Lessons learnt by Liverpool against Guangdong

Overall it’s clear to see that even with a full squad we’re still desperately short of left-sided quality, an area which it seems will be addressed in the next week or two however. On the plus side it’s great to see so many young players being involved once again by the manager and, for those of you who’ve followed the recent U17 World Cup these are exciting times for our home-grown talents, with next season promising to see a whole host of new potential stars being introduced from the academy and reserves. Having followed the current crop for a while I’d say we honestly won’t need to add much to the squad now given Kenny’s long record of success in this respect. Credit too must go to Rafa for his hard work and vision in restructuring and revitalising the youth setup.

These are definitely good times to be a Liverpool fan then and the next few weeks might well give us more than a few reasons to be optimistic about the upcoming campaign. More new signings, a chance to watch the team gel, hopefully some much-needed clearing out of deadwood, and most of all the privilege of watching a fresh pre-season take shape under our most successful living manager.

4 responses to “Lessons learnt by Liverpool against Guangdong”

  1. Jevon says:

    Nice assessment. You bought an Aquaman top heehee
    Im sure hell be huge this season.

  2. Chambers says:

    Aquilani carried himself well in the game. If a few others had been a little quicker and also had his game reading ability there would have been not a few more chances and perhaps goals. He did damned well.

  3. Jamie says:

    I think this is the first article I’ve read that wasn’t about charlie or Carroll, i keep running over i’n my head the formation we will be playing, and i hope 2 god aqua is in that lineup, he’s touch he’s movment was superb, the only thing he did wrong was the pass to kuyt….and u could see how down he was about it, he looked to be angry at himself and that’s in a friendly, anyways I’ve rambled, good article

  4. Billy says:

    I thought we were in a damned if you do damned if you don’t with yesterdays game.

    We should have walked all over Guangdong, and if this was the 4th or 5th preseason game I think we would have. a couple of offside that weren’t a couple of close efforts and a couple less loose passes and we’d have scored double.

    Again as for thier goals, they are part way through their season and all their goals were scored towards the end of the half just as our players were beginning to feel the heat and humidity. also they scored past our 3rd & 4th choice (4th & 5th if Domi signs) keepers.

    So taking all this into account, 23 players got a run out, no injuries, a win and alot of happy asian LFC fans. A successful pre-season game.