Date:17th July 2011 at 10:00am
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It seems through out the last seven months a few different policies have been mentioned.

Firstly it was said that we were getting quality players that have are young, hungry an have a re-sale value in the future.
Suarez and Carroll fell into this category.

Then we wanted more home grown talent, presumably because they’ve either had Premier League experience or due to the home grown rule when it comes to European games.
Fitting in here are Henderson, Adam and Downing.

The final category which seems to be just about a good backup for Pepe Reina is Doni.

Doni played a total of 19 games last season for Roma and conceded 24 goals. He doesn’t seem to get itchy feet as he was at Roma since 2005. He’s played in Champions League games, and helped Roma finish sixth in Serie A. Nothing spectacular but a much more reliable and experienced keeper at the top level than Brad Jones.

Looking at the idea of Premier League experience is more troublesome.

Adam and Carroll have played in the Premier League for one season. Henderson has had 2 seasons at Sunderland in the Premier League and played in 70 games and scored four times.

As for re-sale value, Carroll; I’m not too sure if I would’ve paid £35 million for him and at that fee I think Newcastle got the better end of the deal. I hope he can dominate up-front in the air for most of his career though and if he does that the £35 million will be justified.

Henderson, at nearly £20million seems that unless the market inflates in a few years time the return will be minimal. Again if he improves playing with Stevie G and Adam then he could simply repay the club with being there for the long term and helping us challenge for honours.

Adam could well have a good re-sale value given how his stock sky-rocketed after one season in the Premier League. Blackpool didn’t help matters but driving a hard bargain means £6-7million was a better deal than was initially being reported. If his left foot can be half as good as last season then he will have done well. This time he will be surrounded by top class players who will share responsibility rather than expecting him to win games on his own.

Downing leaves me divided. He attacks down the wing and puts defenders on the back foot, something we’ve been lacking for far too long. He can put good crosses in which will help Carroll but at £20million did we over-spend? The British market is inflated but we have N’Zogbia who Dave Whelan is willing to sell for approx £10million and he can do just as much if not more than Downing. The ideal scenario if we are looking for width could be to buy both players which would be great although that would leave one less space for the existing squad. Maybe more news in another week or so on transfers will be forthcoming.

Are you happy with the Downing transfer?

Did we spend too much on him?

Would you rather have bought a player from abroad for the same/less money?

Anyone with Premier league experience that you would like in a red shirt?