Date: 14th July 2011 at 5:52pm
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Whilst Liverpool are on the verge of completing the £20million signing of Stewart Downing from Aston Villa, there are still suggestions that Liverpool are going to make one big marquee signing this summer. The kind of signing that will get the football world to sit up and recognise that Liverpool are back.

We have seen already that FSG are not afraid to splash the cash. They would have spent over £100million since they took over if the Downing deal goes through smoothly. Suarez, Carroll, Henderson and Downing have already been signed for big fees and if a player who meets their criteria is available then I am sure they will sign him. What a marquee signing could do is create a buzz around the club and increase shirt sales which in tern generates revenue which is what FSG want.

But do Liverpool really need to make a marquee big name signing this summer? It will be hard to sign a big name player especially without the lure of Champions League football but that not to say that the signings we have made without Champions League football are not good.

If Liverpool are to make a marquee signing then who would it be? What position would it be in?

There is talk going around today that Liverpool may be after Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid for £25million. There is no doubt that Higuain is a very good player but would it be possible having three top strikers in the side when at times we will only play with one, or two strikers? It would be great if we could rotate Suarez and Carroll with another top class striker such as Higuain.

Then again, the problem with signing a marquee player is that he has to be a regular in the starting lineup. Looking at Liverpool now, we are pretty solid in central midfield. Upfront we need another striker but not sure if a big name striker would come in and want to sit on the bench or if Andy Carroll would be happy to be a bench player. For £35million, I doubt Carroll would be spending a lot of time on the bench.

Liverpool need a left-back but there are not many big name left-backs available out there. There has been speculation this week that Real Madrid may be ready to sell their Brazilian left-back Marcelo but could that be our marquee signing?

There is a lot of debate on this. Maybe Liverpool are not even looking for a marquee signing this summer. But if we are, who would you want it to be?


69 responses to “Thursday Rumour: Liverpool have not yet made their summer marquee signing”

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Lets start with all the idiots giving football manager ideas.

  2. martin says:

    We`re doing very well in this transfer window. If we can get a good left back, then i`d be happy enough. With Downing,Adam, Henderson and a full season out of Suarez and Carroll,then there is no doubt we`ll be a great improvement on last season.

  3. Dan says:

    this was terrible…yeah we are going to sign Higuian and then after that we are going to bag fabergas,nasri, and messi too and then shore up our marketing with a signing of Beckham’s ass…just his sweet,fine ass…

  4. Chambers says:

    I think you are getting carried away with the idea that we HAVE 3 top strikers! Carroll has yet to prove himself and Kuyt is entering his final years.We are back to having only 1 man up front as a target and look where that got us last time!!

  5. Victor says:

    We need 1 more hyper terrific striker and a left defender

  6. Livmad says:

    Juan Mata…

  7. jonesey says:

    Downing is the biggee but if had the cash then it can only be Hazzard . Lets not get carried away – not so long ago we were bankrupt and facing extinction – thank God for John Henry

  8. Singh says:

    This marquee signing would be Marco Marin or Eden hazard 4 right winger pls Liverpool go 4 them

  9. Fergies runnin scared says:

    I think a quality left back, a striker and a central defender as I’m pretty sure Danny Agger will be sidelined by the end of November (not being pessimistic but counting the number of appearances we’ve got from him in the last 3 years…)…I think we could push Johnson up to the right of midfield with Kelly at right back alternating with Flano where needed…The midfield is packed so played as per tactics required…

  10. jithan says:

    sergio aguero is comin to anfield… wait and see.. he s gonna be that marquee signin…. he likes lfc and so champions league is nt a prob..

  11. Ashley Beecham says:

    Aly cissoko left back, and if there is a marquee singing possibly Mata, Diego or even Toulolan

  12. mitch says:

    Just sign Mata and a left back and everyone will be happy.

  13. Simon says:

    Scott Dann, Daniel Sturridge and a left back please, reluctantly Enrique

  14. sjay says:

    Mata must be closest prospect as of now… higuain – as gud as he is, I c him leave RM only for a CL side… so dat cuts us out!! Hazzard (my personal choice) too is out of the picture for the same reason. Moving aside, I wonder y we aren’t taking Marco Marin seriously enuff- I mean the lad was injured most part of last season but whenever he did play, he proved to be real cruise flow treat in the messi mould, just as he had shown in the season prior to dat… I hear he costs around the 10M mark. A very young and brilliant talent who just needs to be nurtured well n wud surely cost a hell lot more than 30M odd in the not so distant future… even a supposedly high buy of abt 20M for Marin wud be a real bargain, especially with the King at the helm, to guide him well !!! Keeping Hope… YNWA

  15. der says:

    ashley beecham, what kind of trip are you on. obscene money or not, we have not a hope in hell of signing a player of his class. stop reading newsnow. they make up news and you believe it.

  16. anthony says:

    juan mata,sergio aguero my friend,at left back enrique

  17. Ashley Beecham says:

    There are my personal opionons Diego wants a premier league move, mata is hugely linked and Toulolan is a great cb who I’d personally like to see at the club. Okay?

  18. Olowoyeye yisade s says:

    4 me lfc need enrique at d left back and one central defender and one stricker and doni as a watching door

  19. Terrence Stan says:

    Dont see the point of your article, it sounds like you want a marquee signing rather than the club needing one. Further, you state the new signings are good enough but still need someone – who then wont be willing to sit in the bench. Then why does liverpool need a marquee signing?

  20. daboy says:

    I would be happy with Aly Cissoko and Lovren to round out the transfers they really need not spend any more until next season.

  21. Colly says:

    Aly cissokho or mata! Either would be good both would be awesome! But we need to start moving on some of our midfield

  22. Kelz says:

    I guess we shud go for cissokko as our left back, switch kelly on the centre back i knw he can manage, johnson ryt wing flanno ryt back! And sign aguero!

  23. Nic Cooper says:

    Mata and Hazard won’t be moving this year. Marin is an excellent prospect but Henry may not splash out on players he may deem injury prone.

    If its Marquee and selling shirts the closest I can think of who are available to move are Aguero and Honda! City are probably likely to get Aguero if the reports are to be believed but maybe Tevez will have a say in him not going. His dad in law likes Liverpool, he visited Maxi in Liverpool around Christmas time, we have a South American, Spanish speaking team and have a very impressive project in the making to get back among the elite again. On FourFourTwo I also heard the Club in question has asked to move the release clause down from 40 million to 35 million. Now this doesn’t sound like a Man City type Club throwing money around. Furthermore City rejected a 40 mil offer for Tevez so the likelihood of them getting bids that are any higher are slim. With Balotelli, Dzeko and possibly a returning Adebayor strikers may not be as high on their priority list. Players are already getting unsettled due to the size of the squad.

    Honda on the other hand may not seem as exciting as Aguero but with our main sponsor Standard Chartered wanting us to sign an Asian player what better player is there than the one who won the Asian Player of the Year! He is not light weight, has excellent vision and ability to retain and pass the ball, is super versatile with the ability to play anywhere upfront or in MF, can chip in with a fair amount of goals and assits, will cost a third of Aguero and will more than pay off his transfer fee and wages with his marketability in Japan, Asia and even Europe.

    At the same time though we really do need to add pace and while Honda is not exactly slow he is no Ronaldo, Messi type dribbler. We really could do with Aguero, Sanchez, Lavezzi type players but there are many obstacles such as having no Europe and maybe not enough funds to pull off another 25-30 million signing.

    So I think we should sign Honda, then get Jeffren, one of the AIK Senegalese fwds and Cissokho (Insua, Aurelio as back up). That way we will have marquee and pace for a tidy budget. As for CBs I think we have just about enough for this coming season: Carra and either Skrtel/Agger with Kyriagkos, Ayala and Kelly as backup. Wilson I think is away on loan. No one has gone in for Scott Dann yet due to the inflated prices and Lovren may still be a possibility. Cahill will probably end up at Chelsea now and at 18 million is frankly not worth it.

    Well we will just have to wait and see…

  24. kkkersh says:

    dont we still need to get shut of the dead wood first, we might have money to spend now but we still need to be careful or we could find ourselves in the shit again

  25. Nic Cooper says:

    What I meant to say was we have a South American, Spanish speaking presence in our team with a recent influx of British! Anyhow, we are popular in Spain. More so than City who have about as much marketability as a second hand cassette player.

  26. Alan says:

    Not until we sell players we won’t get a major signing. It might be Mata but I doubt it.

  27. Nic Cooper says:

    kkkersh, we are shut of Konchesky, Jovanovic and possibly soon to be followed by Poulsen and the last of the Hodgson legacy.

    I think the money we are spending is coming from the cheaper than expected purchase of Liverpool from G&H, the various sponsorship deals we have had and believe it or not the Torres factor. I read somewhere that Liverpool pocketed 40 million in shirt sales/merchandise and commercial rights. So marquee signings can definitely have great returns, one of the reasons Real were willing to pay 80 million for Ronaldo.

    Anyway, we are going all out to improve the quality and depth of the squad to get back into the top 4 where the real money is at while also looking at finally addressing the stadium issue for future long term gains.

  28. Lfcynwa says:

    Arda Turan/Ally Cissokho/Juan Mata/Sergio Aguero. Anyone of those will make me smiling!

  29. Nolez says:

    Scot dann, a striker (about 23yr), n a experienced left back… I love baines (a liverpool fan during child) wearing red.. Thats enough to win the title.. Midfielders!! its enough.

  30. Sam says:


  31. Nic Cooper says:

    Regarding the sponsors: 80 million 4 year deal with Standard Chartered in 2009. So we have 20 from them this year and 25 million a year with Warrior Sports Kit Deal which will replace the Adidas marker that was signed in April. Besides this Decade of Health and Well Being are our main sponsors. We can only thank Ian Ayre and the staff that are responsible for signing these record deals which Parry failed to do and we are marketing very astutely in Asia right now. The Lebron James factor would have helped as well (tongue in cheek!)

  32. Nic Cooper says:

    Hazard already said he won’t be moving this year, Neymar is ridiculously overpriced, Valencia have said they won’t be selling Mata and are likely to hang onto him for at least another year, Arda Turan I heard could be going to Spain and we have never really put a concrete offer in for him. I like Scott Dann but is he worth 10 million +!? Baines will be great but there is too much friction between Everton and Liverpool for a star player to move across I think. He will also be priced above Enrique and Cissokho.

  33. Simon says:

    Deluded, the lot of you

    Who has actually seen much of Cissokho, Honda, Hazard, Turan etc

    Not just Youtube clips. Babel could be made to look like a Liverpool legend in a 2 minute clip

    We could do with another striker, centre half, left back

    Sturridge, Dann may cost £20 million more

  34. james yeboah says:

    i thick should sign Samuel Eto

  35. jonnysingapore says:

    we started this all thinking we needed some defensive reinforcements and a winger.

    We’ve got a winger now!! relying on KK/SC to mould the team to make the most of him – his stats are excellent over a number of seasons and service is everything for the forwards – KK knows that, which is why Henderson arrived aswell.

    Defence. are we really planning on relying on youngsters? Its always said to be risky, better introducing them gradually so they don’t carry the responsibility without the experience.
    Reckon at least one defender will arrive.

    Not sure I expect a striker to show up though. we have 3.

  36. Perry says:

    I feel we do need another ST, a left back and CB
    Just think, MUFC have Rooney, Berba, Hernandez and Owen
    Chelsea have Torres, Drogba, Anelka and now Sturridge
    Arsenal have Van persie, Bendtner, Chamahk and potentially Walcott
    All top teams have options and the way Carrol is atm i really don’t think he could last a whole season and also Suarez not having a break this summer would leave us with only Kuyt up front.
    Hopefully, a poacher will be signed (remember – the intention was to have Carroll, Torres AND Suarez in the same team) to replace what Torres DID offer which is natural scoring ability, which sadly Suarez and Carroll lack, this is where i think higuain/benzema could be swayed to join.
    Aly cissokho would be a quality signing at left-back, he’s young, strong and can potentially be quite potent up front.
    As for a CB, Lovren would be my preferred choice alongside Scott Dann but Lovren offers more for money and also has youth on his side so can be groomed into the new Agger for instance.
    these players would greatly improve our squad and all for a spend of around £35-40mil not bad for top class quality!

  37. maljay says:

    Why did I waste my time reading this drivel?

  38. m kop says:

    Marcelo would be great but I wouldn’t spent the kind of money Real payed for Coentrao.

    Only one big striker signing I would want for Liverpool is Aguero as it would allow Liverpool to play with 3 strikers. We truly wouldn’t be affraid of someone overpowering Liverpool with Aguero-Carroll-Suarez and Gerrard behind them.

    But that will not happen.

    No big striker signings for Liverpool, but a wide versatile midfielder would be good. Mata or Hazard despite signing Downing.

    But it is very unlikely to happen.

    So, no big signing for Liverpool, sorry to say.

  39. Raymix says:

    Am happy with the vill guy,but lfc needs a left back,central defender and a is not necessary a big name but good and sharp.the midfild is filled up.kuyt can support the strikers and even maxi may be the top striker we need instead of signing any .our problem is left back and central defender.

  40. Mr Wah says:

    Gary Cahill, Juan Mata, Diego, Leighton Baines.

    Alas, no chance I reckon.

    And this rumour of Wayne Bridge is depressing.

  41. Gazza says:

    What about David Hayes from Prestatyn Town as cb and Lee Hunt from Bala as cf, Jack Lewis from Neath as lw

  42. Gazza says:

    sorry Jack Lewis as lb

  43. Yusuf Ahmed - Cape Town says:

    Not too sure if we do need a marquee player with the current crop. Maybe Marcelo might be good as LB. Now we have a left winger who actually plays on the left wing. Finally after all the duds and all those years since Macca left. I guess its Au Revoir to Cole, Jovanavic, Poulsen and a few more. Downing may not be a superstar addition, BUT he has plenty of premiership exp and has quite a lot of assists last season. With Charlie Adams and Meireles in the middle and Downing and Suarez on either side, Carroll should be scoring for fun. Unfortunately Stevie G has to up his game to get into this team now. As for kUyt and Maxi – they should make good backup subs. Lucas is our main DM just in front of the back four. This season – we do have depth :))) Not saying we going to win anything this season… Not yet anyway…

  44. brother jon says:

    marquee, or not, i hope whoever comes in next helps more with our tactical flexibility than kit sales. build a great squad and the name on the front will sell the shirts.

    and mind the budget. so far i reckon the AC (after clowns – hicks & gillette) spend is about 40mil, net. i think that’s about 15% of FSG’s purchase price (285mil?). not crazy, imo. but how much more? especially with the stadium costs to consider.

    if we can hustle up 15-25 mil from departures (the higher number sees either aqua or raul gone), plus another 10mil, we’d have 25-35mil to get some combination of lb/cb/st/2ndwinger. the lower number could get us Bastos n Sturridge, the bigger one could add Dann. a young(ish) squad that could match-up with most any other team, for a net 50mil AC.

    (i’d keep Raul, he’s a Red. the other one i hear fancies himself a prince)

  45. steve says:

    Jose Enrique,Gary Cahill,Adam Johnson,Doni and Daniel Sturridge.Now that would be a TOP squad right?YNWA

  46. Francis says:

    Sergio Aguero new #10 🙂

  47. Andy says:

    What we need are a left back (probably Enrique, but as an outside bet Baines), centre back (probably Dann), Striker (should be someone prepared to be a squad player as Carroll, Suarez and Kuyt will get plenty of game time, so God knows who so no Higuain or Aguero and for me a right winger, God knows who but if you want to be silly Alexis Sanchez but he ain’t coming. Why do people rave on about marquee signings we should trust Kenny and get on with who we sign.

  48. CY says:

    Hi guys.

    I dunno about u all, but what about Alexis Sanchez. This guy is so quick on his sprints, as well as having quick feet. Really if u guys have nv seen him play b4 pls go youtube him.

    He runs as fast as Cristian Ronaldo (or even accelerates faster if i trust my eyes), and his feet is as quick. Less tricks in the bag and not as good a shooter, but hey hes gonna beat ANY left back if we can put him on our RW. seriously. lets sign up if Barca hasnt yet.

    I would say i would swap sanchez for caroll anyday.

    Yes its fantasy football but wat the heck this whole thread is FM talk.

    Realistically, let just get a quality Right Winger who is speedy. Up till now, no one in our squad is fast. Even downing unforutnately who is probably our quickest player now. I would say adam johnson. adam johnson (LW) + downing (LW) + kuyt (RW) + henderson (RW). rotating.

    trust me u will see henderson on RW/Right of midfield. which is a shame cos his talent is much better utilized in CM.

  49. M. says:

    Good point. However, I am not ready to pay ransom for a marque signing, as we are not in CL; that can be deferred for a year as with the current team (with 2/3 more signings, a LB & may be a RW & CB), we should finish among top 4 this year. With the heritage, loyal fan base, future aspirations of the owners & a new stadium in process, once we are in CL, I do believe marque players ‘ll be ready to sacrifice something to join us.

    However, for the sake of argument, I don’t think we need any out & out striker now. Dirk is basically a forward & Adam from the U18 team can be our 4th striker. My first choice for marque signing ‘ll be Kuno Aguearo, followed by Gareth Bale (AMadrid & Spurs are also not in CL). However, in Downing we already have a left winger & Kuno is very similar to Luis, therefore I wish if we could sign a top quality right winger/attacking mid-fielder to complete the starting 11. May be Alexis Sanches?

  50. akku says:

    angel di maria….

  51. Brent says:

    Aguero has stated he will not be returning to Spain next season. This has prompted interest from City, Chelsea and Pool. He would make the perfect signing up front to push Carroll to the next level (Odds: 6/5 City, 9/4 Juve, 11/4 Real Madrid, 10/1 Pool, 12/1 Chelsea). The odds of getting him @40mill are slim. We NEED a left back and Cissokho has proved himself in France, for the international team and in the Champs League. Making him the top priority ahead of Jose Enrique who is a proven premiership player. We need a young centre back too, but as previously stated, Wilson is up and coming as well as Kelly in the role. I think a striker and a left back will sort us out, bummed at not getting Wickham.

  52. Thomas says:

    it’s better we try and get aguero by all means cos suarez is on copa america tournament and depending on carrol is of know use cos he’s not a complete striker who depends on set-piece and shot in what we see in the last friendly match we play.we look for a complete striker that if opponent sees me they will be afraid of,coming closer to him.the likes of surez and aguero,higuiaen,falcao of all people both head and leg those are complete striker.then talking of wingers and midfielders we have turan,diego,batos,aly and cb are dann and you come up with 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 formation….reina-kelly-skertel/carr-agger/dann….gerrad/lucas-raul-aquilani……suarez-aguero and if possible falcao/higuean.then with these liverpool will be back in to the top contendance for the league again with our rival man.united and championsleague

  53. Tony says:

    The last thing KK will do is sign a jumped up foreigner like Tevez or Torres, for them to upset the dressing room, It won’t happen!!!!!

  54. Tony says:

    Leighton Baines a Liverpool fan?????, there are some major dickheads on here!!!!. He is the bluest evertonian there is, the wollybacks on here talk crap and know nothing about Liverpool or scousers, Baines will never play for Liverpool………Where do you people get this crap from???????…….

  55. Anthony says:

    If we are looking for Marquee Signing….

    I would prefer to sign player that can play right winger
    1. Pedro León, 24yrs (Real Madrid)
    2. Marko Marin, 22yrs (Werder Bremen)
    3. Renato Augusto, 23 yrs (Leverkusen)
    4. Aaron Lennon, 24 yrs (Tottenham)
    5. André Ayew, 21 yrs (Marseille)
    6. Stevan Joveti?, 21yrs (Fiorentina)

    Watch this! (What happen when Man Utd Fan wearing Man Utd Jersey to a Liverpool Training Match in Malaysia)
    “Stand Up if you hate Man Utd” – just making a point the intensity of rivalry is shown around the world.
    YNWA Malaysia!

  56. nick says:


  57. Zekk Chai says:

    Personally, I am against the signing of marquee signings. We all saw what happened when these players start thinking they are bigger than the club, Torres, Owen just to name a few. Sign players who want to play for us, players who think there is no club better, treat Liverpool as a club of their dreams, not a stepping stone. I think Liverpool only needs to fill in the gap between our youths and the generation of Gerrard and carragher. With the likes of Coady, Robinson, Flanagan, Suso, Toni Silva, Raheem and Adam Morgan, we only need players who can get us into CL year after year, and good role models for our youngsters.

  58. Rob says:

    Jithan hope your right mate Ageuro would be the dream

  59. Tony says:

    @Zekk Chai…….Excellent comment and i agree 100%…

  60. Gary LFC says:

    a quality left back and people would be happy… also Mata cos he can play on the right too or back up to a striker 🙂

  61. Per says:

    From norway, we really wants sissoko 🙂

  62. Andy says:

    Zekk Chai, while I agree with your view on marquee signings but do you honestly believe all of the 7 players you mentioned will be 1st team regulars? I’d be delighted if we got 3 of them through into our 1st team as regulars. Obviously Robbo and Flanagan have already had a taste and I believe Coady will be next but I think it may well be a couple of years if ever before Suso, Silva or young Morgan get a go

  63. Kop4Eva says:

    Aguero is coming…! Is that marquee enough for the nincompoop who put together this monotonous piece of creative sports journalism for toddlers

  64. JT says:

    Im gonna put this out there… I know this is going to stir up Liverpool a bit. Go for Tim Cahill who would be value on quality. Very good in the air. I see pool becoming a bit more wide rather than playing narrow as in years past. What we have been lacking was wide winger play and service. With Carrol we will be changing the style a bit and Cahill would fit in to this style nice. Plus hes one of three that I actually admire on Everton. Cahill-Bains-Arteta. Do tell me you would’nt want to poach those players and convert them Red….
    Bains would also be a great signing as he would improve service from the left as well. He plays wide rather than narrow.

  65. James says:

    Id like to see Higuain or Aguero (unlikely though)

  66. bazza says:

    Very good piece as you have got a lot of morons showing how thick they are.

  67. Zekk Chai says:

    I am highly confident that Flanagan, Robinson and Raheem will be in our starting XI soon, as for Coady and Shelvey, the future centre midfield pair will definitely need more experience, so Henderson and Adam will hopefully still be around in a few years time to pass the baton to them when Gerrard reaches his high-30s. The purchase of Downing also means Toni Silva or Raheem has to be ready in 3-4 years time. Our only worries should be left back and right wing.

  68. Andy says:

    Not being funny Zekk but you say our only worries should be left back and right wing, yet you say that you are highly confident Flanagan, Robinson and Raheem will be in our starting XI soon. Robbo is a left back so either he’s ready or not? I don’t think he’s near ready yet to be our 1st choice left back and Flanno will have his work cut out to get ahead of both Kelly and Johnson. I hope the kids do make it but lets look at Sterlings outstanding game so far (the 9-0 v Southend) the defending as naive in the extreme. If any of the 7 players you named (Shelvey asn’t in the 7) is to be anywhere near a regular next season I’d say it would be Flanagan but that’s going to be tough.

  69. Bill Shankly says:

    If you are talking genuine Marque ?
    Kenny Dalglish Standard ?
    You can only be talking about Kaka , Robben , Podolski , Schweinsteiger & possibly Sneijder without looking at stupid money for the likes of Ibrahimovic , Eto or Ronaldo the 3 of which along wih Kaka , Sneijder & Schweinsteiger wouldnt improve us in terms of quality in the areas the operate in .
    I wouldnt swap Suarez for Ronaldo at this time ..
    Although they play in slower leagues with more time on the ball basically Ibrahimovic who is very similar to Berbatov & Eto are just big Front men .
    Take that slow league away from them & give them 90 minutes of pressure on the ball & I cant see either being anything special in the Premier League , especially because they would have to adjust their games so late in their careers , not to mention the language , move house , find a school for their kids , new friends for their wives etc etc etc etc , just forget it .
    Out of the two I think Eto’s pass N Move displays at Barca showed him best equipped but at 30 how fast is he going to fade from expensive Marquee signing to being yesterdays man ?
    Remember George Weah at Man City ?
    I wouldnt swap Andy Carrolls proven consistencey for any of them .
    We are already top heavy in Midfield , Kaka is a poor mans Gerrard Sneijder is no improvement on Meireles & Schweinsteiger truthfully would struggle to out perform Lucas , they have a similar disciplined not overly frilly game .
    That leaves Podolski & Robben .
    Podolski is a bit of an enigma to me .
    I consider him one of the top talents in Europe but apart from a short stint at Bayern he hasnt had any big club experience , he seems content to be a small town boy .
    He is fantastic in tournaments for Germany , he has an outstanding 40 + goals from 80 games for them & he doesnt regularly play as the central striker for them , he is usualy wide left of a midfield 4 or wide left of a front 3 , he has electric acceleration over the first 10 yards & genuine Olympic sprinter pace beyond that , he has one of the best left foot strikes in the game , a sweet first touch & excellent movement off the ball , a real clever team player . I find it hard to believe a European monster like Milan , have never broke the bank to sign him , Ajax if they had more money than recently would be made for his style , Barca would suit him down to the ground too .
    If we were to sign him he would be pressure to Suarez , Carroll & Downing .
    I think he would be a great signing if there was no mystery as to why no big club has ever looked at him apart from Bayern & why he seems to be happy being a small town boy ?
    Robben ?
    For me its between him & Ronaldo as to which is the best in the world at the moment & given his proven pedigree in big games for both club & Country I have to lean toward Robben , especially if it was my own money I was spending .
    Robben aint as flash as Ronaldo but he produces the goods at the highest level time & time again .
    I was delighted when Chelsea got rid of him , he was miles ahead of Ronaldo at that time , he was frightening every time he got on the ball .
    He is mentally tough , never lets his head drop , even when he isnt having an outstanding game he is constantly delivering a final ball either simple or a killer ball into a dangerous area , he never stops looking for a way to win , he is always attacking the full back come rain , hail , sleet or snow .
    He displays that old school genuine confidence the likes of Johan(NOT JORDI !)Cryuff , Henry , Hagi , Baggio & Maradonna had , not an arrogance as such , more like an unshakable belief in their match winning ability .
    From his second season at Real & ever since he went to Bayern he has been brilliant again .
    He has won everything there is to win in England already & League titles in 4 different countries including a runners up medal in the Champions League & in the the World Cup Final for Holland .
    This boy is genuinely one of the best in the world & probably the most under rated in the world .
    Maybe if he had a better hair do & more of a tan he would sell more advertisements ?
    It certainly isnt his footballing ability that is keeping him from being acknowledged .
    He is only entering his prime at 27 & I think it will take a club with serious Champions League ambitions to persuade him , if Kenny Dalglish who won it 3 times as a player cant convince him he wants it as a manager at a bank rolled LFC then I dont think anyone in Britain can persuade him to return here , it will take more than money to persuade Robben .
    The thought of him playing 30 league games for us on the right this season with Downing on the left with Gerrard & Adam in the middle & Carroll & Suarez up front has my mouth watering , its a genuinely exciting prospect .
    I think if we are going Marquee then it has to be Robben , he is the only genuine “Dalglish Standard” Marquee player out there who can genuinely improve the balance & quality of our squad at this time , with the possible addition of Podolski in Jan with Champions League in mind .