Liverpool’s restructuring under Kenny Dalglish continued last week, with the signing of Blackpool‘s Charlie Adam being heralded by many as one of the missing pieces in the Anfield midfield, a quality passer with a pin-point final ball. However some have questioned his class, saying that he is a one-trick pony who can hit a good freekick but not much else.

With all respect to the Blackpool team that Adam formed a key part of last season, one of the reasons behind the confusion over his quality is due to the unpredictable nature of the Tangerines over the last year. Playing Blackpool last season was similar to playing Russian Roulette; you simply had no idea whether they would be firing on all cylinders or shooting blanks.

So let’s look past the team and just focus on Adam. While his goalscoring record was impressive last season, scoring more in the league than Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney with his total of 12 goals, it is important to note that only 2 of those came from open play. 8 were penalties, for which he will be behind Steven Gerrard and probably Dirk Kuyt in the pecking order at Anfield, and 2 were from freekicks. But goals are not what he is here to score, but instead provide.

One area that Liverpool have been lacking in is a left-footed set piece taker, with the unfortunate Fabio Aurelio injured more often than not. This gives the Reds a more reliable variation when it comes to freekicks and corners. Last season Adam put 196 balls into the box, and although less than 1 in 4 found an orange shirt, you have to think that Andy Carroll will be a more combative target man than the likes of DJ Campbell, so that figure will increase. Further encouragement for the likes of Carroll comes from the news that he created a total of 80 chances last season, of which only 8 were taken by his Blackpool team mates. A more prolific goalscorer will surely feast on the chances created by the Scot, and if he at least works the goalkeeper there is always the chance that Luis Suarez will be in the area fast enough to tuck away the rebound.

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9 responses to “Is this signing the missing piece to the Liverpool puzzle?”

  1. jimmy says:

    Downing!!! this is a joke we lfc fans deserve better than mediocre players.

  2. £20m for downing the worlds gone mad!

  3. Lojd says:

    Brilliant signing. Liverpool are going to be a real force next season.

  4. Simon says:


    Define mediocre. Downing can beat a defender with pace, get to bye line and cross for Andy Carroll. We’ve been without a true winger since Barnes


    £11 million in wages for cole and Jova last year was mad
    What would have been a fair price for Downing?

    Or should be take a total punt on Mata, league might be too tough for him, may not settle etc

    We need to get back into top 4 this year or we may not get back in for a while

    Man U with apparent Qatari oil money, City with Abu Dhabi oil money, Chelski with questionably acquired Russian oil money. We need proven talent, used to prem league right now

    £20 million is ok imo. Must trust Kenny

  5. carl says:

    downing is worth it,he’s tottaly uderatted best aston vlla player last season, he’s a brilliant signing

  6. redmatt says:

    I think if he produces his form he has over the last couple seasons. Then all we need is a left back. We got plenty young players knockin on the doors of 1st team. All they need is game time. From wot i have seen of him hes good. In kenny i trust. YNWA

  7. jonnysingapore says:

    henderson – best provider in sunderland team.
    carroll – best player in newcastle team.
    adam – best provider in Blackpool team.
    Downing – best player/provider in Villa team.

    Notice a pattern?

    All with time left to develop. Downing’s the oldest.

  8. Aliz says:

    Downing deal is done now we want enrique and cahil and we will b back wre we belong.

  9. Tony says:

    Fantastic signing a real two-footed winger who beats players and gets the ball into the box, look at his stats, 2nd most croosses last season….nuff said!!!!