Date: 14th July 2011 at 9:57am
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Joe Cole can play inspired football when facing Chinese teenagers. Let’s see how things go when there’s a world class backline to deal with.

David N’Gog can sometimes find the net. Likely, he’ll be attempting to find housing somewhere else in Europe fairly soon.

Are we certain a Jonjo Shelvey loan is necessary?

It’s a shame there aren’t any Europa League minutes this year that could be given to Conor Coady.

We may see a lot of Martin Kelly at left back over the next few weeks if Liverpool doesn’t make a move for one soon. (Moments after I typed this, news broke of the Downing agreement. If that move is completed, will there still be funds available to acquire a defender that is clearly better than those currently on the roster?)

I expected fewer empty seats for the Guangdong match. Friendly or not, I assumed any of the top English clubs would draw a fair number of fans.

There’s nothing Charlie Adam could have done in one day to win over his detractors, but his simple yet beautiful pass that sprung Carroll for the fourth goal should at least convince them some magic is possible.
Kenny looked as relaxed as you’ll ever see him, and really seemed to be enjoying the effort of the young players. He said as much after the match, calling Coady’s goal “terrific” and proclaiming there is “no limit” to what the Liverpool youth can accomplish. His dry response to the Guangdong manager’s claim that Liverpool’s defense “played loose” was his only tense moment. It should be noted, however, that the broadcast cameras never did show his reaction to the conceded goals.

The Women’s World Cup can be tremendous entertainment while your nation is still alive.

Roy Hodgson lost to MLS’ San Jose Earthquakes in his preseason opener with West Bromwich Albion. To make matters worse, this is how San Jose prevailed:


5 responses to “Thoughts on Liverpool from yesterday”

  1. Chambers says:

    Now that IS funny!

  2. Joel says:

    I’d say that if we’ve got £20m to spend on Downing then it’s certain we’ve got more to spend on a left back, otherwise we wouldn’t have made such a big outlay for one player.

  3. magnumopus says:

    Shit happens! Similar to England’s under 17 goalies’ mistake.

  4. LFCEVO says:

    Joe Cole is really wanting to prove his worth with Kenny, brilliant really we all know he is an amazing player when fully confident and fit and he looks like he is really putting an effort in, last season that red card totally threw him, plus a new baby, plus moving city’s and his family + + + + load of reasons that aren’t there now, hopefully we have finally got Joe Cole a year after signing him