, therefore will start until we buy a better one.

  22. Victoria says:

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