Date: 17th July 2011 at 5:13pm
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Liverpool have been heavily linked with signing a new left-back this summer as we are short of quality options in that position. Aly Cissokho from Lyon is rumoured to be the leading candidate to join Liverpool this summer and fill in at left-back after we missed out on signing Gael Clichy from Arsenal.

But one forgotten left-back has returned to Liverpool this summer after being sent out on loan last season; Emiliano Insua. Insua was initiated into the Liverpool first team by Rafa Benitez and the young Argentine showed signs of promise but was very inconsistent. Some say that he was drafted into the first team too early for his age, a mistake we should not do with Robinson. Insua is good going forward but his defence was suspect largely due to him being short. Many fans thought Insua would be sold on, he may still be, but for now he is back at Liverpool and he put in a solid display in the pre-season match against the Malaysia XI on Saturday.

Liverpool also have Fabio Aurelio to slot in at left-back for the coming season but we all know that he can get injured any time. Young Jack Robinson is also an option but I think Kenny will not throw him into the deep end to be a first choice left-back. Now with Insua back, should Dalglish hang onto Insua and give him a crack as the first choice left-back if we do not sign a new left-back?

Courtesy of ElPistoleroJFT96, here are highlights of Insua against the Malaysia XI.


74 responses to “[Video] Evidence enough why Liverpool do not need to sign a new left-back?”

  1. Chambers says:

    He should be retained.

  2. Lee says:

    Yet another Liverpool website spouting nonsense.

    Emiliano Insua is a woeful defender and his performances against poor opposition, i.e. Malaysia, should not be confused for good ability. He’s a frickin liability.

    Get rid and bring in someone with quality FFS.

  3. Ben says:

    Only as back-up IMO! We can’t trust he won’t get exposed in the PL! He didn’t even play much on loan last season as far as I’m aware (in a far less demanding league!). I do wonder if the Cissokho link is to make NUFC drop their price for Enrique? Maybe not, but it seems more likely KK and DC would prefer a player with PL experience!

  4. unankoo says:

    Should really be kept, he played well for a player just out of reserves into a team playing badly. Now he’s a little older with a little more experience in a team that will play a lot better, give him a chance I say. Even if we buy another left back Fabio is not going to be fit all season, so why not keep him.

  5. Nick says:

    I think insua could work well in the 3-5-2. He gets forward well. Keep Him but invest in a new L.B for sure.

  6. Exasperated ! says:

    Jesus Christ !!!

    Why not raise a statue of him beside Shanklys & move him into Buckingham Palace with The Queen while we are at it ?!?!?!
    Insua was ridiculously scapegoated at our club & he is a decent option but for the love ov Christ Keep Yer Knickers On !
    It was a Pre season Friendly against a rag tag buncha South East Asian peasants making a living by playing Part Time Football for an extra Bowl ov Rice per week & thrown together as a team for the first time on the day !
    J W Henry coulda played CM with Comolli on the Right & would have looked good against them !
    We can afford to keep him , we should keep him because we have very few options at LB .
    Once we have stronger options , as with all positions ? .. The playing staff should then be reviewed .
    Keep it real for God’s sake , you lot are an embarrassment to tha club .

  7. Joe says:

    ”Asian peasants making a living by playing Part Time Football for an extra Bowl ov Rice per week”

    So it’s totally fine to be out and out rascist still then, yeah? You’re a fucking moron, people like you need to get with the times, or kill yourself. Preferably the latter.

  8. SuaRed says:

    So one game does make a summer then????

    Insua is not good enough and one game in pre-season against Malaysia will not change my mind!

    Try watching him over 2 seasons! The lads not good enough.

  9. Bill says:

    Dear exasperated

    Let me say from the start I am not Asian and have no allegiance to that part of the world, but I find your comments:

    (Rag tag buncha South East Asian peasants making a living by playing Part Time Football for an extra Bowl ov Rice per week & thrown together as a team for the first time on the day !)

    Not only condescending but outright insulting to a country that has more LFC supporters than the whole of the UK put together. They are an emerging football nation and should be encouraged and not slated by someone who does not even have the guts to use his own name and who’s grasp of the English language leaves something to be desired. Your comments also border on the racist.

  10. Ronny says:

    I think new leftback should be bought but it should Aurelio who should be offloaded and not Insua. Insua should be given one more chance whereas Aurelio has had too many chances already.

  11. boonfui says:

    I’m from Malaysia and I feel very offended from comment of Joe.I was inside the stadium watching the game that night when we created a record of most attendance outside anfield.

    It shows that Joe has limited oversea experience especially to South East Asia. FYI we do have internet in this place and we don’t ride on cows.

    Its such a shame having you sharing the love towards LFC. I would suggest go fresh up your knowledge and learn to respect.

  12. Exasperated ! says:

    Shove it up yer arse Bill , My right to expression is no less than yours & you have posted nothing to contradict my comedic viewpoint other than some limp wristed whiney perverted politically incorrect Shite .

  13. Exasperated ! says:

    Get over yerself boonfui & try having a laff .
    I spoke only in footballing terms & made no mention of cows .

  14. Larsen says:

    He could never use his right foot! IMO he could serve as backup for the yet to arrive new left back! We have Johnson for emergency!

  15. Exasperated ! says:

    Joe , mind your manners & at least try to get your facts straight before you accuse me or anyone of being racist .
    I made no mention of race let alone harming anyone because of their race .
    I made a comedic reference to a shallow stereotypical view of South East Asian Part Time Football Organization from a Western European Viewpoint .
    If you think Western Europeans shouldn’t have the right to express their comedic views about football or its fans I suggest you throw your lot in with the Muslims & declare a Holy War on us like the retarded idiot you clearly are.

  16. Nick says:

    exasperated  jog on back to fuckwitville

  17. Exasperated ! says:

    I might just consider that Nick , as soon as you quit being an overly opinionated clueless cocksucker .

  18. Mark says:

    Too Slow, It’s as simple as that.

  19. hugh yao says:

    A nation where 80,000 Malaysians turned out to watch Liverpool play, and you call us peasants playing for an extra bowl of rice, and you think that was funny?

  20. Gerrardious says:

    u guys should please grab a cold beer n just chill out aiite.
    @exasperated: I think ur comment was definately ‘not’ racist but still, whether u find it funny or not, its a bit insultive to the Asians in question. Also slating everyone who’s not finding ur comment funny wont make it sound less insultive.
    To the topic in question, I fink we need a solid leftfooted leftback who’s strong agile n can defend. Any suggestions (apart from the usual Enrique n Cissoko)?
    Personally, am in the mood for some constructive football argument rite now cos am bored out of my mind.

  21. Gerrardious says:

    u guys should please grab a cold beer n just chill out aiite??
    @exasperated: I think ur comment was definately ‘not’ racist but still, whether u find it funny or not, its a bit insultive to the Asians in question. Also slating everyone who’s not finding ur comment funny wont make it sound less insultive.
    To the topic in question, I fink we need a solid leftfooted leftback who’s strong agile n can defend. Any suggestions (apart from the usual Enrique n Cissoko)?
    Personally, am in the mood for some constructive football argument rite now cos am bored out of my mind.

  22. Gerrardious says:

    dont know why my comment was posted twice though

  23. CB says:

    I think they deserve at least 3 bowls of rice for their part-time Asian peasant performance yesterday (maybe share one with Hansen). I’m a Brazilian peasant, we play for cups of beans over here. We only get rice with MOM performances.
    Can you actually ride a cow? With a saddle and all? Can any peasant around here (not from Malaysia please since they don’t ride cows over there) comment?
    And don’t bother with Insua he wasn’t much good yesterday (pretty bad, actually) and will be a definite liability on premiership matches. cheers YNWA

  24. Exasperated ! says:

    hugh yao,
    I didn’t call you or anyone belonging to you anything , unless you or someone who belongs to you was involved with the Part timers I referred to as peasants that LFC played out in Malaysia ?
    If that isnt the case ?
    I am now calling you , as an individual , a disgraceful deceitful liar intent on attacking The Western European Right to Expression .
    You are a Scumbag of the lowest order hugh yao & Yes my comment was funny , all my comments are humorous especially when sinister rats like you try to complain about them , just ask yer Mammy , shes laughing her ass off at you behind yer back & chatting with me on I.M

  25. Exasperated ! says:

    CB ,
    I’m not falling for that one !
    I’m wise to ya ! I seen you Brazilian Peasants doing yer Jui Jitsu so I’m staying well away from you !

  26. Exasperated ! says:

    Gerrardious ,
    Its nothing more than good natured banter to make em feel welcome , if they cant roll with tha punches what am I supposed to do ?
    Flop out my motherly bosom & suckle em or take a crash course in “Internet Relations From the Comfort Of Your Own Home When Dealing With Dictatorial Foreigners” ?
    On Reading that I’m sure you will agree The Liverpool Way is best .

  27. Sorubh says:

    The sad thing here, is that Exasperated is too obtuse to even realize the racism laced in his/her statements. If you genuinely find these statements “comedic”, I pity you – and believe me, I think pity is the saddest emotion one can feel for another person.

    I’m sure I’ll be treated to a profane response which will only go to further reinforce the fact that Exasperated, his/her views, and any others who share them, are not welcome as Liverpool supporters.

    Truly pathetic.

  28. niteswim says:

    Agree with Sorubh 100%. I think no Liverpool supporters should accept these kind of outbursts. Exasperated you should go and try to live and work in a developing country. You are not grateful and cannot appreciate what you have. Shame on you.

  29. Exasperated ! says:

    So You think a LFC supporter from one area of the Planet has more right to express themselves than a LFC supporter from anothr part of the Planet ?
    You are obviously either a Neo Nazi or you are particularly stupid , either way it all amounts to the same thing .
    Now about your definition of racism ,
    Ya see in the real world , not the theoretical bullshit world you like in Racism is where a person pr people are harmed because of their ethnicity .
    That harm can be by a government department discriminating against them or by a nasty shit like you who would like to segregate them as you are trying to do to me .
    It could be as base as a physical attack .
    What racism isnt is acknowledging the the race or culture of someone from a different part of the planet & celebrating our diversity in a good natured manner while in a safe environment like we have been doing here on the internet .
    So readjust yer sights & redefine pathetic as you wipe the egg off your face before you come back here like a disease upon society trying to influence me as to whats what when you dont even know which way is up .

  30. Exasperated ! says:

    niteswim ,
    I should do nothing of the sort & nor will I .
    I will however point out your arrogance & tell you that you have no idea about my life or what I am or am not appreciative of , perhaps you should heed your own miserable advice & go live in a deprived area until such time you appreciate the diversity on display in this global village called the Internet

  31. niteswim says:

    Exasperated: I don’t care who you are, your comments reveal all I need to know about you, but I won’t waste more of my time on you. You will always walk alone with comments like that, even in your global village. You see?

  32. Exasperated ! says:

    I see you are an arrogant , hypocritical , prejudicial intolerant stain on the seat of our Clubs pants .
    And unless every other fan reading this is blind we can all see how you would like to initiate an Apartheid against me & any & all who enjoy what I have expressed to date .
    So to answer your question ..
    Indeed I can see , I can see much more that you would like me to see .

  33. RiceFTW says:

    @Exasperated. Rice kicks ass.

  34. Exasperated ! says:

    I’m a little pussy bitch who still pisses the bed! Help me, I feel aroused by my own sister!

  35. Exasperated says:

    Awww isnt that cute , some little shit stain has taken to impersonating me .

  36. Ex-Exasperated says:

    That much is true RiceFTW , rice does indeed kick ass , it puts hair on yer chest , well I say that coz I have seen how much ov it yer mother eats & unfortunately I have seen her hairy nipples too …
    Dont tell her I said so .

  37. Kev gov says:

    He is a good defender but what about the excess of non european nationalities with Rodriguez, Suarez, Lucas, Insua?

  38. Ballan says:

    Joe…by making such a remark to the Asian is totally unacceptable and only revealing to the whole world that you’re such a “village idiot” who was brought up by feeding horse dong and urine and sleep along with piglet… Because of such upbringing you’re excuse for remarks made by you.. By the way for your information village idiot joe…do you know why EPL teams are wanted to come to Asia…. since you’re a village idiot I’ll let you know the answer…because there is where all the money lies and the Asian can buy all the EPL teams if they want and throw you a bowl of rice or meatless bone fir dinner you cow ass. We Malaysian know how to respect others and don’t insult others…we are Malaysian and truly die hard Liverpool fan… Be a good boy.

  39. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Ballan ,
    Joe made no comment about Malaysians , in fact nobody did , I however did refer to their footballing ability’s & organization as poor & comically referred to them as peasants which in football terms everyone outside of Western Europe is , so really & truly theres nothing to be boo hooing about so I suggest you dry yer eyes & quit trying so hard & maybe then you will be able to direct your puerile drivel toward its intended target & not toward innocent bystanders like Joe who in fact attempted to reprimand me for laughing about the low standard of Pre Season friendlys we are whoring ourselves out for in the name of Penny’s .
    You need to learn the difference between club & international football so you can then at least arrogantly boast about your home nation because as a Liverpool FC Fan you have no more than me or any other LFC fan to boast about .
    So in closing I don’t care if you are Malaysian , Nigerian Or Scandinavian , you are a dip shit & as far as dip shits go yer at the lower end of them .

  40. LFC fan in asia says:

    dear Exasperated

    You are an EDIOT… That’s all I can say

  41. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    I’m not surprised if thats all you can say but I do applaud yer effort .

  42. koNohamaru says:

    Kinda sad that one troll has god his limelight and taken away the focal point of the orginal post. People like this will have an answer for everything…we all know he is a dick deal with it and move on…

    Back to the post Insua was in my opinion a good player offesivly but was error prone Defensivly but he was and is young. Way better player than Konchesky will ever be so Hodgson should of never wasted the time in the deals he did… at the min id say keep him… there isn’t many left backs in the league that are miles better than him and Jack Robinson could end up having an awesome season along side Insua and Aurelio.

  43. tom says:

    i hate the way people jump on the band wagon of racism. 1 person makes a little comment and BOOM every tom, dick and harry has to comment back dont u realise every individual person has there own opinion and to be quite honest exasperated was right in his comment sayin that insua is not good enough for liverpool football clubeven if he did make a sterotypical comment but cum on it happens every day. i am acctually from liverpool and acctually watch them week in week out and can see we need some1 better than insua he cant defend to save his life

  44. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Of course I was right Tom ,
    I was right because I was fair to Insua & I only want the very best for LFC , unlike all these wannabe dictators from here there & everywhere who would deny a fan his right to express himself simply because they have racial hatred tward Europeans in their hearts like koNohamaru up there , he resents the fact I can intelligently defend my position And another of them even stated that he would prefer me dead !
    Why ?
    Because I commented on a Football article in a football fan site .
    Hitler wouldnt do it to tha Jews !

  45. Joe says:

    Well this has turned into a nice little shitstorm eh!

    One thing I will say about the Malaysian fans commenting on this thread, you need to read the comments properly, i never insulted anyone…well except Exasperated, and I might have even gone a bit far with that…

    Cow ass? bit harsh! ha

  46. koNohamaru says:

    unlike all these wannabe dictators from here there & everywhere who would deny a fan his right to express himself simply because they have racial hatred tward Europeans in their hearts like koNohamaru up there

    Few flaws there dude, I don’t generalise people as you have, and I don’t hate anyone the only person hating here is you dude… express as you wish, your still a dick deal with it and move on…

    Your are entitled to your footballing and descrimiatory opinions as much as anyone else…

    he resents the fact I can intelligently defend my position

    Defend your “position” as you wish although id debate whether you could call it “intelligently”

  47. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Pathetic attempt at a cover up KoNohamaru ,
    Your initial comments in your unwarranted , unannounced , ignorant unprovoked personal attack upon me have exposed you exactly as I have described.

  48. I AM HE says:

    Insua is a liability, his defensive qualities are questionable to say the least and he is too slow. Reports are that he`s already in talks with Roma about a move there. If anyone this article should have been about Jack Robinson

  49. koNohamaru says:

    Your initial comments in your unwarranted , unannounced , ignorant unprovoked personal attack upon me have exposed you exactly as I have described.

    Give tangible evidence of my ignorance… “it’s an unprovoked personal attack” I actually lol’d, nope just exersising my right to “intelligently defend my position” in reference to “simply because they have racial hatred tward Europeans in their hearts like koNohamaru up there”… regarless you will have an answer for everything and be critical of all those the disagree… gj at being awesome at Blog trollin I suppose.

  50. Ballan says:

    Dear Joe, I truly and sincerely apologise to you and your parent for the comment mistakenly made against you infact it was meant for exasperated, I truly sorry Joe.
    Exasperated, you know people like you every morning I sit on and shit… so if you’re a racist then I respect you no more and you’re also don’t deserve to be a Liverpool fan…you’re a maggot who carry your dick in your nose….

  51. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    I would appreciate it if you would refrain from lowering the tone & embarrassing us all by begging me for evidence .
    I have already pointed out every & all relevant details of your self exposure in my previous comments .
    On top of that you are trying to reverse the situation & pervert natural justice to the point you are trying to claim you are merely defending a position but only someone as immoral or stupid as you could fail to see your initial comment was & remains nothing more than an unwarranted , unannounced , ignorant unprovoked personal attack upon me based upon your hatred of European intelligence defending its position .

  52. koNohamaru says:

    @Extra Exasperated ! lol u mad bra… find “European intelligence defending its position .” extra amusing considering I am British… keep up the trollin bra someone might take you seriously… anyway I better practice what I preach and stop feeding the troll :>

  53. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    It looks like Ballan has eased up on the opium pipe long enough to realize the monkey he made out of himself by attacking Joe ….
    Its just a shame he didnt ease up on it long enough to realize it was me who pointed it out to him & that he owes me a debt of gratitude for doing so .
    They say Ignorance is bliss but I say they should suffer for it .
    Dont you realize how you have contradicted yourself ?
    People like me ?
    Who are people like me ?
    People not from Malaysia you mean .
    You are just another wannabe dictator from God Knows Where & only God could care .
    Malaysians or South East Asians have suffered no Racism in fact the only suffering they have suffered at all is at the hands of the likes of you , miserable little dictators that butcher & famish their own people to death for disagreeing with them .

  54. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    koNohamaru ,
    Being born in a barn does not make you a horse .

  55. Graham says:

    Exasperated – you really are thick. You even think you are witty. You sad pathetic person. Do us all a favour and go back to your sad life and off this forum.

  56. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    I will do Graham …..
    just as soon as you become relevant .
    Until then , spare me your uncontrolled emotional outbreaks , you are not my wife or daughter , & I have between little & no interest in what you think your opinion is of me or how I make you feel , get a grip of yerself man !

  57. Graham says:

    Exasperated – yes, you are so relevant arent you? Our Asia friends are probably too polite or intimidated by you – likley a beer swilling, ear ring wearing, tattooed thicko – you is probably so relevant……. in the sewer you come from. As you have little or no interest in what I say, dont reply then, and let me enjoy myself – thicko!

  58. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Someone pass Graham a hankie , he appears to have let his emotions concerning me get tha better ov him again .

  59. kishon says:

    Exasperated is a clinical example of people who dont think b4 they talk, very little thought process goes through his brain (or lack of a brain) b4 he makes a comment. Now he claims that he was being comedic or trying to be funny, i have a number of things to tell him:
    1. Thats a very bad attempt at a joke
    2. Its not funny
    3. Its bordering racist
    4. You need to be re-socialized and
    5. What is funny or “comedic” to u is like death to another.
    Question: Would you be smiling if you and your family were styled as “a bunch of south east peasants playing football part time to get and extra bowl of rice”. Would you be smiling? some things are funny not everything and that was a “low blow” from u Mr Exasperated….a very low blow.

  60. Graham says:

    Hey, Exasperated. Me thinks my little description of you hit a nerve eh? Love it. Bye, thicko.

  61. Qwerty says:

    Let talk facts, incidently those so called “peasants” are not part timers but professionals and they play in the malysian top tier Super League. That particular team also recently beat highly fancied Thailand,Singapore,Indonesia to become champions in the recent Asian Football Federation Suzuki Cup (south east asia region). Singapore have nationalised Brazilians, Serbians and Europeans playing for them. Bryan Robson is the Thailand coach at the moment before him it was Peter Reid, Peter Withe etc.

    As declared in the local papers and interview after the match the Malaysian Coach, the team captain and 70% of the players who played that day against LFC are Mancs die hards who worships the devil(the red one up M62 of course) and played their heart out against LFC even though it was just a friendly. So they were not short on motivation at all!

    Their goal scorers (No8 & 10) whom Steve Clarke singled out as outstanding, even declared that they were very happy to score those goals because they are Mancs.

    Yes there are millions of LFC fans in Malaysia but those set of players are sworn Mancs. When Mancs played there in 2009 these players looked at their idols in awe and dared not make any tough tackle at all so as not to hurt their idols.(btw, Mancs won 3-2 then) BUT the other day they were snapping at the heels of Joe Cole, Charlie Adam,Aquilani, Maxi& Kuyt like nobody’s business.And LFC players returned those back of course and there were more than 3 yellow cards and numerous fouls unlike a normal pre-season friendly.

    Non of the local players swap jerseys with LFC players like they did against Mancs! Thousands on the terraces deserved it actually.

    So the point is, that match was not a stroll in the park at all if you really watched the match and certainly not played against part timers who are paid in rice, tapioca or other cereals!Those players are just like other EPL teams who are extra motivated when playing against LFC wheareas Carra and the guys were just passing the ball around! (initially of course)

    Back to the main topic, there is something about Insua’s movements which is not that right, he moves around (sideways rather) like a crab and his right foot can send up weather baloons with ease. He can play in emergency situations though, but LFC needs somebody better.

  62. dave says:

    Back to the football… any thoughts on whether Insua could do a job on the wing? He seems to be praised for his crossing ability and his attack minded play. I am sure we will sign a new LB as this was identified as a definite problem area. Though he is class,we cannot expect a full season from Aurelio and I don’t think after spending already 100 mil on attacking players, we will take a gamble on the LB situation to save a few bob. Personally I think a loan move to a Prem club would benefit Insua.
    On a another topic, any word about Ayala or the chances of Kelly getting a few starts as CB? I reckon we have enough talent in our own team to cover CB and since Johnson will be a regular starter for RB, I would hate to see Kelly on the bench. I think perhaps he should be eased into the position over the Carling and FA cups to see how he looks there.

  63. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Querty ,
    Well done , you have successfully picked the peanuts outa my shite .
    With that said ,
    They were only a buncha South East Asian Peasants playing part time football for an extra bowl of rice per week , they were thrown together for the first time on the day & nothing you say can convince me otherwise .

  64. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Quit being such a whiney old granny Kishon ,
    I am a football fan & I am under no obligation to you or anyone else to be considerate toward anyones feelings , I made no offensive comment & if you refuse to accept it as a humor you can shove it up yer hole coz I couldnt give a damn about your politics & how you would like to inflict them upon me under the pretense you are a sports fan .
    Fact is Rice is a staple part of the diet in South East Asia even more so than the potato in Britain & its not as if a rice kernal symbolizes a genocide via starvation in which half the population of Ireland was wiped out by the British Government , there is nothing even remotely racist or offensive about mentioning Rice to an east Asian , Rice to them is like Oats in Scotland , its more or less a worshiped crop !

  65. neil says:

    im born and raised in london and of malaysian descent, mr. exasperated, you are a fuckin idiot, please do quote me on that. are you shocked that us ‘peasants’ have their own laptops? we traded a shitload of rice in for one of these, or we can use our winnings from our cow races.

  66. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Its a shame you didnt trade in your ignorance along with it .
    So you think that because you are from some slum in London I have no right to make a wise crack to South East Asian Football Cuisine & Culture ?
    Or is it that you would like me to have said something degrotary about Malaysian people in general , would it have made you feel righteous , indignant & important would it ?
    Too bad for you I didnt & too bad for you I can see right through your cheap London Shanty Town facade .

  67. Jeffrey says:

    Dear Exasperated….i feel sorry for you….are you living with an abusing step mom and just applied for an Internet access? I find your comments and your ignorance amusing and I sincerely feel sorry for you.

  68. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Your confusion is very unimpressive Jeffrey & I’d appreciate it if you could make yer mind up before you reply again , so which is it ?
    Amused or saddened ?
    Coz not even an idiot like you can be both at once no matter what those in the niche minority lifestyles you have been exploring tell ya .

  69. Graham says:

    Hey excasperated. Just thought I would ‘look in on you’ to see if you anything smart to say…wasted my time…usual thicko comments….keep it going thicko…I’m not saddened, just amused.
    Mental picture of you is funny though – I am sure you know… those images of inbred people….come on, you know what I mean.
    Exasperated, have a good night – I have enjoyed reeling you in today!!

  70. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    So you reeled me in did you ?
    Is that willful self delusion or plain stupidity on your part Graham ?
    Perhaps both .
    I was commenting here long before you drooled all over yer keyboard & then hit send .

  71. tj says:

    the inbred comment actually made me lol

  72. Extra Exasperated ! says:

    Thats because you are a cretin in need of locking up . It was a disgusting comment without foundation or justification .
    I was actually fool enough to believe the vast majority of people reading this could see he was dim wittedly attempting to project his self image on to me but then you came along & opened my eyes .

  73. Vershoom says:

    Dear Extra Exasperated,
    No matter how bad you are, you are not totally useless. You can still be used as a bad example.

  74. Exasperated ! says:

    Thanks for that Vershoom , at least one of our Foreign fans has enough intelligence to see that .