Date: 18th July 2011 at 3:23pm
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Hillsborough, 15th April 1989 lives deep in the heart of everyone related to Liverpool Football Club. Many fans travelled to Hillsborough that day to support their beloved Liverpool against Nottingham Forest in a FA Cup semi-final tie, sadly 96 of them never returned home. It was a tragic and an extremely emotional event for all of us and even more so for all the families who were directly related to the event.

We have been seeking Justice for our 96 brothers and sisters and our fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE is in its rightful place, 20 years on from that tragic day at Sheffield, we are still fighting for Justice, against the horrible lies that were stated and we will continue our fight until Justice is served.

A few days ago a thread started by In77And84ItWasRome on Liverpool’s official message board caught my attention. As I read the post by In77And84ItWasRome, it got me thinking. What he has suggested would be a great tribute from the club and the fans as a family, for those 96 fans who lost their lives at Sheffield. He has come up with what I think is an absolutely brilliant way to pay our tribute to those Reds fans.

So, the idea brought up by In77And84ItWasRome is to put up 48 stars on each side of the Liverpool Crest on top of the Kop End. Each star representing one of the 96 fans who didn’t make it back that day. We need to do something special and there possibly could be no better way than this to do it. All 96 of them will always be sorely missed and remembered in our heart and mind. Turning this idea into a reality will only emphasize how strongly we feel about it.

I love the idea of making this happen, because firstly, it’s a great way to show our love, affection and respect. Secondly, it would create a uniquely special atmosphere to what is already a very special stadium and lastly but very importantly, it would feel like the 96 passionate fans are alongside us, watching their beloved Reds play. This would be a really special gesture.

Through this article, I simply wanted to make this splendid idea a bit more global and get as many Liverpool fans as possible to support this so that we will be able to make it happen.

I would like to request all the admins (who have good connections to the club) of the major LFC groups to take this idea to the people who matter. If you think this would be a humble gesture from the club, please help to make this happen. It would be awesome if we could have the leaders/admins leading this charge. Hope we can see this happen at Anfield or the new stadium if we are to build one.

All credit to In77And84ItWasRome who has brought up this brilliant idea.



5 responses to “96 Stars on top of the Kop campaign”

  1. BootleBob says:

    Excellent idea, although I assume you want the stars to reperesent the 96, not “resemble” them.

  2. tristan says:

    Brilliant idea. The original idea was about having 96 lights which is also nice.

    I have another one: why not leave 96 seats empty in the Kop for the 96 fans?

  3. Bazza says:

    Totally agree, it would be a great gesture by the club.

    Not sure if it’s within your control, but when I opened this page, the first thing I saw at the top of the page was an advert for “The Scum” newspaper, which is an awful thing to see on a Hillsborough related article.

    Can you have a word with your marketing team to see how this was allowed to happen??

  4. Gary 7 says:

    I love the idea!

  5. Don says:

    Great Idea. I would be willing to Donate to that Cause . Just like buying the wristbands.