Date: 17th July 2011 at 12:00pm
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This is getting crazy now! Liverpool are being linked with ANOTHER central midfielder. This time The Mirror are reporting that Liverpool are set to make a move for Sunderland’s Lee Cattermole for £10million.

Why on earth would Liverpool want to sign another central midfielder when we already have too many? And it is not as if Cattermole is a versatile player, he is a combative central midfielder who if he was to join Liverpool would be up against Lucas and Spearing for a spot in the team. Personally, I would much rather we give Spearing a chance than sign Cattermole for £10million. If Liverpool are after a new enforcer in midfield then it should be someone better than Lucas which Cattermole is not in my opinion.

The reason Sunderland may want to offload Cattermole is because the midfielder is unhappy with having the captains armband taken away from him and given to new signing John O’Shea.

Do you agree with me that signing Cattermole would be a bad move or is there something I am not getting? Hopefully this is just one of this Sunday morning rumours which never make sense.


12 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Liverpool target another Sunderland midfielder”

  1. Towson Tom says:

    We hav’nt got too many but we certainly have enough!

  2. Ritters says:

    Ron ,

    I do agree that this midfielder is not of the quality
    required in our new team though , whilst there is
    clearly room in the squad for Lucas and Spearing , I
    think a top specialist will be purchased , probably
    from abroad , once Aquilani and Meireles have moved on
    to pastures new .


  3. Micky-G says:

    If this is true im starting to think Kenny has lost the plot! Go back to end the season I can remember Kenny saying “we will only sign players who we feel are better than those we currently have” So why in earth even glance an eye over Cattermole?? He is no better than Poulsen! Comolli needs to start moving on players then focus on bringing in a left back, centre half & additional strike options. Our midfield is stacked so signing Lee Cattermole is stupid. People say in Kenny we trust & to keep faith but I’m starting to think the geezer is losing his marbles and the 20 mil on Henderson might bit be his only mistake in this window.

  4. Benny says:

    Not gonna happen guys. Its the Mirror we are talking about here

  5. Mr. Chopper says:

    Why do you keep falling for the “Liverpool have been linked with…” stories? Unless we say we have, or a reputable paper says so, forget about the red tops and the dirt sheets. Especially the Sunday papers. They print lies to sell papers.

    We will NOT be buying another central mid. I don’t even think we’ll be buying another winger, after Commoli dropped the hint that Downing was the “big one” they were looking for – the position we really needed a big player to fill. We’ve got a few players who can play on the right now (either RW or RM), Adam who can play LM, Downing and Maxi who can both play LW… I’d say we were covered.

    The fans seem to be shouting for a left back and a central defender. Personally, unless we can get a marquee signing for CB, I say we go with who we already have. We have a lot of good young kids coming through (Andre the Giant is a BEAST) and it’s also Kelly’s natural position. It also depends what formation we play, as if we play a 3-5-2 we only need one out-and-out CB.

    Let’s concentrate on how good our returning/reserve players looked – Aquaman, Insua and N’Gog. That’s positive news, no?

  6. Fadi chahin says:

    Get some defenders, we are in need for centraland lt back…

  7. James says:

    Where do these guys get this stuff from?! There is as much chance of Cattermole signing as Messi handing a transfer request in this afternoon and wanting to half his wages to play at Anfield. Why would you want Cattermole? He is a liability. Twice as bad as Macherano at giving stupid free kicks away in the wrong area.

  8. Mr. Me says:

    I agree but we steel need LB…

  9. Exasperated ! says:

    Lee Cattermolle is amazingly for a 23 year old , a highly experienced Premier League player who has already captained 3 Premier League clubs.
    Is he a better option than the obvious 1’st choice pairing of Adam & Gerrard in CM ?
    But when either is injured or suspended I cant think of anyone better to come into the side & stamp his authority in the middle of the park , allowing Whoever is beside him , be that Gerrard , Adam , Aquilani ,Merelies , Henderson or Cole , to go and attack .
    Theres no point buying a cat if you need a Guard Dog & we have too many Cats in our Midfield & not Enough Guard Dogs ,
    Cattermolle is a British Bulldog & like em or not British Bulldogs never lay down , they go until the final whistle of the final game of the season which is why so many clubs have made him captain as he more or less single handedly kept them in the top flight with his very disciplined aggression commanding their midfields .
    Lucas can do a Job & Tacticaly because he is bedded in , he is ahead of Cattermole at the moment , but in a matter of weeks Cattermolle would tactically be second to nobody at our club & training alongside the likes of Adam & Gerrard , Downing , Kuyt , Maxi & Saurez daily would see the Fluidity , Consistencey & Quality of his passing up to standard .
    I already rate him as better than Gattuso at AC Milan & if we were to try to sign him your panties would be wet with excitement coz hes foreign .
    He isnt far behind Marcherano in game play & his previous responsibility’s in leading clubs to safety while staring Relegation Death in the Face has him well ahead of the capable Spearing in terms of leadership & presence .
    He’s a much better player than Poulsen .
    Would or should he be 1’st choice ?
    No .
    We have stronger options but we dont have a deep balanced squad & he would add depth & balance & at 23 years old you can expect him to be first choice by the time he turns 27 & is signing his second contract .
    Between now & Then ?
    He would be a very wise signing .

  10. scouser says:

    Well said exaseparated, I agree with you

  11. Exasperated ! says:

    Cheers Scouser .

  12. sausagepants says:

    Its a definite, happneing tmrow or Friday. I think hes just waht we need no nonsense. Too many fancy pants dans in our team for my liking.