Date: 13th July 2011 at 11:52am
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Usually I am very happy and excited when Liverpool sign a player but I have never been this jubilant before for a player leaving Liverpool! Paul Konchesky is no longer a Liverpool player as he has now joined Leicester City. have confirmed this sale by saying: “Liverpool have today finalised a deal to sell Paul Konchesky to Leicester City.

“The 30-year-old, who played 18 games for the Reds, will now join the Championship outfit for pre-season.”

Comolli said that Liverpool were going to get rid of some players this summer and I am glad that Konchesky is one of the first to go following Milan Jovanovic being told he can leave the club this summer. Now Poulsen is the next player I want to see leave Liverpool this summer.

Some fans have said that we can not blame Konchesky for being a flop at Liverpool and that all blame must be made on Hodgson for signing him. If you were Konchesky and offered the chance to play for Liverpool, you would take it even if you know you are not good enough. Hodgson thought the left-back would do well at Liverpool but he just could not cut it. Now Leicester City can have him, and watch him do well for them as I have always believed Konchesky was best suited at playing for small clubs.

Leicester manager, Sven Eriksson had this to say about his new signing, “Paul has been a Premier League player year in and year out throughout his career so he represents a very big signing for us.

“He wanted to come to Leicester City and it means a lot that proven, established top-flight footballers want to be part of what we are building here.

“I know Paul very well as a player and as a person and he will be a top-class addition to our squad.”


16 responses to “Thank You Leicester for buying Konchesky”

  1. ste says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out….. but let it hit your mum.

  2. Rob says:

    What you on about small club??? We are a sleeping giant!! Lol

  3. TheDazzler says:

    Good riddance, and take that fu€k!ng ape of a mother with you.

  4. foxtrot says:

    Thedazzler. thats a bit under the belt. Konchesky its a case of wrong player at the wrong club. We had this with DJ Campbell, total waste of space and look at what has happenend since… i am sure he will do well with us.

  5. Fox-in-a-bin says:

    he played what 18 games?.. Not fair what your saying about his playing ability based on that.
    I think your basing it on what his Mum said. You want to get over that!..
    Konch had a great season at fulham the year before.. And before you start having a go at fulham.. EUROPA CUP FINAL. Great achievement.
    and as for signings.. Aquilani?? played 18 games and cost you a hell of a lot more!

  6. LOJD says:

    Give the guy a break.
    He did what he could do at LFC. I thought he tried hard, but just couldn’t quite cut the edge.

    I wish him all the best, and I am sure Leicester can get a couple of good years out of him. – Good Luck

  7. bell says:

    Konchesky was a joke. There was one match where the winger didn’t even bother challenging. He just waited for the ball to bounce over Konchesky’s head and gratefully received it at the byline.

  8. Andy says:

    To the Leicester fans on here you have in reality made a good signing for where you are, but if you do get up (and having seen the squad Sven’s built it would be a surprise if you don’t) I warn you this guy will get roasted by anyone with pace and a bit of skill. He was never good enough for Liverpool and it’s telling we flogged him to the 1st bidder when we have only an injury prone senior left back in the squad. He was a flop here, that’s just plain fact, and if you look at his mums comments they were having a go at the fans for critcising him so it’s not as though he was liked before she (stupidly) opened her trap.

  9. shelfside says:

    Considering the amount of dross that has been in Liverpool’s squad for the last few seasons and the average purchases for huge sums that have been made in the last 12 months I think singling Paul Konchesky out for criticism is laughable. You are now officially a member of the chasing pack that includes Aston Villa and Everton.

  10. Casey13 says:

    Shelfside, I guess we shall see at the end of next season ya twit. Chasing pack, my arse.

  11. darth vodka says:

    thanks for the 12 million for Heskey fellas

  12. Fox-in-a-bin says:

    shelfside was half right.. Chasing pack is a bit ambitious 😉

  13. Towson Tom says:

    I watched every game he played. and he did’nt stand out as being the worst left back we’ve had and certainly not the worst player. The mum who dos’nt stick up for her lad is’nt much of a mum although she could have chosen her words a bit more carefully. I for one wish him well at his new club.

  14. Gerrardious says:

    U guys should lay off him. He wasn’t good enough…so what?? I think d disappointment of last season coupled with the expectations of this season has led u guys to start blaming players for other people( and by that, I mean Woy)’s fault. All these guys (Jova, Konch, Ngog,) tried their best but it wasn’t gud enough for us unfortunately. Liverpool has always been a respectable club and slashing our own players ‘whether they are good or not’ does not reflect well on the club.
    The funniest part is that u guys (with exception to those who still have an issue with his Konch’s mum) are picking on the wrong ppl). At least all these ppl still cared to try.
    The person who should be the butt of all ur jokes is Joe Cole. yes ‘Joe Cole’… This guy only goes for 1 in every 20 50-50 tackles. he doesn’t contest for any ball(be it in the air or on the ground) and wen he is tired of playin and the coach doesnt seem to be gettin his signal(which is -constantly holding his waist), he commits a two footed challenge n gets sent off. Am sure some ppl might av noticed that I didnt include POULsen. well, its simple. the guys hold the ball long enough for us to see how bad they are. Poulsen on the other hand hardly gets involved in open play. He doesn’t attempt to mark; he doesn’t stay in his position; and he’s always avoiding the ball (like the refree).

    we have a whole bunch of characters in Anfield. KK and Damien have a job on their hands. trust me

  15. Gerrardious says:

    @Tom: I agree with u. Simply bcos he doesnt defend like Ashley Cole or bomb forward like Marcelo, they think he’s d worst leftback ever. D guy is sloppy though. lmao

  16. Ace says:

    shelfside hardly call us a chasing pack.We’re much better than Villa and Neverton.And Gerrardious being a bit harsh on Joe Cole arent we?He’s only been sent off once in his career.Good riddance Paul hope you and your mother enjoy Leicester.