Date: 13th July 2011 at 8:25pm
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With Paul Konchesky having left Liverpool now, more ‘dead wood’ still has to go. Next up should be Christian Poulsen. Even though he started for Liverpool today in China and even managed to get onto the scoresheet, that will not be enough to get him to stay at Liverpool for the coming season. Just like Konchesky, Poulsen has not been good enough for Liverpool. For us to be challenging for the Top 4 a beyond, we need to get rid of these below average players. I would much rather have a Spearing, Shelvey or Coady coming through the ranks and getting game time ahead of Poulsen. And thankfully Dalglish is in charge now and he will give these youngsters more chances ahead of the likes of Poulsen.

There are suggestions that FC Copenhagen are ready to make an offer for Poulsen. If I had it my way, I would even give Poulsen away for free but it is understood that FC Copenhagen may be ready to offer £2.5million for the midfielder. I am sure Poulsen would relish the chance of playing for his old club again rather than sitting on the bench for Liverpool. Poulsen leaving Liverpool would be beneficial to all parties involved.


24 responses to “Not even scoring a goal will save his Liverpool career”

  1. Bastien says:

    “Poulsen has not been good enough for Liverpool. For us to be challenging for the Top 4 a beyond”

    You just signed Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson, yet you are entertaining thoughts of a top 4 breakthrough?

  2. Tony says:

    Who’s aiming for top 4????, don’t you mean top!!!!!!!

  3. yas says:

    poulsen is a good player but premier league doesn’t suit him
    am sure if he goes to Copenhagen he will be the good player which Liverpool expected him to be
    I wish u all the best and success elsewhere

  4. jonesey says:

    Au Revoir Ngog – even worse

  5. Little Dave Hedgehog says:

    Poulsen is a better player than Spearing, i think they should sell both. Spearing is local and therefore very liked by the fans, but hes not a player for a top 4 team, and he never will be.

    Ive seen some of Poulsens games for Schalke and Sevilla, and he was dominating the midfield in Greame Souness style, sadly it looks like injuries has taken the best out of him.

  6. yomi says:

    poulson is a gd player with a gd pass but only is ability
    to mark is below pal

  7. dave says:

    At least we didn’t expect anything from Konchesky and Poulsen – these two have lived up to their billing.

    However, Joe Cole is absolutely shocking.The sooner he goes the better …..and don’t get me started on what he takes home in pay each week. Please leave him in China…looking at the opposition today, that’s about his level.

  8. Dan says:

    Poulson is good at breaking up play, that’s what he is good at unfortunately that’s not what we require. People always want to slate players but just because they are not suited for our style of play it doesn’t make them bad players.
    I would like to see those who slate these players do better, they wouldn’t be in football if they were not good enough.

  9. Trey says:

    @ Bastien, offcourse Liverpool will be in the Top 4! Who do you support?

  10. Jeff says:

    @ bastien, why wouldn’t we be entertaining thoughts of finishing fourth or above? We finished sixth last season, even tho we had some loon in charge for half the season! And some really dire players brought in by him! And as for running down adam? This is the guy who was second only to Scott Parker as far as midfield performanceperformances last season

  11. tass says:

    i think he should be given his chance lol

  12. Euan says:

    @ Bastien some of you critics are all about fanfare and hype. While I am not excited about either of the two new arrivals, the stats from last season show that both players were among the top creators of goal-scoring opportunities in the entire league. So you can criticize all you want because they are not BIG names but remember this, names don’t play on the field.

  13. jimmy says:

    Ngog,poulsen,cole not good enough we must get shut of these wasters,need solid but flair players with heart.

  14. k_ynwa says:

    Not a fan of the lad myself, but i would like to say he had a good game today, and was impressed he scored with such confidence and composure. I dont see any longer term future for him at liverpool, but i reckon we should get behind everyone who has a chance of being with us at the statr of the season. I do hope he is sold but, if he keeps on improving (and i doubt nothing, given kenny’s ability) then we should praise him.

    Well done lad, keep it up. YNWA.

  15. Simon says:

    Charlie Adam will pass your team to death, spank one top corner from a free kick and lay on 2 for Carroll

    Best set piece specialist since Beckham in english football and best passer since Alonso

    All for £6.75 million – what a bargain!!!

  16. Celestine says:

    Yes poulsen is nt bn gd shey what abt joe cole dat collects 90,000 a week without offering anything

  17. E'lnino says:

    I support yomi, he is on the way to all that goes on.

  18. Billy says:

    Although I agree that since his arrival, Poulsen hasn’t really made any impact (in fact i’ve often been frustrated by his awful touch) I was also one of the one’s who slated Lucas Leiva and continually called for him to be sold. About Lucas, I was wrong, his immense improvement lead me to believe that players should be allowed some time to adjust to the PL before being judged to harshly. Perhaps Poulsen and others such as Joe Cole should be given the opportunity to prove to the fans that they are better than their first season in the red shirt suggested. He’s a LFC player right now, so well done on the goal, statement of intent? Who knows. For me, I’m behind the team, Poulsen included.

  19. Gerrardious says:

    you are 4getin sumtin. Lucas is young n can still improve. Poulsen is old n cant really improve

  20. Lojd says:

    Give the guy a break. He scored and played well for us today.If KK thinks he has to go, then so be it and good luck to him. if kk decides to keep him I for onewill not slate him. He is wearing the Red Shirt. LFac fans should get behind all who play in red. We should not act like the Manure and Chelski supporters who slate their player. Remember YNWA. It’s our famous moto known across the world. Lets live up to that moto.

  21. jonnysingapore says:

    Amazingly, Cole is more of a waste of space than Poulsen!!!!

    I don’t blame Hodgson for Cole, but for all the others – he would have run his eye over them all and said yes.

    Only Raul was any good and we don’t pay him what we should!!!! Damn budgie face and Purslow.

    Trouble is they’re on big wages so won’t move. They both know they’re over the hill, have just had new babies and frankly are happy to pick up the wage packet for a few years to feather their retirement nest eggs.

  22. Ajayi moses says:

    Up liverpool

  23. bobbiDanger says:

    You need to lighten up, obviously the last year or so in the trenches following this fantastic club has rubbed off on your enthusiasm 🙂

    Reach down between your legs and pull your head out of your *rse and try to see the positive!

    How about just enjoying the fact that Poulsen scored a goal for the team? Yeah, yeah, this and that negative thing about cost and salary and deadwood surplus to winning nothing and everything and why and what is it all blah blah blah really? Really, is Poulsen really the problem? Are you just being bit of a bully? Doubt you could kick his ass…

    Nice goal, Poulsen!