Date: 12th July 2011 at 8:00pm
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Liverpool need to sign a winger this summer. We have managed to get Henderson and Adam whom I believe are good signings but we still lack width in our side. It sounds like Stewart Downing is our top target but there is also talk of us wanting to sign Charles N’Zogbia from Wigan if we can not get Downing.

In my own opinion, I think signing N’Zogbia would be a bad idea. The player is great and would fit the bill perfectly in what we require; pacey and skillful winger to provide ammunition for our striker. But the problem is that one of the players that N’Zogbia would have to be supplying balls to is Andy Carroll. Now Carroll and N’Zogbia are not the best of friends!

Back in 2009 when Carroll was just breaking into the Newcastle first team, N’Zogbia was also at the club and the two had a major fallout in training. Apparently, Carroll gave N’Zogbia a bad tackle in training and the two of them exchanged blows on the training ground. The brawl continued in the dress rooming afterwards.
At the time Joe Kinnear was the Newcastle boss and he said this about the incident, “It was just handbags and it has been blown out of all proportion.”

“I can’t stop players being passionate, and wouldn’t want to. I won’t be taking any action.”

Now, do you think that these two players would have forgotten about this? I do not think so. We can not risk having another brawl at Melwood if Liverpool sign N’Zogbia. The disharmony caused by players on the training ground has a way of filtering to the rest of the team and that could result in poor performances on the field.


17 responses to “Why signing Charles N’Zogbia would not be a good idea for Liverpool”

  1. Yam says:

    This is nonesense. Wise men don’t live their lives on incidents of the past. They would have a father figure in KK to bring them to love each other and the club.

    This cannot be a cannot be a good reason to say N’zogbia should not be signed. If he is realy good then Lfc should sign him.

  2. Sanjay says:

    we must sign bale

  3. Ssr says:

    There is the chance of zog turning into diouf. But zog kept wigan in epl singlehandedly, last i saw that was with tevez. How many times have we had gerrard pul our nuts outta the fire. He maybe a pocket size gerrard. He was coached by martinez and has grown into a fine player. U cannot be but humbled by anfield….the shrine of football..he will be blown away…by the kop…

  4. Dan says:

    Nooooo pls give me downing and 4get about nzobia cos that past drama will still affect the team negetively making some players to get divided house making some people 2 surpot this person and the rest surpoting the other pls king kenny or doctor Daglish let get downing and lennon it wil solve our winging problem thanks

  5. Tony says:

    DOWING all day long!!!!

  6. barry says:

    N’Zogbia beat him up, that much is true. Carroll is a mouth-piece. He’s bad news. Did you see him making ‘mouth’ hand signals at Suarez last year? Did you ever consider the possibility that it was Carroll who was the problem and not N’Zogbia? He (Carroll) has a track record of violent behaviour after all. Silly report.

  7. Navin says:

    In the 2006 World Cup knock out stage, Ronaldo encouraged the Rooney sending off. A few months later they were back in Manchester and Ferguson had them sorted and playing football again. KK should be capable of the same. He’s also a good man manager.

  8. David says:

    Can’t believe the delicate ickle flowers will be put off their game because of a bit of a ruckus from years ago. Move on!

  9. Simon says:

    I had a fight with a guy who ended up my best mate for years.
    I do agree Carroll is likely the problem. He’s a geordie after all.


  10. so much controversy on downing,forget downing and bring NZOGBIA to anfield and we [lfc]will still have more balance in our account,then buy KARIM BENZEMA to booster our attack,and also buy DIEGO from wolfsbourg.

  11. Doc says:

    Back in the day, nearly half of the players in my team had had a run in with each other once upon a time, but fak it,we still play together as a unit on match day. With the amount of testosterone, ego and all, these things a bound to happen.

  12. RedMan123 says:

    If I had to choose one of the two, I would choose N’zogbia. purely because he is cheaper, a little younger and prem experienced. save money for other signings like a winger who can play on the right.

  13. Ifeanyi-nigeria says:

    Fallacy! Fallacy!! Fallacy!!! Lets 4get abt downing nd bring nzog.this guyz wants 2 tak advantage of livpool in d transfer market.enough of all this british nonsense.

  14. Chuky 64 says:

    What a trash. That was 2yrs ago. Dat was it the past. Please buy Nzogbia and forget about Downing. He is not worth £12m talk more of £20m.

  15. AssaultRiflero says:

    This bullshit.That was ages ago.We think what is best for the club.N’Zogbia is twice better than Downing.Downing can’t even use his right foot.Zog can use both feet better.He could even be a bargain.YNWA

  16. Ravi K says:

    Yeap i agree.. NZogbia is a better choice !!

  17. Simon says:

    Within every group of people conflict to some degree is likely to happen

    Make that group of people young male, professional, millionaire footballers and the likelihood of conflict is even greater

    Anyone who has played football always comes across a team mate that winds them up, things happen and then you get over it

    There wouldn’t be a problem